Guh-roh, Yoo Ah In – Get extremely excited about an elaborate reinvention of a character..

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I’m Stacy (a habit staring at YOO/ @fascinatedwithU), a new Kor-Eng translator for yooahinhaven~ *^ ^* Actually, it’s been such a long time since I addicted to this wonderful fansite, but I’ve never posted any articles myself! So happy to get started posting my translation here for you guys at last. This review below belongs to one of my Korean friends, Sylvia. She’s for sure YAI’s very big fan, too~. ^ ^ I was totally impressed by her nice review and really wanted to translate it into English for myself! I hope you guys get a good impression of my translation for this review. *^ ^*

PS: I’m so grateful for another kind translator, Ink. She’s sweet and her advice was so helpful~. *^ ^*

Guh-roh, Yoo Ah In – Get extremely excited about an elaborate reinvention of a character…

When I was told a Korean novel, “SungKyunKwan Scandal” (SKKS) would be adapted for a TV drama, I thought it was a roughly appropriate material as a romantic genre. I also expected the production company of “SKKS” would make some profit on publication right for overseas country because it was not only a different version of F4 with the Joseon Dynasty period setting, following another Korean popular drama, “Boys Over Flowers” but also more commercial by casting a famous Korean singer – Mickey Yuchun.

While the main character, Lee Sun jun (Mickey Yuchun) was more focused in the original novel, nobody else attracted more public attention than Guh-roh in the drama. The whole macho man Guh-roh who combined both learning and the martial arts but who had a fiery temper. Guh-roh, Moon Jae shin who was dimly embodied by my own imagination during reading the original work was just an imaginal combination of simplified and standardized images.

However, the character, Guh-roh who was realistically materialized by the actor, Yoo Ah In looked as if he had a sneer at my clumsy imaginal combination. Furthermore, he kept on shaking me up with the uncontrollably fast speed until I became totally dejected by him as well as I was suffered from Guh-roh aches [T/N: a word used to refer to a kind of emotional confusion caused by Guh-roh].

Guh-roh, Yoo Ah In- I’m planning to tell you how fatally attractive the elaborate reinvention of the character performed by him is…

1. Come across Guh-roh who was realistically materialized…

Guh-roh visually, auditory embodied and materialized in the real world.
When I came across him (on TV) for the first time, I felt he was unimpressive as much as I thought the time when he had appeared (in Lesson 1) was of little importance.

But he got started crazily emerging his charm more strongly with the extremely fast speed, appealing his quiet, soft, and sometimes cyninal charisma.

Yoo Ah In bodied out the character amazingly well with his focusless eyes, vacantly opened lip, unkempt hair and clothes, and a low-chic voice tone. His wonderful performance was enough to be considered as he had succeeded to create a new character beyond the old one made by the original work, the writer, and also my simple imaginal combination.

Coming across Guh-roh who was realistically materialized, it was the decisive momentum to have deep empathy with a fictitious character (Guh-roh) and prove a lack of imagination at the same time. Could be accomplished by neither Mr. Darcy in “Pride and Prejudice” nor Edward in “Twilight”.

2. Dazzled by the creative character, Guh-roh.

Yoo Ah In has mentioned “a lax, uncharacterizable guy. a genuine beastly man” who can’t be considered as a stereotypical being about Guh-roh. Yoo Ah In’s own ability for reinterpretation of the character is absolutely wonderful since he could give his own conception to the character despite restricted conditions. Although his lines and setting up circumstances had looked kind of trivial, Yoo Ah In made Guh-roh, Moon Jae shin more meaningful.

It is quite surprising for his remarkable ability to express himself, for instance, he really blew audiences away with a simple line, “If you keep doing that, it will become a habit.” Moreover, his plaintive delicate eyes in the scene of “a man sitting on a chair” or the scene of “standing on a ginkgo tree” gave us an illusion as if we felt his every single cells’ vivid movement.

Guh-roh, Yoo Ah In also showed an hero who was practising and self giving through HongByuckSeo, who was outraged at his dead older brother (Moon Yong shin) and the circumstances of Josun Dynasty divided by factious quarrels.
His action performance was much attractive that a lot of women were fanatical about his fatal charm as Super-hero and they also satisfied their fantasy for a strong man at the same time. In addition, when it comes to fantasizing about prince charming, there is really no shortage of his thoughtful behavior making ‘Kkag-ji’ [T/N:a kind of wooden finger protective device – used for protecting the heroine, Yoon hee’s hand when she shot arrows in the play.] as well as tying Yoon hee’s pants around her ankle.

