JACK & JILL Photos

We all been waiting for this_____ the Jack & Jill Photos! Yay, remember  Yoo Ah In’s Photoshoot in LA, here is the result!

From allkpop:

Apparel brand Jack & Jill has revealed that they’ve selected actor Yoo Ah In to be their image model.

While that may not sound surprising (Korean brand, Korean model), Jack & Jill is known for using only famous foreign models. Thus, their decision to hire Yoo Ah In caused considerable shock in the fashionindustry.

Jack & Jill’s marketing manager, Lee Hye Jin, explained, “We chose Yoo Ah In not only because of his image as an actor, but also because he has a character that does not follow rules and enjoys freedom. We thought this character fits well with the image of ‘Jack’ so we decided to pick him as our image model.”

For his photo shoot, Yoo Ah In went to America and took pictures in various places, from metropolitian cities to deserts. They went with the concept of ‘Yoo Ah In’s impromptu trips‘. Interestingly enough, it’s said that Yoo Ah In personally styled his outfits.

The pictures and videos from his photoshoot will be revealed in their entirety through Jack & Jill’s homepage and through various fashion magazines by the end of this month.


OMG, dies! He looks so young & at the same time oozzzzing with sex appeal! As KitsuneMD said…“The clean-looking boy-next-door Sik is back! “Happy feasting Haveners! 🙂

Website : Jack & Jillhttp://www.jackandjill.co.kr/?action=Board&baction=list&bid=Board_52519068 (shared by d_lawbreaker@twitter)

Article Sources : http://bit.ly/gTRlf5 (Shared by @AriGold_kr @twitter)  & http://news.jkn.co.kr/article/news/20110208/4195943.htm (shared by sophia0s@Twitter )

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28 thoughts on “JACK & JILL Photos

  1. This is awesome!! Thanks for the quick posting, Ashasummer!!!
    You are great!!!

    YAI has contract with them for a year. He’s the first Korean model they ever had so far the article says~
    J&J’s marketing director, Lee Hye-jin said that she found “Jack” in YAI as he’s a sensible actor and a character who is freed, hard to regulate, and can jump to anywhere. Also, his well known fashion sense was crucial to this contract.

    The concept of the commercial is YAI’s unplanned journey to city and dessert..
    YAI suggested to participate in styling for this commercial. The photos and tv commercial will be distributed starting the end of Feb.

    Only Key points~

    • Thanks Ink-sshi for the quick translation, me waiting for some good samaritan to translate the Article soon…heheheh, but no pressure, I know you guys are busy as well…we’ll wait ^___^.

            • Ha ha~ I know~ Too bad we don’t have dessert here~ But, you are right~ Look at the bright side, there are still hopes since the contract is for a year!

    • she found “Jack” in YAI as he’s a sensible actor and a character who is freed, hard to regulate, and can jump to anywhere. Also, his well known fashion sense was crucial to this contract.
      – So true!!!

      One year worth of Jack and Jill YAI goodness – super awesome ^___^d
      I’m looking forward to more photos and commercials *__*

      Thanks for translating, and thanks Asha for posting ♥

    • Actually, for those who check out the J&J website you can find bigger versions of the photos under the advertising section 😀

  2. OMG I’m having a light case of anemia but these shoots just consume all of my remaining red blood cells *faints*

    So sexy and so young, inspired this song by Nichole Alden immediately:

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