gōng xǐ fā cái (恭喜發財) HAVENERS & other YAI News

Happy Chinese/Lunar/Rabbit New year HAVENERS! Hope all is well with you guys!

So, wazzup with our boy? Here some news we have gathered so far:

1. Feb Elle:: 50 Top Men video is out! Smexy Yoo Ah In,  uh la la

credit to seopseophae & ELLE Co Kr., trans. by InK and Jaeshinah, subbed by Mathed

2. The leg wide open picture…have you seen it yet?

According to our very own #havener d_lawbreaker, it is for iMBC Section TV interview! Yay! iMBC Section TV Interview ( Feb 13 – 410pm kst ), so for those who have cable! Watch out for it! It’s a great Valentines gift right ?  ^_^

3. New CF! New CF!

Not sure about the traslation of Mr. Google, but accordingly, it is for  hana bank cf http://bit.ly/aYSvMd ( for their smart phone something).

Link of the news here : http://blog.naver.com/kgp0907/150102029430 ( i tried asking permission but  i was lost in traslation again so sorry, Ink-sshi Help?)

(credit to d_lawbreaker for the research, thanks bb)

4. Moon Jae Shin/Gol-oh  Fanfic – MJS story lives on

Missing Moon Jae Shin…here are some feel good fanfic to continue our MJS love story, this time he gets the girl ^____^ !

4.1 Chasing The Winter Moon –http://wedspawn.livejournal.com/96674.html

(Warning: Moon Jae Shin / Goo Yong Ha (GeolRim fic)
is rated PG. 14 an above only)

4.2 Taming the Crazy Horse –http://akane47.livejournal.com/2832.html

(Credit to the talented writers, Ara Kane & wedspawn. Thank you so much for letting me post the link )

5. Origami Crane Project -Goodluck YAI 2011

YAI lovers from Thailand have already completed their Cranes and gift! Yay! Good job guys!  Thanks bluesherbet103 and All Thaifans.

Indonisia, Malaysia, Ph and Europe Haveners are now also in the process of collecting the cranes and gifts! Yay! (Note: I will post some pictures ones I have the #haveners permission.)

So, how ’bout US, China & others ? Any news on your crane? Please share your experiences and struggles, we love to hear from you too!

57 thoughts on “gōng xǐ fā cái (恭喜發財) HAVENERS & other YAI News

  1. Happy Lunar New Year! If you are celebrating new year, have a great time with your loved ones. If you don’t, well, join the fun with your Azian friends^^ I wish there were a pic of Ah In in hanbok, since celebrities often release happy new year wishes and pics at this time. My heart jumps at the video and the news. Thanks Asha and other fabulous contributors!!!!!!!!

    The leg-wide-open pic? Is it the Thailand one? I wonder why we need permission from DC to post it, since that pic is everywhere on the korean newspaper anyway(?) It was posted on Haven several times too, I believe.

    • nope Tiny dear, it’s a different one, it was taken inside the limo this time with a girl (a reporter), its wide as in wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiddddddddde open like this ^_______________________^ hehehehe!

        • There’s another the leg wide open pic i’d love ti share and some more other for you to see and work it out which one you can post for the Haveners in this blog, but i can only send them through email. If it’s ok with you to let me have yours by send it to my email from this comment, otherwise suggest???

            • We’re just about to take off to our dear aunt where’s no access to the internet, should be back by the weekend (hope). Then my little sis (prim94) will do the job.
              We’ll miss you all. Love Haveners and love YAI.

      • hey, girls~ you can use the picture you are talking about~ it’s not DC’s original. That girl in the picture, Seol-gi herself uploaded the pic via something like twitter.

        And, Ashasummer, the pix from a blog (cf shooting pix) are now available to be save thru my blog (www.blog.naver.com/dalbbit1004). I’ve scrapped the post from hers, and the pix are actually from Ahin-zone where things are already permitted to be spread.

        Hope this helps~

    • hehe.. Asha is right.. its so W.I.D.E open… and you can’t imagine the effect caused by #MasterSik signature pose on #haveners ^__________^ thank you for this post, too bad we can’t share the pic in this haven… *sigh*

  2. Happy lunar year… thanks dear tiny… I can not wait for news about the our crane … cute Mr. Sik… hahaha Mr. Sik with hanbok and pink cheek make me smile… I love it

  3. ahahaha. I know Mathed2001 is working on the Elle video to add Eng subs.

    this is another lovely post!! Thanks, Ashasummer!

    And, happy lunar new year to you, Haveners!!

  4. There’s something wrong. Europe became only France and we completed our papercranes a week ago ! So they are already sent !

    Happy Lunar Year to all my beloved haveners !

  5. the wide open leg picture, i wonder why his “private thingy” is blurred…anyone?!?
    i’m sorry i sounded like a perv…but WHYY!???…

  6. Hi~

    This is the first time I am going to try this. Let’s see if it will work!

    Here is the one with the subtitles:

    Thanks to InK and Jaeshinah~~ *hugs*

  7. I’ve finished my 1k about a week ago ^^; The only thing holding me back is the fact that I’m drawing some fanart but I should have that done by this weekend (should have been done last weekend if I wasn’t being lazy….) and out the door to Korea from Canada ^^~

  8. I soooo love the fanfic “taming the crazy horse” <3!!!! very well written and it kept me reading until I'm now waiting for chapter 12! 😉

    • They are arent’t they? hehehhe, me love the Taming the Crazy Horse, andI’m looking forward to little Jaeshin soon ^^, and Chasing The Winter Moon , is very apt for the P’ haveners! LMAO!

  9. Hi, I just wanted to thank Asha for plugging “Taming the Crazy Horse” and everyone for their kind comments on my fic 🙂 Jae-shin was definitely my favorite character, and that was definitely thanks to Yoo Ah-in’s great portrayal. I think he’s a terrific actor and every bit as interesting off-screen, and we all have great taste for being fans of someone so awesome!

    • hi! I’m one of the now-addicted-to-“taming the crazy horse” it’s very well written!really! I’ve been re-reading it all the time! I loved the part where they were on the hill! nice one! keep it up! 😉

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