Ah In & Joong Ki: Awkward Best Couple

Song Joong Ki’s relationship with Yoo Ah In became awkward after winning the ‘Best Couple Award’

On February 19th, actor Song Joong Ki guested on KBS 2TV’s “Entertainment Relay” and confessed that his relationship with Yoo Ah In became really awkward ever since the ‘2010 KBS Acting Awards‘.

Earlier, we reported that the two were nominated for the ‘Best Couple Award’ at the 2010 KBS Acting Awards for their roles as ‘Yeorim’ and ‘Geol Oh’ in “Sungkyunkwan Scandal“.

Although their characters were depicted as ‘just friends’, the relationship garnered enough interest and votes to eventually win the ‘Best Couple Award’. At the time, Yoo Ah In had wittily stated during his awards speech, “You all are really persistent!”

The reporter asked, “When you search for ‘Song Joong Ki’, Yoo Ah In’s name comes up in the related search term box. Do you guys still keep in contact?”

Song Joong Ki answered, “Honestly, it’s gotten sparse. Votes for us really dominated the ‘Best Couple Award’ poll, and it was actually quite surprising.  I lost contact with Yoo Ah In after that (laughter).”

When asked to record a video message for his former castmate, Song Joong Ki stated, “I used to call you ‘Ah In-ah’ before, but I guess now it’s ‘Ah In-ssi’, how are you?  It’s gotten a bit awkward.”

Credit: allkpop

Awww, I miss the good old days

12 thoughts on “Ah In & Joong Ki: Awkward Best Couple

  1. I think this is bound to happen. Fans really need to draw the line between drama and real life and stop the gossips and fanfics about Ah In&Joong Ki. Talking about fictional characters and real people is two different things.

    Gul-ro &Yong-ha couple is always for the win, though! More fanfics plz!

  2. LOL…sorry this is an old news rite? :p
    But thanks for sharing ^__^! I still think SJK should be the one who call Master Sik first if he wants to keep their relationship intact.

  3. Haha…
    SJK called YAI ‘AhIn-Ssi’ (polite name if you want to call someone) after they had won the prize! He must be shy bcuz of the ‘best couple award’ ^^
    Dont be shy oppa! we understand that it is just a drama and you guys are actors~
    Anyway…Both of you are so cuteeeee ><

  4. i think their friendship on screen is great..they played the characters really well otherwise fans (like me) wouldn’t bother to consider them for the best couple awards..both are very respectable actors and honorable individual even in private life, tho i don’t know them personally but one can tell if a person has a good heart..keep on doing the things that make u happy…

  5. well i’m hoping its just that yoo is just busy,to think that anyone could stop a friendship over an award or “gay” things is silly so i hold onto hope …..

  6. i dont care ah in shhi watever,,,thats really clearly emphasized that this two fellas are popular and hot!!!!hope others may stop their bad imagination,,,yoahin fything!!!

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