In particular, in the final part of the scene of “a man sitting on a chair,” a sparkle in his eyes turning around Yoon hee had the most beautiful aura at the saddest and the darkest moment, and it could deeply instill an indelible dim afterimage into women’s mind as well.

Thanks for his own point of view on performance based on elaborate detailed ability for interpretation of the character, Yoo Ah In could attract the most explosive response from the viewers among Jalgeum 4 inbang [T/N: a nickname used to refer to 4 main characters in “SKKS”] and perfectly succeed to complete the most powerful composition – Guh-roh in the stream of the drama.

3. Guh-roh, he was like David fighting up against Goalath

Guh-roh who wasn’t allowed to do anymore except for just standing and gazing at his lover and rival in love with sorrowful unrequited eyes. Even though he was a marginal character who was standing in the edge of the stream of the drama, [T/N: Guh-roh was a definite (key) supporting character or ‘minor’ leading one. But quite a few viewers have been thinking that he absolutely stole the popularity of the main character, Lee Sun jun.] his stunning ability not only put other main scenes (shown by the heroine and hero) in the shade but also absolutely fascinated the viewers and put their whole attention at the edge of the drama in where he stood.

Besides, he totally let the viewers pass over even a basical logic, “Viewers should follow the main characters’ emotionalism in the drama.” as well as he wiped out extreme controversy over the casting [T/N: by a few fans who wanted to focus on the stereotypical image of Guh-roh (that is, a typical beastly man) in the original novel] slick as nothing at all.

Guh-roh obviously let the viewers’ emotionalism move consistently as well, following his own movement of emotion, though there has been no question Guh-roh was a ‘minor’ leading character, and he just had a very little bit temporally and physically limited equipment. In the end, he succeeded to turn the table: the border between the leading character and a ‘minor’ leading one was removed, and the viewers were so happily immersed in a ‘minor’ leading actor’s emotional rhythm as Yoo Ah In showed his fatal attraction.

Some viewers might be embarrassed by (Guh-roh’s) strength which makes them cause a kind of emotional reaction and immersion for a ‘minor’ leading actor (not the hero), while others do not, that is, (far from being confounded by that) they have felt the pleasure (or thrill). Yoo Ah In has believed, “The non-mainstream could be changed into the mainstream.” [T/N: Yoo Ah In has talked about his ‘non-mainline’ inclinations before. A minority actor, he said, plays roles that aren’t from the mainstream. Yoo Ah In’s role from the past, like Jongdae “Boys Of Tomorrow” or Yongtae “Shym’s Family”, were born or raised in socially difficult environments. Yoo Ah In has spent his career playing minority (nonmainstream) characters (street kids, outsiders, psychologically complex characters). Yoo Ah In believes that he has been a minority actor and purposefully chosen those roles, but also believed that he could change his inclinations of minority into those of majority. “I’m sorry, Jaeshinah. I borrowed your mentions from your CINE 21 interview without permission. So sorry but thank you!!” – Stacy] In the end, he turned the tables, (He obviously stole the popularity and name recognition of the main character.) and he was like David fighting up against Goalath.

4. Yoo Ah In, Is he able to change the perception of “the new Korean wave?”

Yoo Ah In said that he took just one out of his colors (his potentials) to express the character, Guh-roh [T/N: He has great potential as an actor. Guh-roh who was embodied by Yoo Ah In was magnificent but certainly that isn’t all.] on the basis of Yoo Ah In’s individual desires that wants to show something as presentation of the self. I totally look forward to meeting his endless amount of creatures after Guh-roh because he has mentioned that he could show a lot of different sides of him through other movies or dramas in the future.

The Korean wave concentrated on only a few Korean actors for the first time and also led out on to a few girl groups as well as male idol groups in sequence. Moreover, it could be just regarded as it has attached importance to their glamorous visual images. However, Yoo Ah In is now without a doubt standing in the middle of the new Korean wave, by replacing old perception on Korean wave with new one, with his gorgeous acting ability as well as his great looks.

5. To fill the gaps between Guh-roh and Yoo Ah In ..

I had got started watching from the middle of the drama, and I rewinded and played it again (because I was totally addicted to Guh-roh). And, I have started capturing Guh-roh’s photos (in the drama), nicknamed myself as Guh-roh ta ryung, since Oct. 21st. Thus, less than only ten days into being suffered from Guh-roh aches, it would be finally ended a few days later. [T/N: This review was written last October while the drama was still airing on TV.]

As I was forced to quit Guh-roh aches at this time, it is absoultely sorrowful that I should cut off an emotional overload for Guh-roh and fill the gaps between Guh-roh and Yoo Ah In.

