YAI went to Taiwan, today~

I just heard our YAI was seen at the Incheon International Airport, today. He went to Taiwan. I have no idea the reason he went there. But, by 워아이니 in AinZone said, one of her friend who work in the airport saw YAI there with a fat guy, he bought some stuffs and went to Taiwan. ^^ Happy news for Taiwanese fans, I hope~ ^^

41 thoughts on “YAI went to Taiwan, today~

  1. Our boy is really becoming jetsetter! Happy days Taiwan ! Hope we have some Haveners in there that could welcome him @ the airport! ( and share some pictures!)

    • 如果我知道飯店…


      • 好羨慕ㄛ!
        如果我那時在台灣, 我一定坐高鐵去接機!
        加油! 我相信你會找到他的飯店然後找到他本人 😀


      • Shelly’s experience translated:
        “I also saw [the news]
        and then I really wanted to speed to the airport…
        If I know the hotel [that he is staying in]
        I would probably rush over there.
        In fact, I knew the arrival time, but it was already too late.
        So now, I’m looking to find the name of the hotel.”

      • Hi Shelly and all Taiwanese fans, good luck having a chance of seeing Ah In in person!
        I just watched Dream High ep. 9 and the scene when fans gather at Jin Gook’s house with a “Jin Gook before flower” poster just cracked me up. Fangirl spirit forever!

  2. lol @ FAT guy description…
    oooohhhhh wonder what he’ll be doing in Taiwan…
    filminf maybe?…i don’t even know his next project…anyone know?
    wanna follow him ehehe ^_____^

  3. LOL!!! i did’t even know that he’s back to Kr and now he’s gone again….. busy, busy boy
    Nov ✈ Thailand; Dec ✈ England; Jan ✈ LA; Feb ✈ Taiwan
    Mmmm!! Which country’s going to be next ??? Maybe… Mar will be filming time.. yo!!!
    Have a good trip and enjoy your work…. miss you ӛ‿ӛ
    And…. Thanks ✭ancientkingdom✭

  4. thanks for the info..hope YAI will visit our country too…i miss watching him on tv…have a nice weekend YAI fans hugs and kisses……mwah…..

    • Oh! shelly….. you tried your best^^!…. hope you’re ok and not too cold there.
      Our YAI…. he kinda keeps himself low profile as much as possible…. that’s one of his charm!?! Sure! he would be appreciated for what his fans have done for him… but that’s YAI!!!…. so cheer up!

  5. …like the other blog sites that I visit all the time.. I always follow quietly .
    ‘Silent follower’ as defined, but with this site.. it’s not fun to just remain in the corner and observe, especially when u are hopelessly infected with the YAI virus.
    so..should I say..OOooPppPsSSs!!! I belong!
    Great Haven!
    Congratulations to the creator/s

  6. Hello, Jae-min nim? ^-^
    You know, I’m Stacy~@fascinatedwithU

    Thanks for quick information!
    It is not very long since he was back to Korea from LA.
    But he went abroad AGAIN!!
    He’s one place one second, and before we know it, he’s somewhere else.
    I wish I could forget about all the complications and just take off somewhere right now!
    Master Sik sometimes makes me really depressed!! T^T

      • Hi~ Mathed~ ^ ^
        So glad I have a lot of international friends totally infected by YOOAHIN virus just like me!! By the way, I’m so depressed Taiwanese fan -Shelly finally failed to meet YAI at the airport. So sad and wanna offer words of consolation to her!! >..<;

        • According to a Korean fan (한국팬)’s reply at the bottom of this page, Master Sik’s coming to Korea on Sunday (Korea time) afternoon. Gosh..
          He’s totally jet-setting, isn’t he? >.<;;
          No matter where he is right now, terribly miss him!
          Do you totally agree with me, huh? *^ ^*

  7. shelly
    剛剛看到這消息 也很想要見他

  8. hi i’m from taiwan too
    i had ask a lot of people including reporter,Control tower personnel….
    but no one knows the news of YAI…

  9. hi i’m from taiwan too
    i had ask a lot of people including reporter,Control tower personnel….
    but no one knows the news of YAI…

    can i ask …
    which airline company did he take?

  10. 영어를 잘못해서 한글로 적어요ㅠ
    아인님 내일오후에 한국에 도착한답니다.
    그러니 대만공항에는 내일오전쯤 있겠죠?
    위에 공항에서 3시간 기다렸다는 대만팬분 사연을 보니 안타까워서 올려요.

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