HAZZYS in London Photoshoot: Extended

The title in Korean for the first set of pictures is 헤지스 화보촬영 현장, 고뇌 어린 유아인의 표정 포착 which roughly translates to “Hazzys Photoshoot Scene, Capturing the Expression of Agony of Young Yoo Ah-in” or something like that. Am I right? Please correct me. These came out of Hazzys own blog (www.hazzystory.com) so you might want to visit them. It’s pretty cool. Some of them have been previously seen it the scan but I still like original digitals. So here they are!

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Launch My Life episode 1 with Subs

Hi haveners~

I know everyone is anxious and wants to see the first episode of Launch My Life with YAI.  Thanks to fans at DCInside and our havener, kitsuneMD, for reposting the first episode, Stacy and I are able to work on the translations and the subtitles.

Unfortunately, it is very time consuming when it comes to translate and make the subtitles for such a long program.  So, please have patience.  The program runs for 40 minutes.  We will be working on by breaking it into four parts.  As soon as each part is done, I will post it here.

Again, thank you for your patience~ ^^ ~

Yoo Ah In – Launch My Life Ep.1-1 – English

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London Art Story featured Yoo Ah In

Hi Haveners~

Originally, I was not going to make a new post~ However, since there are many (really!) scanned photos, they really deserve a separated attention~ So, here they are!!

Thanks, d_lawbreaker!! *hug* And thank you, 브이수㉿, for sharing all these nice pics!!

Photos Originally Posted by 브이수㉿

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Ah In Taking Pictures with British Guards – HAZZYS London Art Project

Hi Havenrs~

Thanks to d_lawbreaker’s information and Mr. h at Hazzy’s Story, here are few more of Ah In’s photos~ He is extremely playful in these photos~ ^ ^ ~ Enjoy!!

Originally Posted by Mr. h

유아인과 영국 근위병의 사진찍기 놀이


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Seeksik online early in the morning~ Here’re my translations~

Hello~ Haveners~ ^ ^
How are you? I’m Stacy~ (a habit staring at YOO / @fascinatedwithU)

Gosh~ As you know~ I’m an absolute Korean native speaker but sometimes I don’t really understand what the unique guy is saying~ There’s much room for interpretation of YAI’s messages all the time and it’s SO difficult to interpret them~

Anyway~ here are my translations~ ^ ^

예쁜 그릇에 담으면 예쁘고 흔한 사기 그릇에 담으면 그냥 흔한 사기다.
쌀은 쌀이고 볶아도 먹고 비벼고 먹고 끓여도 먹겠지만 쌀은 쌀이다.
간극은 그것뿐이고 그것씩이나 되기도 한다. 하하 이놈의 본질타령

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More Yoo Ah In Photos from Japanese Magazine

Hello~ Haveners~ I’m Stacy~ (a habit staring at YOO/ @fascinatedwithU)
How’s everything? ^ ^ Nice to see you again~ *^ ^*
I’m sure you guys remember my Korean friend, Sylvia who is always enthusiastic about collecting and sharing YAI’s up-to-the-minute articles~ She’s finally posted YAI’s nice pictures which were published on a Japanese magazine. I really appreciate her sustained efforts and generosity for sharing all of them!! Although I don’t absolutely understand Japanese, even a single word~ I’m SO delighted with just seeing his nice pictures on the Japanese magazine~ He must be getting really popular in Japan, too. Right? ^ ^ By the way~ is there anybody who can translate this Japanese article into English by any chance? Please~ haha~ ^ ^; I know our diligent mathed nim has already translated and posted YAI’s personal interview on the magazine but I’m just curious about the overall story published on this~ Anyway~ enjoy YAI & Guh-roh’s nice pics~
Have a nice time with our fabulous YAI!!~ ^ ^*

More Photos from the Hazzy’s London Art Project

Hi Haveners~

Thanks to our lovely havener, d_lawbreaker, I searched out that Ah In has four new photos revealed in the etoday news~

Photos Originally Posted at http://www.etoday.co.kr

Reported by 정아름 기자(jar43@etoday.co.kr)

[포토]유아인, 나비넥타이에 엷은 웃음


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Fan-made Video – Model Ah-in’s Masquerade (유아인 화보 편집영상) by Choipd2

Hi Haveners~

I always love when Ah In does the photoshoots~ So when my friend, Choipd2, made this video, I really enjoy watching it~ And she is so nice for giving me permission to repost it on Haven for you to view it~ If you like her work, please visit her blog~

Thank you, Choipd2!! ^^

Video Originally Posted at Choipd2

[Note: Please keep in mind not to repost this video on other site~ 請不要轉載此視頻~ public sharing is prohibited~ 公然地分享此視頻是不允許的~ Thank you~ 謝謝合作~]

Watch it here

[Fan-Arts] More Wallpapers by Black Tea

Hi Haveners~

Most of you should still remember those beautiful wallpapers that InK shared before~

Here are more gorgeous new wallpapers made by BlackTea~ Enjoy!!

Originally Posted at http://blog.naver.com/hongcha0425