30 thoughts on “Hana SK Card NG

  1. Inappropriate for watching in office or with a spouse or a partner?
    Puhaha~~ ^ ^;; Gosh~ You have a great sense of humor! Tiny!
    I was laughing to death and CAN’T take my eyes off the CUTEST YAI!! >.<;;
    He's repeating the same commercial copy over and over again~~
    "많이 주면 고맙죠~! : If it gives me more benefit, I'll be grateful!" haha~

      • kk… I DO agree with you, Tiny!!
        Dear Master Sik… If you give us (your big fans including haveners) lots of nice stuff, we’ll be really really grateful!!
        아인아..많이 주면 정말 고맙죠!! ^ ^; Haha ~

  2. He’s incredibly cute and I can’t help just keeping staring at his cute face! ^ ^*
    In fact, YAI’s commercial for the credit card is a hot issue in Korea these days and many people (perhaps they’re YAI’s big fans? ^ ^;) would be happy to apply for the credit card~. So glad to see YAI’s star power as an advertising character~ ^ ^

    • Did you apply for one too? ^^ Seem like the card can be slided at the subway station as ticket? If yes, that’s really cool.
      Seriously I live in a country that narcissistically prides itself for being “world leading economy” and we still have to use filthy tokens (pay in cash only, wtf!) at the subway! Public transit really sucks here ptfff

      • Not yet. ^ ^; haha…; I didn’t apply for the credit card though the advertising model (YAI) is such a cute guy!! Because I already have so many kinds of credit cards. And they sometimes give me a lot of pressure whenever I cannot cope with my expenses!! >.<;;

  3. As long as I know, if I have the credit card, I’ll be paying subway fares with my cell phone. ^ ^ We’ve already seen YAI’s scenes for charging by passing his phone over in a subway station on his Section TV interview. I’m afraid, I don’t know exactly yet but the users’ cell phones can be embedded with Hana SK cards’ smart chips.

  4. By the way, I’m just wondering what country you’re living now. ^ ^;;
    “I have to use filthy tokens (pay in cash only) at the subway!
    Public transit really sucks here ptfff. <– Where do you live, Tiny? ^ ^;

  5. Dear Tiny & Haveners, you guys know what?
    Today’s Sunday in Korea. And YAI will shoot his newest movie, you know “Wandeugi”, for the first time today! (Gosh. >.<;; So difficult to write the title of the movie in Englsih. ^ ^; Actually, the name, Wandeugi is a terribly unsophisticated and unique name of a Korean boy.. ^ ^;)

  6. Anyway, it’s raining now in Korea.
    Most Korean people believe if it rains on that day when we get started something important (for instance, move, opening for business or something), the business will be a great success!!! *^ ^* I hope YAI’s new movie will be a BIG hit thanks to the rain’s bless!! ^ ^ Do you all agree with me, huh? ^ ^*

    • Thanks for the update! ~Enjoy bi~

      Are you planning to get a copy of the book?I spent a lot of time googling about Wandeugi. It deals with some heavy social issues such as school drop out, immigration, discrimination, and disability (that’s what I heard). The book got a lot of critical praises, being dubbed “new genre of youth novel.” Considering YAI’s image as a redefinition of youth, this movie fits right with him. I hope he works with a good director.

      Oh, here is the schedule of Ah In actually. Sorry I should have shared it earlier.

      And to answer your question, I’m living in the US, but I’m Vietnamese. I heard that Ah In’s character in new movie is half-Vietnamese yay!

      • Yep, Tiny. I’ve already got the copy of the book, Wandeugi and I’m reading it these days. (I usually read books so slowly.;) As you see, it deals with some serious social issues such as school drop out, immigration, discrimination, and disability (Wandeugi’s real father is a disabled person. He is a short man by a disease.) or something. YAI’s role – Wandeugi – is standing up for the underprivileged and the dispossessed in Korean society.

  7. The story of Wandeugi is liable to be considered as it has a terribly gloomy atmosphere, but it’s also characteristic of the writer’s very simple and clear style.
    Far from feeling a gloomy atmosphere, the overall mood is so bright and witty!
    In addition, it’s so fun! God..It’s so hard to give you a full explanation about it with my poor English skills!!! >.<;;
    I wish you could read the novel in Englsih sooner or later. ^ ^;

  8. Aiissshhh..Such lucky girls dancing with Ah In.Really envy ’em >_<.@stacy Credit to you fo keep updating anything Ah In, fo us.You're fast awesome!!And not to forget the other haveners!!Without y'll we really can't get near to Ah In.Credit goes to Haveners.Cheers^_~

    • Oh~ Really nice to see you again here, Jae min nim~ ^ ^
      Have you gotten all the rush work done for the moment? ^ ^*
      Or are you still crazy about reading or writing YAI’s “fanfics”? haha~~
      Anyway~ Hope to see you often here~ ^ ^

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