Fan-Arts: Wallpapers by Black Tea and The Others

Dear Haveners,

Today, I will introduce you the beautiful fan-arts made by Black Tea from DCinside YAI Gallery. She’s been producing fantastic wallpapers for the fellow YAI fans, and some of the images that are used in these wallpapers are given by Baked Banana, Moonai, and Hongsikhye. Most of the newer wallpapers show the credits, but some of the older ones do not (they will be shown when you try to save them as file names). I asked them all individually if it is okay to share these fine wallpapers with you Haveners, and they were glad to do so~!

Here they are, and hope you guys have fun putting these wallpapers up on your pc!!

size 1680 x 1050

(You will be blown away~~ by the quality of the wallpapers and how many I’m uploading)

(Thanks again to Black Tea, Baked Banana, Moonai, Hongsikhye, and especially our handsome boy Yu A-in!!!)

*Edit* 7 more wallpapers created by Black Tea and Moonai are added just now!

*Edit* 3 more newest wallpapers are up now featuring YAI’s recent ELLE photo-shoot. (*scanned by Sic and edited by Black Tea*)

*3rd Edit* There are 3 more wallpapers added on the gallery below: <Black Tea + Baked Banana>

I would not add anymore work on this post from now on. I’ll be collecting to create a new post under Fan-arts when I collect enough number again~ Thanks for keeping up with my updates!

54 thoughts on “Fan-Arts: Wallpapers by Black Tea and The Others

  1. WOW… spoil my eyes …. wow this is great … cool … I’m glad to be enjoying it … I can not say anything else ….. Can I make a MV from these images? … where I have permission???
    of course I’ll list the names of the creator… can I ???? *_____*

  2. Ink unnieeeeeeeeee… I LOVE U! XDDD

    I am practically smiling ^_________________________________^ yes that big hahaha

    Meloves the 1st and the last wallpaper… These are awesomeeeeee… U made my day! *smoochhhh*

  3. Hi Haveners~ You guys are very welcome!!
    I usually can’t reply back individually, so this replies to you all!!
    I didn’t do any,, i only collected and uploaded them for you.
    All the credits should go to the creator and the photographers!!

    and.. what i can tell you is that i use windows 7, and i’ve put all those pix in a folder and let them shuffle every 30 min~ it’s amazing~~ but, you can’t work on your laptop or desktop tho lol.. you will be staring at your wall all the time~

    now i’m really off to sleep~

    • ahahahahah i get what u mean there, because im planning to do the same! hee :DD
      thanks InK for your effort collecting those pics and asking their permissions.
      And of course, biggest hugs to the creators! ^^

    • Thank you, InK~

      And please tell all the artists how much we appreciate their great works!! But now, I have to know how to make the wall shuffle~~even if that means I will be staring at my wall all the time~~Ha ha!

      Also, could I also ask for their permission to make MVs (when I get a chance to)? I, of course, will not cut anything out either…

      Oh… thank you thank you thank you!!!!!

  4. There’s a new Elle photoshoot? I didn’t know that. Would anyone be so kindly upload some more? I like the second Elle wallpaper. Maybe I should start changing my wallpaper while I’m at it.

    • Yeah, there were a new photoshoot with Elle not Elle Girl this time~ I haven’t seen the article yet, but it’s regarding top 50 men, and YAI was the first one to be seen in that article. I’m sure when I or other translators get to read it, I or they will post it with pictures. So far, I know that there are only 2 pix of YAI. So, you haven’t missed any other pix from Elle~

      • Hi!! ink It is very sonna happy to see you and the black tea hong’s works on here. Actually few days ago I dug out all the pages on YIN’ Gall to find out his interview with Elle when I was slacking off in the office. But I was a bit disappointed when I found it. It was too short ,only 5 or 6 lines .

        • omg!!! it’s you, Sangsi-hyong!!!!!!
          It’s so great to see your comment here on Haven~
          welcome welcome~ and plz share the article with me! I’m not sure if i seen the entire article cuz what i saw was too short, and i didn’t think it was YAI’s comments… I’ll email this to you. thanks~~

          • Ink hong, I am sorry I made a typo. I emailed you today. I think it would be the same article what I mentioned as the interview. See you soon.

  5. Thanks so much for these wonderful wallies. 🙂 You guys are so creative and well, the love for YAI is glaring from your works. Wonderful! Thanks again!

  6. awwwwww,,thanks for updating~XDD
    im nosebleeding saw those pic
    esp the ELLE one~XDDD
    n the wallpaper also GREATTTT^^

    btw im just online in twitter now
    seems @seeksik ONLINE too
    can u translate his tweet??
    coz something one of his tweet consist of number 7654321
    hahaha i thought he was counting or else^^

    thanks btw~XDD

  7. okeyy guys, i just found out this site like 5 minutes ago but ARGGGGHHHH it’s truely heaven !!!keep it up, imma gonna be this site stalker then hahahahahahaha

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