Goodluck Yoo Ah In 2011 Origami Cranes Project update

Last January 11, we have launch our First Haveners Global Project called “Goodluck YAI Origami Cranes Project” as our way of wishing Yoo Ah In  goodluck and also to let him know of our “HAVEN’s” existence.  Our aim was to send 1000 Origami Cranes to our YAI before the release of his latest movie, but because of the enthusiastic response from YAI lovers worldwide (in which we are truly grateful) the 1k aim somehow became 1k per country project!

Its been a week since the deadline of collection, are you curious guys? The good news is…it was a success! Here are the pictures! Enjoy!!!! 😀

First is from Thailand! I think they’re one of the first to finished the 1k Origami cranes. This picture was shared by Thailand Coordinator, Bluesherbet103.

And they meet-up too! Must be nice, can you share how was it? 😀

The handmade papier-mache artwork of Goel-Oh was so cute! It must be hard making those! I can tell that this one was really labor of love.

For Europe, as per Redemergence aka Lapsus , it became just French Haveners. But regardless, they’re able to finished the 1k Origami Cranes. Here are the pictures of the  tinywiny cutie cranes with their equally cute creator ^_^

For China, according to Mathed2001, they already send the cranes to Unnie AncientK Kingdom (dear AK, thanks for sharing the pictures!).

So cute! Thank you to Chinese Haveners from Baidu Bar.

Fo Canada, I was really impressed with her innovation and hard work! Our Canadian Havener is only one and she’s able to fold 1k Origami crane by herself! Here are the cranes! So pretty and unique.She also included this wonderful deviant art as a gift to our YAI… isn’t she sweet? (You can see her artwork here : raindrops.devaiantart )

For, Malaysia, Wida , our resident lovepotion witch (kidding, she’s studying Chemical Engineering I believe, and some of the Haveners @ twitterverse are asking loveportion for our Mastersik! LOL ).  Anyway, back to the cranes, she shared this wonderful cranes & gifts for our YAI.

I simply adore the lamp with the cigarette! Sooooooo cute! Want one too!

Indonesian Haveners, have completed their origami cranes as well. They send goodies, souvenirs & of course the letters and cranes! Here are some of the pictures I gathered from them so far.

Yummy foodies & souvenirs!

Edit : Additional gifts from our Indonesian Haveners ( all are so preeetey! And the SikKresna! Nice, Indo haveners! Daebak!)

For Philippines Haveners, well we have done shopping & meet-up last Feb. 12, and we have bought him some wonderful souvenirs!

P.S. Since PH Cranes not ready yet, i will just share my own tini winnie cranes…will update the post once the PH package is ready.

PH is waiting for the last package to arrive to complete our 1k Origami cranes and PH birds will be ready to fly to our Yoo Ah In!

Thats all folks! Congratulation everyone!

P.S : special thanks to the following coordinators :

And to all who participate & join the  fun in folding those cranes! Thank you, it was fun! For those who’s unable to join this time, till next time! Haveners Fighting! All for one, one for All!

And what would be our  Young Master Sik reaction? …

Our young master is HAPPY!

and said WELL DONE! ^_^

BONUS GIFT : our YAI Touch CF NG CUT! ^^

Credit to P’ Momma KitsumeMD ^___________^


27 thoughts on “Goodluck Yoo Ah In 2011 Origami Cranes Project update

  1. Canadian #haveners fold 1k papercranes by herself???? my big WOW to her… Thanks for this post Asha, I love the way you put all the pix together, well done! Since only 6 country left in this project (2 country already sent them straight to Sik), I hope we still can make it a BIG surprise to our #MasterSik, hehe… and LOL to the last Young Master Sik reaction gif.. he’s so cute ^________^

  2. Sooooooo moooooooved !
    and so guilty!… not get involve in this project… due to personal problem!
    sorry!! all Haneners but i did join you all… with my heart.
    Surely! YAI would be Thrilled for this… **The International Fans**
    Thanks A⏝Sha for this lovely post.

    • O_ M_ G !!!!!…… The NG vid. is even better…. ooh! no!! the best so far.
      YuA-in!!! you’re simply the BEST…… Aaah! love every bit of you….. lol
      Thank you P’Momma KitsumeMD
      and Thanks Asha^,^! for my happy weekend (with a smiling face)..;D ;D ;D

      • part of the dance reminds me of John Travolta in Saturday Fever …. soooo cheeekyyyy…. YAI…… i won’t need anything for the time be….. hahaha!!!!…… soooooo happy!!

  3. Ok…haveners… actually I think mr. Hong Sik will get the greatest surprise if we stick to the original plan … but never mind… keep fighting haveners hopefully we can still make Mr. Sik surprised and happy…. ^___^

  4. Ooh pretty cranes! I forgot to take pretty pictures of mine 😦 but seeing all the pretty cranes makes me happy. I gotta say kudos to Miss Canada over there who did it herself. Wow! 1000 cranes in, what, a month? That’s crazy awesome! I like the presentation too, so creative! How did you spare the time to do that? I really hope Mr. Yoo will love our cranes and gives a whole lot of strength for his next projects and beyond. (Sounds like Buzz Lightyear, anyone?)

    Oh, and thank you for the NG cuts. Gotta love NGs, right? Ah… Now that I see the NG cut, it brings me all the way back to 2008. His tone, his cuteness, his hair! This dude isn’t affected by time, seriously. And the cappuccino foam kiss! Ah… I miss Juwon and Laim already.

  5. If you’re in the USA and would like to join, PLEASE EMAIL ME. IF WE HAVE ~3-4 PEOPLE WE CAN MAKE 1000 IN NO TIME. I’m dead busy these days so please email me first and we’ll coordinate.

  6. So great news!!!
    I was thinking about this project yesterday! It’s so excited when i recevie this message! Thanks Ashasummer.(*^__^*) 嘻嘻……I hope our sik will like these gifts.
    It’s a pity that i really want to send many things to AIn, but for many reasons,we just picked up a few gift……

  7. Ashasummer ,Dou you mind if I take this good news and lovely pictures to our Chinese haveners? Could I send them to Baidu Ba ???

  8. Wooohoooo.. Haveners united is so cool!! I’m touched with all these pictures.. thanks Asha for this great recap (Haveners’ project love for Sik ep. 1) 😀

  9. Thanks Asha for the additional gift pics for Indonesia Haveners ^__^ We’re going to send all INA packages in pretty boxes. Hopes you can update the pix too once we’re done^^

  10. I’m certain will be joyfully surprised by all these beautiful handmade cranes and other thoughtful gifts – especially the lamp. I admire those of you who completed this project. YAI will be very grateful and humbled by it.

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  12. Wow~ Nice one! Great job! ><
    I'm really disappointed bcuz i didnt participate in this project ;(
    I want to do this project so muchhh T.T
    Anyway…I hope that i can enjoy your project next time ;)))

    all you guys are cool!!!!
    and i believe our AhIn Oppa must love it ^^~

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