Post Valentine Nake’ Chocolates from AinZone

These delicious kawaii boy-coated pictures are gifts from AinZone fans to our Haveners. They’d like to share these pics  and said thank you to Haveners for showing YAI lots of love and support.

Our Korean fellow fans are just the sweetest ever! 사랑합니다, AinZone fans!


12 thoughts on “Post Valentine Nake’ Chocolates from AinZone

  1. whoa!!!that’s so kind of them i loved the pictures! All four them looks so good in every picture they’re in. It’s the 1st time i’ve seen 4 people having great chemistry together. Jalgeum sa in bang for the win! 😉

  2. Wow, cute little cat I know we are all turn into jelly looking at his picture but this little cute cat too this is amazing send me the cat picture please

    My heart throb:
    no. 1 Moon Jae Shin
    no. 2 Gu Yong Ha

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