Reviews for Yoo Ah In’s works-part 1

Do you remember the review book project hosted by DCInside last year? At Haven we received 18 amazing entries from international fans from all over the place. Some fans are generous enough to allow me to post their reviews up for sharing. So starting from today I’ll do a multi-part review series, each featuring 3 fans’ reviews. Reviews are in different languages, but for convenience, I only post the English versions. My apologies to the writers.


Geul Oh’s Tears! Satisfactory! Written before the conclusion!

Written by mywayangela

Language: Chinese (original)-English (trans. by mathed2001)

Title: Sunkyungkwan Scandal

Just watched Sungkyunkwan’s episode 19 today! Finally I have seen the moment I have been waiting for – – Geul Oh’s tears! It did not come in the form of his confession towards Daemul, but the tears came when he could not rescue Karang who had become his scapegoat! These are the tears which truly belong to Geul Oh! These are the tears which shocked me!

I still remember there is a scene in the novel where Geul Oh asked Daemul to turn around and he subtly confessed his love and cried, at that point I truly wanted Geul Oh to have this scene acted out. Firstly, it is because this part is truly interesting and secondly, I have not witnessed such an explosion of emotions from Geul Oh and am really looking forward to it! However as the storyline unfolds to Episode 17, 18, I felt that the possibility of this confession scene appearing is really low. This is so as Geul Oh has chosen to protect in silence. The Guel Oh in my heart will never selfishly confess his love only to let his feelings become a burden to the one he loves. Thus I secretly worry if the playwright will fail at this point? My mind was put at ease after watching Episode 19 today. I cannot help but exclaim….. Geul Oh, this man of blood and tears has truly had his deserving ending! This playwright simply loves Geul Oh too much!

I remember that Ah In had mentioned in an interview before that some mushy plots in the drama should be avoided, and because so, we can see the perfect Geul Oh today! Thus I believe that though the playwright can change and control how Geul Oh turns out, Ah In’s personal charms affected the playwright as well!

Geul Oh – – lives up to his reputation in the end! Rebellious, arrogant, skilled in martial arts, concerned about his country – – a man who appears sloppy and proud will actually behave shyly like a fawn in shock in front of the woman he loves. This tender man will silently give his all for this woman without asking for anything in return! This kind man will endure in silence and pain when he realizes that the woman he loves in turn loves another! This righteous man will shed hot tears when he cannot rescue his friend who has become his scapegoat! I cannot help but sigh – – does such a perfect man even exist?

But a man like this… his tears have become so precious! His tears are shed not only for the friend he cannot rescue, but also for the pain of losing the brother he misses dearly; the feelings of regret for misunderstanding his father for ten years; and most importantly Geul Oh’s own salvation! For ten years, he has lived in the shadow of losing his brother who is like a fatherly figure to him… He learnt martial arts to become the Red Messenger, he gained knowledge to understand and become someone like his brother. Yet his feelings of loneliness and desperation force him to live in silence like a wild horse in Sungkyunkwan!

Until last night when his tears are shed, I finally witness his release of emotions… at that moment when he shed his tears, that is the moment when he salvaged his lonely and desperate soul.

Men do not shed tears easily! Still displaying a smile even though he is suffering from severe injuries, he can only have tears at this moment! After the tears are shed, there is growth, from the wild horse he used to be, he will become the handsome steed, Moon Jae Shin. We may feel heart ache but there is more comfort to come at the end of the change!

Today, 22nd Novemer is the day which Sungkyunkwan Scandal ends. This is also the day which I say goodbye to Geul Oh. There is much reluctance and sadness! Fortunately… fortunately we still have Ah In!

Anticipating… Fortunately we can still anticipate: Yoo Ah In – – that in the near future, he will bring us another round of insanity and infatuation! Eom Hong Sik – – this actor who acts with his soul will bring us another round of impact and sensation!


Yoo Ah In’s Moon Jae Shin is the BEST SCREEN-STEALER EVER!!!

Written by Aoikarin Morika (인도네시아에서)

Language: English

Title: Sunkyungkwan Scandal

His first appearance in Sungkyunkwan Scandal left an unforgettable impression. I thought to myself, “this guy is cool, fierce in fighting, smart and hot blooded, and he has sharp gazes and the hilarious hiccups.” At first, his physical appearance did not amaze me much because I found him too slim and much younger than me. (Call me Korean-drama-addict Ahjumma and I considered getting views of his bare chest and six-pack tummy as bonus ^^)

BUT I was wrong! The more I looked at Yoo Ah In, the more I was attracted to him. “He is not just a cool guy”. It is not JUST his tan skin, sexy facial hair, charming smile and other physical attractions but IT IS his charisma, genuine personality and solid acting that made me eventually fall in love with him. I found him the most talented actor amongst his generation. In SKKS, his acting was natural and flawless. He perfectly portrayed Moon Jae Shin beyond words, so that I believed Yoo Ah In himself IS Moon Jae Shin living in this modern time. Every facial expression he showed was worth seeing. His body language was right and well-fitted with every scene (no overacting). His voice and tone made such a Moon Jae Shin’s trademark that was easily distinguished from others’ (even for me who don’t even understand the Korean language).

