Ah In’s Rising Star Section TV Interview

Thanks to Stacy’s translations, I finally finished subbing Ah In’s interview with Rising Star Section TV!!

Let’s just get to the video~~ ๐Ÿ™‚

Originally Filmed by MBC
Video Reposted by: YooAnIn@youtub
Tranlations: Stacy@HavenForYou
Subtitles: mathed2001@HavenForYou

20 thoughts on “Ah In’s Rising Star Section TV Interview

  1. Wow~~ Terrific!!! Nice skills, Mathed! *^ ^*
    It’s EXTREMELY surprising you could subtitle the video clip so EXACTLY even without any time stamps.. Nice timing~~~ haha~ ^ ^;
    Actually, I was worried sick about your subtitling ’cause I didn’t indicate any time stamps within such a long long interview!!!
    (So sorry.. T_T;; I’m a poor translator..)
    But I should’ve never worried about it ’cause you know, I said, you have an amazing natural sense for learning or understanding Korean~~ haha~^ ^
    In fact, I was terribly tired that I couldn’t get my own head straight all day after staying up all night translating this. >.<;; But it was definitely worthwhile.. ^ ^
    Now~ I'm totally OK and REALLY glad to see your new video clip with my translation!
    And when it comes to the newest video clip, Guh-roh and My Princess (by ์ ํ˜ˆ์•ผํ™”) I'll work it on again 'cause it looks like other Korean translators are all too busy. ^ ^;;
    Thank you for your trouble!! ^ ^* You're the BEST!!! *^ ^*

    • Oh~~~Thank you for your kind words~~~
      And for the record, you are not a poor translator!!
      Not only that, you will get addicted even more both with YAI and any translations of him/his work~~ haha~~
      Glad that I am not alone~~~

      Can’t wait for our next Guh-roh and My Princess clip~~ *hug* ~^^~

      • Yep~ ^ ^*
        So happy to hear that I’m not a poor translator.. kk.. ^ ^;
        I’ll just give it my best shot to translate a few articles on fabulous Master Sik into English for haveners. ^ ^;
        Fortunately, Guh-roh & Princess Sul-ee (์„ค์ด.. right? ;;) are really quiet in the video clip by ์ ํ˜ˆ์•ผํ™”.
        So I think I’ll be able to reduce all my trouble for the translation. haha~ ^ ^;
        Anyway, it’s around 1 pm on Wednesday in Korea.
        I’ll work it on tonight and email you as soos as possible~
        Thanks again~ and see ya~ ^ ^*

  2. wow! two thumbs up for Stacy and mathed2001! Though this is my first time to comment here, i’ve been reading and following this website for almost a month ow. and all of YAI’s fans all around the world are amazing! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. double thumbs up….. ^___^ thanks for translate this post really awesome… at last i know what they said….
    really love it
    really enjoy
    really thank you

    • True… this man, in spite of his very manly personality can throw you off guard with his witty side comments and replies. haha!

  4. Thanks so much! The video was LOL-tastic from beginning to end! I love seeing YAI laughing and smiling. The interviewer was hilarious too. =)

  5. Oh, thank you so much for this. YAI must have been exhausted after talking with such a high energy interviewer. The video made it seem like we all spent a day with YAI working, having lunch, and inside his limo transportation. Fell in love again.

  6. what a way to recharge from a very boring day….
    it was my first time to see that video….
    well, what can i say???
    he’s sooooooooooo full of energy that i can’t help but laugh my worries away!
    thanks for the subs and Thank God for Yoo Ah In!

  7. this pure amazement! thanks for sharing. you know what, if you keep posting videos like this i will soon forget that i’m married. hahaha!

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