Updates on Yoo Ah In’s Movie “Wan Deugi”

(pic above was a feature of Ah In on 10ASIA during Lunar New Year)

I think Ah In was confirmed for the movie Wan Deugi. Hancinema just had a translated article talking about rising stars taking challenge on the small screens in 2011 as followed:

Yoo Ah-inPark Min-yeong and Song Joong-ki from the drama “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” are also heading for the screens. Park Min-yeong is in the middle of filming the movie “Cat”. This is her first screen project and her first at a horror queen role. Her challenge in becoming a horror queen is rising interest in Chungmuro.

Yoo Ah-in has been chosen for the movie “Wan Deugi” based on a best selling novel. It is about Wan Deugi, who is from a poor family and doesn’t have good grades but confident in fighting anyone. He will be acting alongside of Kim Yoon-seok.

Song Joong-ki is going to play lead role along with Han Ye-seul in the movie “So I Was Born”. This movie is about a real misery girl and a guy with no job and their project to collect 200 million won and is expected to be released in the later half of the year.

You can read the rest of the article here. Remember Jaeshinah had written more about Wan Deugi a while back?

News updates translated by Rxgoodleaf@soompi. According to following Naver Cafe… posted 2/7/2011: Ainbaragi Naver Cafe

완득이 소식이요!! 2월19일 유아인씨 본 촬영전 리허설예정!!
첫 크랭크인 22일~25일사이에 진행!!
울 회사 캐스팅된 연기자와 씬별 리허설 예정. 장소와 시간은 미정
정확한 리허설장소나 시간은 정보가 입수되는데로 공지 하겠소
일단 내가 알고있는것은 여기까지!!
거의 대부분 셋리허설같은경우엔 비공식적드로 하오.

완득이 배우 캐스팅하는곳 직원분 트윗입니다!!!

Wandugi news! 2/19 Yoo Ah In to start rehearsal before filming starts!!
The first day of filming will be between 22nd and 25th!!
With the actors (casted by our company), scene rehearsal planned. Place and time undecided.
Once the rehearsal place and time is known, it will be announced.
At this point, that’s all I know!
Most of the set rehearsals are done informally.

Above was Tweet from one of the employees of the Wandugi casting company!!!

8 thoughts on “Updates on Yoo Ah In’s Movie “Wan Deugi”

  1. WooooH!!! At last! The time has come….. the movie….. what’s a WONDERFUL news.
    Love~love to see YuAIn’s expression for his role…. missing so much!
    and…. lO_oking forward for this……MOVIE>,<!
    Thank you…… tinysunbl ;=)…..

  2. That’s awesome. It’s been quite a time since I was able to visit here (I blame my new job; it’s making me too stressed), so this is great news to me. Btw, I must say that the feature pic of YAI is driving me crazy. XD

  3. omo…omo… i can’t wait… looking foward this movie…. waiting make me dying…
    o gosh …
    if I had a time machine …. I want to be when the movie was released …
    I can not wait … hopefully everything runs smoothly
    thanks Tiny this great news
    Jaeshinah… i can’t wait your post

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