A Wonderful Fan-made Video – When Guel-Ro Meets My Princess by 적혈야화

적혈야화 is a very talented person.  She/he has created many fan-made videos with great qualities.  Some of you might have seen the work before.  This one is the most recent one that has stirred a lot of talks.  Hope you enjoy it~

Thank you 적혈야화 for making it and sharing it~

Video Source: http://blog.naver.com/wjrghk007

12 thoughts on “A Wonderful Fan-made Video – When Guel-Ro Meets My Princess by 적혈야화

      • Hey~ ^ ^* It’s me, Stacy~ U know what?
        I’ve finally finished translating 적혈야화’s video clip~
        Gosh~ I stayed up all night again~ haha~ T-T;;
        So tired but happy~ -^-^-
        Hope you all haveners can enjoy that. ^ ^*

  1. wow is beyond my imagination … i watch my princess too
    makes this video definitely takes high patience … wow thumbs up…

  2. Well made…. Well captured…. and hilarious!!!…… Well done!!!
    Would be nicer with subtitle
    Thank you… mathed2001^;^ for sharing

  3. Hi, thanks a lot for posting this. I’ve seen some of his/her works and I love how seamlessly she blends the scenes and dialogues. I’ve been wanting to find other videos by 적혈야화. Do you happen to know if there’s any youtube account for his/her videos? I have only been able to find a few so far.

    • I am working on having a collection of 적혈야화’s video clips to share with more people~Although I heard she is willing to share her work with others, I did leave a message to check with her just to be sure~ 🙂

  4. good job!
    thanks for posting mathed!
    I can’t concentrate on the vid… that guy on the right ( pic/gif of the day) was getting my attention!!!
    gahhhhh looks like he’s trying to seduce me… gahhhh temptation… leave me alone!!!

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