Ah In’s Vogue Girl Photoshooting and Interview – May 2008

Here is a Vogue Girl Photoshooing and Interview that Ah In did in May, 2008.  InK loves this video so much that she wants to share with everyone.  I saw this video many times. However, I never really understand what were said.  Thanks to InK’s translations, after subbing the video, I finally are able to enjoy and understand it.  It is indeed a great video! Hope you enjoy it as much as InK and I!  🙂

2008 May Vogue Girl Photoshooting and Interview

14 thoughts on “Ah In’s Vogue Girl Photoshooting and Interview – May 2008

  1. Thank you very much Mathed2001~~~~

    As I got into this YAI last fall, I’ve read so many interviews from the past. The part about his name and the struggle he has over the names was really impressive to me.
    Then, the video “seopseophae” uploaded on youtube came along~ exactly the part I was wondering over and over was actually said in the clip.

    oh… YAI was younger at the time, but I can still look up my star from the older days.
    He’s really beautiful inside out~

    Thanks again, Mathed2001~

    • InK~

      I have to say I really like how he put it… He wants his name to be an object that he has to fill in… He was so young and yet his way of thinking was so mature!

      If not because of your translations, we will not understand what he said in this clip at all~ Thank you, InK~ You are absolutely right about this clip now I understand what he said!! And yes, he IS really beautiful inside out~ I am so glad to get to know him! 🙂

  2. Thanks for Sharing Mathed2001! All I can say is WOW! He have this forever young look but a very old/mature mind. He’s sharing a part of himself more here…its nice to know his dreams and all…he is beautiful inside & out indeed ^_^

  3. I don’t know why but suddenly feel so emotional when watching this video. It’s the 2008 video, he’s so effin young but his words are so….heart-melting to me T.T I cry a little >.<
    Feels like I'm finding a beautiful soul in his words. Thanks so much for sharing this video, InK unnie & Mathed ^^

  4. “I want to be a good person to someone” – yahhhh! i want to be a GF of YAI … (warning: violent reaction is dangerous to your heart!)

  5. “I want to be a good person to someone” –> I am wondering whether he has that “someone” or not, and which type of women he loves. So curious about that. Moreover, i read many interview of him and always find out his shares about a tired and empty time in the past and maybe there are some problems happened between him and his father or his family…something very sad, disappointed… What are they???

    Anyway, still love him and best wishes for him in the future!!!

  6. anyone who watches this video will be touched certainly..
    what a.. how can i put it in words? Tsk.. I really dunno..
    U are a PIECE OF ART! I’m lovin’ you so much..
    Is he having that “special someone” now?
    God.. everyone wishes they are this “special someone”
    I would be damned if i didn’t wish too.. ~.~
    He’s so young here but there’s alot on his mind..
    He’s an art major right? No wonder he’s deep..
    and im drowning .. ~faint~

    Love you YAI !!!

    Gosh! I feel so awkward.. Yet feeling good.. and inlove..
    hahahaha! I’ll be 23 next month but it feels like I’m in my teenage life again..

    What’s more to say? YAI’s a very good actor.. and an individual,inside and out!


    I though i could not get over with Mark Feehily but here i am,
    just looking pass through him and staring like a mad girl
    at YAI’s pics and vids.. hahahah… I’m totally INSANE !!!

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