GOODLUCK YOO AH IN PROJECT Packaging Design & others

Hello Haveners! It’s a hell of a week! figuratively speaking and in (my real world) literally speaking…but thanks to Yoo Ah In goodies, I survived!? Anyway, what this post all about?  Here…

  1. I have an announcement to make, regarding the Final stage of our “GOODLUCK YOO AH IN ORIGAMI Crane project”. As you know, collection start last February 19, and most of the cranes & gifts were already sent and received by Unnie Ancientkingdom.  ( UPDATE here).  But, AK unnie, have some questions for you guys, please help us here :
  • How many countries join this event?

As for my knowledge, these are the confirm participants:

  • China (received already)
  • Philippines (send last Saturday)
  • Thailand (received already)
  • Indonesia (send already?)
  • Malaysia (Send already?)
  • France (direct to YAI)
  • Canada (received already)

…the rest I’m not sure, so guys need your confirmation please…if we missed some country please let us know, so we can make a final packaging and finally send to our Young Master Sik. I think target date of delivery is March 14 (white day?).

  • Can you send some packaging design that represent you country?
  • Example : PH HAVENERS
  • Created and designed by : d_lawbreaker @twitter

Note : AK unnie suggestion is for  the participant country to send country’s symbol for decorating case.  Such as the flag of the country or beautiful handwriting with the country’s name, so our  YAI can know which country sent it to him. Please email your design to AK unnie ( . Thanks!

  • Packaging?

According to AK unnie she will order the cases made with acrylic. I’m not sure how much will it cost… and as mentioned on my previous post, we may need to contribute some money to cover the cost (Sorry about this, but please bear with us, this will be the last, really sorry about this.) For details of payment, please kindly email AK Unnie. (

2. Everyone seen the  flowery, artistic Photo shoot from Z-Zine Magazine, it was amazing right? So I made  ZZINE Photo Calendar, hope you guys like it :

the rest of the calendar can be found here :

other YAI Calendar as well :

3. Have to share this Haveners Artwork, I believe this artworks (and Haveners endless talent )need some recognition  as well!


First artist, little Red (redemergence @ twitter)-French havener

Second Artist , to rival Picasso : Lee_raegie @ twitter -Indo Havener

Third artist, OrSeeksik@ twitter (Shared via @yooahinhaven twitter)

and lastly, Raine, Deviant art-Canadian havener

You can also see some of her work here :

Good job everyone!

To the Haven, admins… thank you for sharing the fun with me!  Mathed2001, Stacy, AncientKingdom, Ink, Ditdut, Migs, Aylam, Jaeshinah, JanJher and specially Tiny! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to write something about Yoo Ah In.

…till then, my Haveners Family! Continue to give love to our site and of course to our YOUNG MASTER SIK!

Thank you all and Love you guys!Haveners Rocks!

Omo, my ride is here! Yoo Ah In Bus…Hanggang sa muli!

27 thoughts on “GOODLUCK YOO AH IN PROJECT Packaging Design & others

  1. aww, we will be missing you Asha! thanks for your hard work all these while, im sure #MasterSik is proud of you as well. ^^

    Happy advanced birthday to you! May you succeed in everything you do. God bless 🙂

    • Thanks for the Bday greeting! God Bless too! Will miss you guys too, but i wont be long! I don't think i can leave "HOME" that long!

  2. Wow…All for one, One for all, Mr. HongSik fans united…. we love you…Group hugs
    Guess, what our next project …. @__@
    (super enthusiastic)

    • safe trip dear… you have to back and create some project for us later, dear asha i hope you have great time, we will miss you

      • Thanks dearest! Will miss HAVENERS sooooooooo much, but i will be back in no time! ^^ till then…continue making those wonderful YAI videos owkie…and hello to your little kiddos ^^

  3. aaaaaawww!! Ashasummer! Your post made me sad! I’m gonna miss your posts here..and i wanna thank you for posting the link of ‘taming the crazy horse’ coz i really liked it.

    I hope you’ll keep on visiting here and have a few posts here or there..thanks for answering all my questions.