My personal note for Um Hong Sik: Thank you very much for delivering such wonderful acting, and for creating Moon Jae Shin as the most charming character ever. I am looking forward to your next project and wish you all the best. Be healthy, be happy, and always be yourself.


Aoikarin Morika (Indonesia)


Nickname: 賢

Language: Chinese (original)-English (trans. by mathed2001)

Title: Strongest Chil Woo & Sunkyungkwan Scandal

The first time I knew Hong Sik was in Sunkyungkwan Scandal.  Because I had never seen Hong Sik’s works before, I just thought that this actor performed very well.  But, after watching Hong Sik’s previous works and comparing it with SKKS, his acting did change quite a bit.

Each role in each drama has his own personality.  So, if I compare Heuk San and Guel-Ro, it will not be fair.  Because Heuk San’s personality is depressed, it is impossible for Heuk San to have the same delicate expressions as Guel-Ro.

Because I have not seen all Hong Sik’s works, I can only have discussions on Heuk San and Guel-Ro first which based on the two dramas that were done in different period of time but contained the “same” meaning of the plot and see how Hong Sik’s acting changed.

  1. Same meaning: So this is happiness
    Representative of the scene: Heuk San – live together with father
    Guel-Ro – return to the status of Moon Jae Shin
    Difference: smile
    Whether there is any progress: yes
    Reason: Heuk San – cute and big giggle.  Although when fans see this smile and they feel happy, this bright smile does not seem suitable due to his background.
    Guel-Ro – relieved and comfort smile.  Happiness is based on the previous hard work and efforts.  So, this smile represents many meanings.  And I saw all that in Guel-Ro.
  2. Same meaning: Tears of excitement
    Representative of the scene: Heuk San – bear with his father’s betrayal
    Guel-Ro – ask father to rescue his friend
    Difference: the sound of crying
    Whether there is any progress: no
    Reason: Heuk San – Because of his father’s betrayal, there are agonies inside.  Using the distortion, intense, and breathing of the voice to perform.
    Guel-Ro – Asking father to rescue his friend, the upset within should be different from Heuk San.  However, the expression of the voice was the same as Heuk San.  This scene, many fans have found that it seems that Heuk San has appeared.

My comments are just my personal opinions.  Simply looking at how Hong Sik try to figure out these two roles and temporarily not to think about whether there are other reasons behind it.  Hong Sik is still young.  He has plenty of room to play.  So, I am looking forward to see different Uhm Hong Sik, Yoo Ah In.

Hong Sik~ Fighting!

Illustration images are taken from ockoala’s blog, dramabeans, and soompi

11 thoughts on “Reviews for Yoo Ah In’s works-part 1

  1. @賢: I always remember Huek San’s smile at the end of Strongest Chilwoo. You’re right, the smile seems out of his character. I thought it was too bright for a person like Hueksan. Surely Ah In’s portrayal could have been improved. But I feel an emotional connection to Heuksan and therefore happy for him. It is possibly the first time he smiles in the drama! I’m satisfied with that sweet smile as a closure for Hueksan the character.

  2. Awwww… Thanks for posting the reviews tiny… They’r beautiful^^

    And to those reviewers… I’m def on ur side guys. Hongsik is an incredible actor!

  3. What a true description of Yoo Ah In word by word what I have in mind exactly what I keep thinking about him, you guys are the best writer so far and I give you 4 thumbs up for this review, I like him since Chill Woo the character is so similar to Moon Jae Shin so quiet, cool but hiding his feeling superbly that is very Moon Jae Shim ajuma or noona I am head over heel looking for this kind of guy and I haven’t found him… to the writers I send you my best regards…

  4. Too bad I missed this project TT____TT … but I’m glad can read this… nice writing … Moon Jaeshin, this make me really miss my Jaeshin, hopefully they can always loved Yoo Ah In still loyal support of his career … love him always as person, as actor….
    thanks tinysunbl you’re really angel ^____^ to make this haven like heaven for me…. bear hugs God bless you

  5. lol i remember the project because i had the innermost desire to submit my own yet whenever i sit and look for words my head went ——– o_O
    these are all nice. thanks for posting.

  6. Actually there is another project that was announced before. I do not know whether anyone still remember about this project….. It is a contest: Write a letter to Ah In and win a copy of Cine 21~! The project is due is on 31/12/10 and the winner will be announced 2 weeks later. But i have not seen any winner announcement or i might have missed reading it. Anyone knows what happen to this project?

    YAI Haven is thrilled to announce our first ~contest~!

    The rules are simple.

    Write a letter addressed to Yoo Ah In–it can be any length, it can be typed, drawn, whatever you want–but it has to be in English, and it has to be submitted to OR by 11:59pm on December 31, 2010, KST. =)

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