“When Guel-Ro Meets My Princess” by 적혈야화 Now with English Subtitles

Again~Thanks to Stacy staying up all night and translating this nice fan-made video which was posted at Haven before, I was able to sub the clip~

Hope you enjoy it even more now with the subtitles~

Video Source: http://blog.naver.com/wjrghk007

23 thoughts on ““When Guel-Ro Meets My Princess” by 적혈야화 Now with English Subtitles

  1. Hi~ Mathed~ *^ ^*

    Is that headache still bothering you? I hope you’ll get better soon. ^ ^
    The video clips you finished subtitling are always much better than expected!
    Nice work~ ^ ^
    Did I mention? My translation work with you is so worthwhile all the time. ^ ^ Thanks for nice video clip again & have a nice time! ^ ^

    • paksu? haha~~ ^ ^* (Can you speak Korean by any chance? ^ ^;)
      Thanks for your clapping and cheering!
      I’m Stacy~ Have fun on yooahinhaven~ ^ ^*

      • ahahaha yes i can. 🙂
        actually i’m currently living in Korea! ^^
        nice to meet you stacey! ^^
        🙂 혹시 ~~~ you’re a korean???

        • Sure!!! INDEED, I’m a Korean~ haha~~
          I’m a Korean native speaker & much much more fluent in Korean than in English~
          Nice to meet you~ quiesu ~ *^ ^*
          Twitter :@fascinatedwithU 널바라보는습관
          멘션 남겨주세요~ ^ ^
          Have a nice time with fabulous YAI~ ^ ^*

          • ahahaha i see! 🙂
            ofcourse you’ll more fluent in Korean than in English if you’re a korean! 🙂
            ahaha! will follow you 🙂
            nice to meet you too!
            방가방가 !!
            [but can we speak here in other language??? isn’t it prohibited to use other language here? 🙂 ]
            just asking ~~~ 🙂

            • Hello~~ ^ ^*
              Glad to see you again, quiesu~ ^ ^
              My answer in terms of your question – Of course not. ^ ^ Talking in other languages except Englsih isn’t prohibited by haveners, as far as I know. ^ ^;

            • But I think it’s more natual & advisable to talk about something in English ’cause yooahinhaven is an international web site and there’re a lot of foreign haveners who can’t understand Korean. I’m sure you totally understand what I mean, right? ^_^;

            • ow isee!
              yeah i get it. coz i have one fansite i often goes to and it strictly says no other language other than English! 🙂
              well, yeah it will be more convenient to use english for other ifans! 🙂
              ow really??? 🙂 i only visit this site for YAI fangirling..
              btw. where are you in korea??? 🙂

          • ow also …
            did you ask if i am from Naver YAI cafe?
            sorry but i am not Y_Y
            🙂 i still can’t find myself going around fan cafes in naver or other korean site !^^

            • I’m a frequent visitor of Inese (You know, YAI’s Korean official fan site) and DC inside YAI Gallery. They’re both filled with YAI’s hottest pics and video clips that can always dazzle YAI’s fans! However, I wanna say my favorite place is here, Havenforyou. *^ ^* Please come around Haven any time you like! ^ ^

  2. 嘉啊,好想你,很久看不到你在吧里的动作了。兔年了呢,拜年也晚了,不过还是想说,嘉顺利开心哦~

          • OK. Thanks a lot~ ^ ^
            I think I should learn Chinese to understand what YAI’s international fans say here on yooahinhaven.

            It means, ” Happy New Year~.” right? ^ ^;

            Always difficult to learn foreign languages~
            haha~ ^-^;;

            • That will be the short translation~
              But, to be exact, it means “In this new year, wish you everything will go smoothly~”

  3. 亚仁永远都是那么个性可爱,看着他自己不禁也有了让自己的生命随着自己个性发展的力量!

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