    Ingat! 😉
    -dorothy hope

    • Glad to help u Dorothy! I’ll be visiting here for sure! So we will meet again…plus I’ll be back in no time, just need to organized things in my real world…hope we could meet in person for some PHHaveners party soon! Till then..see yah!

  4. AshaSUmﻦmER….. sound pretty SAD “your last post” but DO think of Haven&YAI to unwind the stress of the real world!!!
    Anyway Good-luck and Have fun (8’the secret of staying young’8)
    Thank you…. for being so sweet….. kind….. witty…..♡♡♡

    • hey!hey! My little accomplish, i will not say goodbye to you coz, we have a deal right? You will supply me continously with my SIK Vitamins, Everyday? LOL, till then, see yah!

  5. I want to ride ah in bus too!!!! Asha.. Please come back soon! I definitely miss all the fun with you!! I feel sad when you wrote this will be your last post (temporary) and re-read the post all over again 😦
    about the project, I wish this come true soon!! @ancientkingdom fighting!! And please let us know the cost of the packaging. Twitt me or email me. Thank you!!

    • P’momma 2! Missed our spazzing and P”party already! LOL (to think I, haven’t leave yet!) I will come back soon! so Keep the P’party burning and the love for our YAI! ^_^

  6. Asha~~

    Thank you so much for so many good time that we had here at Haven~~
    Please do come back and visit and take good care of yourself!!
    I am sure we will all be here when you are back~~
    Good luck with everything in the real world out there!!
    Love you, girl~~*hugs & kisses*

    • thank you dear! Goodluck on your real world too, and keep this site going, will sure visit here again and again…! I’ll be looking forward to your next post and videos! love yah girl! Fighting!

  7. Gosh… T0T;;
    I was just admiring Haveners’ passionate participation for the event, but I couldn’t but feel really surprised & sad all of a sudden as I read what you said, Asha. :

    Haveners, this will probably my last post…….. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to write something about Yoo Ah In.

    God… So disappointed & sad we won’t be able to see your fast notifications in terms of our Master Sik on twitter anymore. T-T;;;
    I really want to say there’s no doubt that you’re one of the MOST enthusiastic Haveners & SO grateful for your effort and passion for YAIhaven! T0T;;
    Hopefully, keep on dropping by here and come back ASAP!

    Good luck with everything in your real world & God bless you!!
    We’ll miss you! Please take care!! T^T;;

    • Don’t be sad, Sweet Stacy, I’ll be back! Promise! Thank you for being part of this small community and for letting us understand YAI’s thoughts and writtings by translating. Thank you. Please keep us updated about our YAI!

      I’ll be visiting here for sure, so will be looking forward for your next post! Fighting! love yah! ^^

  8. Oh dear! Asha!!!!
    I’m shock to hear that you won’t be around for a while. How long will it be dear? I’m dead busy too but like you Haven has been a great comfort. Thanks for all the works you’ve put it building the site. I hope you will achieve excellence in whatever you do. Keep us posted and be back soon!

    • Hello Tiny dear, sorry to leave like this, I know everyone been sooooooo busy lately. But I will be back soon, time flies when you have so many things to do right? I’ll be back on no time, and we will have those wild and crazy spazzing about YAI once again! I will continue to visit here i’m sure, I’ll be crazy not too! hahahah, you know this is one of my fave resting place…

      Goodluck to you too and will miss u guys! Keep me updated ok? Love yah!

  9. Asha! Why why why? T.T I’m gonna miss you alot!
    Please promise that you’ll come back soon!
    Thanks for all the SIK cookies that you’ve shared with us on Haven as well as twitterverse ^_^

    • hey girl, will miss u too! as well as the crazies @ twitterverse, (U know who are they right?) hahahaha! See you guys soon! Keep the love for our YAI burning! Till then…

  10. oiii is this all going to stop? because i’m just learning about this and i find this so usefull, because i dont really have friends who love him so much as me [stupid friends xD]

    greetings from holland

    • Sorry to confuse you, of course this site will continue to give love and support to our YAI forever and ever! There are lots of lovely and dedicated contributors who will continue to give lovely YAI goodies… so no worries! Welcome to the Haven!

    • Welcome to Haven~~^^~~

      Asha will be back~Haven will continue~So, no worries~
      Haveners love for YAI is too strong to stop~haha~

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