“Guel Ro and Goo Yong Ha” [Happy Ending] by 적혈야화 with English Subtitles

Here is another video 적혈야화 made~
Again, it is very smoothly and creatively done~
I did most of the subs by translating an old Chinese version [not a happy ending] posted by nan2lulu@youtube~
And with some help from Stacy [thank you *hug*], I finally finished subbing it~
Hope you guys enjoy it~

Video Source: http://blog.naver.com/wjrghk007

Ah In’s Z-ZIN Photoshooting

Hi Haveners~

It is so nice to wake up and see the new video of Ah In~ Seeing him at work is always nice~

After viewing the video clip, please roll down and see all the pics that I am posting on Stacy’s behalf~~ Thank you Stacy for sharing~~

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YOO AH IN’s Boxing training video for the Movie “Wan Deugi”

Seeksik ONLINE!!!!!! that’s the magic words @twitter and haveners will be on a panic mode! Who wouldn’t our young master  Sik  share some goodies! YAY!

First, he twitted this (Translated by fascinatedwithU @twitter aka Stacy one of our KTranslator -thanks dear, even though your busy today you still share your translations! BIG haveners Hug! )

Feb 23. Twit : 젯진너므느무넘흐잘봤어 ㅎㅎ 트위터로 누나의 곤욕의 나날들 지켜보며 안타까워하고 있어 힘내세요!!!!!알라뷰

Translation : “I really really really enjoyed Z-zine Magazine. haha~ I’ve been disappointed at seeing your (Jo Sun hee’s) days with trouble on Twitter. Take it easy!!!!
I love you. (My bad! I post wrong translation earlier, sorry Stacy, updated as per advise-Asha)

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Ah In’s New Jack and Jill Photos

Hi haveners~

More of Ah In’s Jack & Jill photos~ Enjoy~ 🙂

(Please go all the way down to see a link for a very nice picture by BlackTea~)





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I know many of you have been wanting to see the forth picture without the girl~~

If you following this [NicePic], you will find a very very nice one made by BlackTea~~

Enjoy~~ 🙂

Guh-roh, Yoo Ah In – Get extremely excited about an elaborate reinvention of a character..

Hi~ Haveners~ Really nice to meet you~. ^ ^*

I’m Stacy (a habit staring at YOO/ @fascinatedwithU), a new Kor-Eng translator for yooahinhaven~ *^ ^* Actually, it’s been such a long time since I addicted to this wonderful fansite, but I’ve never posted any articles myself! So happy to get started posting my translation here for you guys at last. This review below belongs to one of my Korean friends, Sylvia. She’s for sure YAI’s very big fan, too~. ^ ^ I was totally impressed by her nice review and really wanted to translate it into English for myself! I hope you guys get a good impression of my translation for this review. *^ ^*

PS: I’m so grateful for another kind translator, Ink. She’s sweet and her advice was so helpful~. *^ ^*

Guh-roh, Yoo Ah In – Get extremely excited about an elaborate reinvention of a character…

When I was told a Korean novel, “SungKyunKwan Scandal” (SKKS) would be adapted for a TV drama, I thought it was a roughly appropriate material as a romantic genre. I also expected the production company of “SKKS” would make some profit on publication right for overseas country because it was not only a different version of F4 with the Joseon Dynasty period setting, following another Korean popular drama, “Boys Over Flowers” but also more commercial by casting a famous Korean singer – Mickey Yuchun.

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