Yoo Ah In poses for Z-ZIN Magazine

Yoo Ah In poses for Z-Zin Magazine Feb issue cover & pictorial. Enjoy for now~ Further details, interview, and HQ pics to be updated.


A higher quality version of this photo


Credit: DCInside. For more click here. If you can’t see the pic, click here.

15 thoughts on “Yoo Ah In poses for Z-ZIN Magazine

  1. OMG, what have they done to you? First picture….its called getting in touch of you femininity without looking like gay….right? Thankfully your gorgeous…and accentricly unique, you can full this one off! and we love you..soooooooo, it still HOT regardless! We’re under your spell…LOL

    Thanks Jinjin & Tiny ^^

  2. 这组杂志拍的相片太鬼魅了!又在这个时候推出,跟之前Jack&jill的反差好大呀!!!
    Those pictures are so amazing !I wonder what kind of magazine it is,and what content
    is about AIn~~~

  3. YuAIn’s an “AMAZING PURE_LIFE_ART” ….. with
    ………. an infinity of imagination………
    Thank you tinysunbl and everyone for sharing

  4. ah… so this is where those pictures are from. I love it, of course, but a little more that some. I love the fact that they’re a bit avant garde and somewhat editorial. His charisma is perfect for these kind of things. The only thing I hate is the cigarette. I want to put black powder in them and show the world the cigarettes sucks your face. Sorry, but I loathe smoking people like it’s crazy.

  5. AH IN Underworld Mode: ON?? Very fierce!!! @_@ I wish the picture he’s in net costume (2nd pic) comes in lighter format so I can really see his tummy pack, square chest clearer.. Nyahahahaha.. Ok back to zoom zoom!

  6. Haha..boy over flowers! ^_^ These photos are very artsy. He doesn’t look feminine to me among those pretty flowers and with all the mascara/eyeliner. It even oozes his sexiness & masculinity ^_^
    2nd pic: Abs…abs..<3 ❤ more pls!
    8th pic: love the open lips!

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