::Feb Elle:: 50 Top Men

(scanned by SIC from DC inside YAI Gallery*)



Yoo Ah In

“It’s better to be a man than a kid, sure.” Yoo Ah In, with whom <Elle> has met in one and half years. Instead of fair and tender looks, he has become a strong and sharp man. His reasoning that expends to ten words when a word was thrown and his eager eyes that would stop you from turning away stay the same. “There are people who like me in my old days better. So, my conclusion is that I do whatever as I please. It’s possible to meet projects that could reverse (my) image like <SKKS>. That’s fate. However, I don’t wanna change it every time to (their) taste. It would make me unhappy. I live with many names. I encounter two to three new names every year. But, I don’t wanna be obsessed with the names that I once had and that leave me after all. It’s me who is (more) anxious, yet I wanna think of it as not a big deal, and I try not to be obsessed with it. Attention and love are not continuous.” Wonder what this guy would think of love ultimately. “The love each one has, the heart that tries to keep the love, and the trust on that heart… wouldn’t that be enough rather than when the two meet and say, “you keep your promise!” “you keep yours, too?” I don’t really have a type that I avoid nor go after. If the first meeting is possible, then anything seems to be possible. But, usually it ends at the first meeting.”

26 thoughts on “::Feb Elle:: 50 Top Men

  1. “So, my conclusion is that I do whatever as I please” <—– yes let it be that way forever #MasterSik… we really love you just the way you are!!! thanks InK… and thank you for the photoscanned by SIC from DC inside YAI Gallery (complete credits for all of those angels of #haven)

  2. so foolish of me~ i thought there were longer interview attached to this brief introduction, so i’ve waited this long to see more. but, it was all!! guess there were 49 other men lol

    Wanna say You’re welcome to every comment in advance~

  3. Soft and sweet like a glass of strawberry milk shake yet sharp like a blade, you are one of a kind YAI… Go on touch the stars fly high … you deserve it!

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  5. Sweet! Thanks Ink. Whether the ranking is RAMDOM or not, in doesn’t matter in our hearts YAI will always be no. 1! 😀

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