Yoo Ah In’s CFs for Jack&Jill and SK Smart Card

Hi everyone~

Wow~Just added the new Jack and Jill CF clip~
It was posted by Ah In’s manager at his tweet~
Short but nice~ Can’t wait to see more~~

I think this is the official CFs for SK Smart Card that we have been waiting for~ ha ha~

Love his dance~ So cute~

Hope you all enjoy this CF~ ^^ ~

And here is another one~

27 thoughts on “Yoo Ah In’s CFs for Jack&Jill and SK Smart Card

  1. omgahhhhhh!!!!! wat Justin Timberlake say about Ah in Ssi’s moves???… justin ‘s moves r so outdated and so far behind with this… justin cant even raise his head in shame… 🙂

    Fighting Ah In ssi!!! u lways make us in awe even with that dance… good u have sooo damn handsome face…

    Thanks for sharing Mathed!!!

  2. omg! Earlymorning LMAO! Goodness …nice one Uhm Hong Sik..this is another side of you…I can’t believe I’ll be seeing ! LOL…but I’m so happy to see it! So adorable…hahahhaha! Nice move!

    Thanks Mathed for sharing ^_______________________^

    Waaaaaaaaaaahhahahah, can’t get over the dance move! LMAO! nice, nice, nice…playing it over and over again!

  3. nice one !!! My God i haven’t done anything but to look for you here,there and everywhere.. Missin’ you alot dear Ah In.. wonderin’ where you are and what you’re doin’ right now.. 😥 Is there any news bout HIM guys??? Care to share it with us???
    Waaah !!! You’re making me insane .!!. Love you sooooooo much !!! ajah hwaiting !!!
    I’m looking forward to seing you soon.. Hehehehe.. Who knows? I might be able to go to Korea?ehehehe.. >_< Mwah !!! I'll be praying for you.. Love yah !!!

  4. Ah In is so dashing and fresh!!!!! Together #haveners we dance along with him.*Wave wave wave*. Put your hands up in the air.Say yeah!!! *shout*.Twist with me and let’s clubbing with Ah In. Aww ^_~

  5. Gal..you really made my day with all the lovely CFs..Thanks…

    YAI is so damn cute when he dance..feels like dancing along wth him…^^

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