I wrote this review not only to let those who have not known “SKKS” and Guh-roh yet be able to know more about Guh-roh and Yoo Ah In but also to celebrate myself my love for Guh-roh which got just started.

While I was watching Lesson 18. I was really envious of Cho Seon’s hand that was grabbed by Guh-roh with all my heart. [T/N: Because the writer has already had a deep crush on Guh-roh. she said she was so envious of the female character appearing on the drama with Guh-roh.]

Written by Guh-roh ta ryung (거로타령) (
No re-posting without permission

18 thoughts on “Guh-roh, Yoo Ah In – Get extremely excited about an elaborate reinvention of a character..

  1. Hey Stacy~~

    You did it!! Haha~ Congratulations on your first post!! Nicely done~
    Thank you for translating Sylvia’s article~
    Please thank her for sharing it also~
    I am sure we will see more of you here at Haven!!
    But, I hope you are getting some sleep too!! ^__^ *hug*

    • Hi~ Mathed~ *^ ^*
      Thank you for celebrating my first posting on yooahinhaven.
      Though I had difficulty translating and posting this article, I can’t help feeling really happy and relieved now!! ^ ^*
      You definitely know, I stayed up all night doing this, but it’s absolutely worthwhile!
      I just wanna share boundless love and support for fabulous & talented YAI with all Haveners~ ^ ^

  2. WoooW!!! Soooo! IMPRESSIVED with your 1st post…. ahsaYoo ~*Stacy*~
    You’ve managed to draw a lazy-reading-person like me to finish reading this in one goal…. your word by word that keeps me following till the end without moving my eyes to anywhere and still want more…..Mmm! you must be a terrific writer….
    Looking forward for more of your post… since most of Haven’ translators are quite busy… THANK YOU all…. for sharing!

    • Hi~ Prim~ *^ ^*
      Thanks for leaving your kind reply ~ I’m so pleased to hear that you had a really good impression of reading my translation. ^ ^*
      Actually, you know, I’m not the author of this nice review but just a translator. I really appreciate Sylvia’s permission for posting this on yooahinhaven. ^ ^ If I am given another assignment regarding YAI, I’ll do my best!! Thank you for reading again!!

  3. Thanks babe. This is an impressive reviews. I’m sure everyone who first watched SKKS didn’t expect YAI would take over the scenes. I think he’s the first second-lead actor who gets most attentions over the lead actor.

    • Guh-roh, Yoo Ah In’s acting ability was fabulous.
      There is no doubt that no one can take his place! ^ ^
      Thank you for reading !!

  4. omo… this you first post… nice word… I really like your post… thanks for sharing… and i can’t wait another post from you… keep it up ^__^

    • Hi~ Eka Wachyu ~ ^ ^
      Despite my poor Kor-Eng translation skills, I gave it my best shot to pass the author’s view over to Haveners as exactly as possible. ^ ^
      Really happy to see your kind reply~
      Thanks for reading~ ^ ^

    • Hello~~SeyULabme ~
      Guh-roh was for sure the most attractive & fabulous character I’d ever seen. I’m really happy that I’m now suffering from Seeksik-aches as well as Guh-roh aches!! ^ ^*
      Thanks for reading~ ^ ^

    • Hi~ hanikoma ~ ^ ^
      If I’m given another assignment regarding fabulous YAI,
      I’ll give it my best shot! Thank you for reading! *^ ^*

  5. Hi Stacy, I finally got the time to read this colossal review! Congrats on your first post!
    Thank you to Sylvia for writing such a detailed and thoughtful analysis of SKKS. AND even more thanks to you for translating it into English. Just think of the amount of works you two put into this o.O. Thanks very much!
    I’m looking forward to more posts from you. Bring it on!

    • Hi~ tiny~ *^ ^*
      Thank you for celebrating my first posting on Haven for you.
      And I really wanna say I’m so happy to have gotten to know you Haveners.
      As a matter of fact, I’ve never known YAI has such enthusiastic foreign fans until I got started visiting yooahinhaven. Really glad to see so many foreign fans are loving him!! ^ ^
      As you see, I pulled some all nighters, doing this translation. I was so tired but it’s absolutely worthwhile! ^ ^
      Thanks for not only reading this but giving me the right to post something myself on yooahinhaven. ^ ^

    • Hello, nazeta ~ *^ ^*
      So glad to hear that you had a good impression of reading this. ^ ^*
      Really happy to see your sweet reply~
      Thank you for reading !! 🙂

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