Fan-Arts by Slime Bear (小史萊姆熊熊)

I came across some cute fan-made arts of YAI by Slime Bear (小史萊姆熊熊). I think what caught my eyes are not only these cute images, but also the software that was used. She posted her art work at Ah In Baidu. She also would like to share her work with ALL the YAI’s fans. So you are welcome to repost her work if you like them. ^^ Thanks, Slime Bear!

Here is the one from Antique.


This one is from the recent airport photo.


By now, can you guess what kind of software does Slime Bear use to create these cute images? Take a look at this one.


Now, do you know what software? Here are a few others that she made.


She even made a story called “the Strongest Heuk San.” 🙂 If you still can not guess what software she uses, you will find out at the end of the story~








What Heuk San said in the last one is “I like you… Do you like me?” And yes, Slime Bear does not have any fancy software that she can use. So, she uses what she has which is Excel! I hope you enjoy these cute images created by her~

Just as the TV drama shows the highlights of the making, Slime Bear also has this one to show you!


23 thoughts on “Fan-Arts by Slime Bear (小史萊姆熊熊)

  1. Amazing! She’s so talented! Excel? wow, I been using excel since time immemorial and I never knew it can be used like that! hahahah! Thank you Mathed for sharing, please send our thanks and our admiration to her talent and artwork!

  2. Heyy… Waddup girl? Where’ve u been? Haven’t saw u on tweet for days kkk miss ya!

    Anyway..thanks for posting the kyuteeee pic^^ & special thanks for the original artist whose talent is really amazing… Excel? W.O.W, i’d never think excel can make something very cute like that XOXOXO

  3. It’s totally cute ! An amazing work I guess ! I didn’t know either that excel could do this ^^
    Moreover, he is very recognizable !
    Thanks for the sharing =D

  4. OMG this is so cute! Slime Bear (小史萊姆熊熊) is a genius. How can she use such a boring software to create such lively works? Thanks mathed for sharing this. Back to the apple yet? Hope you had a nice break dear.

    I shorten the title and add the post to the “fan-made stuff” category. I hope you don’t mind the change 🙂

    • Hi Tiny~

      When I first saw these, “How can she use such a boring software to create such lively works?” was exactly what I was thinking of! Ha ha~

      No, it’s not that I am not back yet. It’s that I didn’t even leave the apple… >< and now back to normal…

      No worry about changing the title. That is fine with me… 🙂

  5. wow! thanks for your great art our dear Slime Bear (小史萊姆熊熊)! so creative, now i know other uses for excel aside from all the spreadsheets & numbers i see at work all day… LOL!

    hey haveners, i think her work would be great if done in cross-stich (it just struck me when i saw those cute versions of Sik… ^_^)

    luv-luv-luv y’all!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

  6. Hoooooo!!! Very cute! I am excel user.. But never known that can be used for such cute drawings! She really talented, excels the excel functions to the max. Thank you for sharing

  7. The artworks are absolutely adorable! Converting a boring software into a fun application… that’s awesome! ^^d

    Thank you so much for sharing these, and please extend my gratitude and admiration to Slime Bear as well ♥

  8. wow this is soooooo cute~~ i wanna share this with my gallery friends~ thanks!!

    and,, i’ve been collecting wallpapers to upload. they are on their way now. see ya soon~

  9. …………………………………………………………Speechless! ……………………………………………..
    Dear Slime Bear
    Could you make a cute cartoon of me too??:))) thank you for sharing your work with us!
    Cheers Mathed!!

  10. Very cute!~~

    However, where is the drawing for his role on “Boys Of Tomorrow”? I think that was one of the greatest portrayals he has ever done. Plus, the movie was very raw and touching. ^^

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