YAI’s writing on Z-Zine Magazine – What on earth is anything ARTISTIC?

Hello~ Haveners~ I’m Stacy~ ^ ^ How’s it going~?
I’ve finally done with my 2nd translation of YAI’s articles~ ^ ^ (except some vids^ ^)

As you know, this was published on Guest Voice of the recent issue of Z-Zine Magazine of which the cover made by YAI. I really felt like translating this article into English for Haveners who want to know YAI’s thoughts and feelings~ Though it’s relatively short, it’s quite meaningful, I think. I hope you Haveners will get a good impression of reading my translation for YAI’s own writing. ^ ^


Last November, Zo Sun Hi [T/N: A famous Korean photographer. She is really well-known for her wonderfully expressive photographs – Her works are usually focused on Korean celebrities.] who caught together in terrible traffic in Bangkok [T/N: for a photoshoot in Thailand of the fashion magazine, Esquire] – we’d never experienced before such a heavy traffic jam- got started talking about the upcoming photoshoot for Z-Zin Magazine. She tried her best to explain the concept of the photoshoot to me for a few minutes with an intonation mixing dialect of her own – which made listeners feel peculiarly overwhelmed – and a gesture twisting her wrist over her chest.
“There’s something artistic about you (YAI) though you’re still young. So at this time, I’d like to take photographs of something artistic you have – more artistically.” (- Zo Sun Hi said) She didn’t have to explain to me at great length because there was no reason why I should mind getting such a glorious chance to pose for her camera.

“By the way, Sun Hi. What on earth is anything ARTISTIC?”

In about a month, the coaching staff who had worked together in Thailand gathered again to proceed with taking photographs on ‘ART+YOO AH-IN’ themes. The lights were moved, the camera flashes went off, and computer mouses scratched a desk with no break in between. My hairstyles and make-up kept changing in every single scene. And on the back of my jacket were pegged out in a row. Sun Ho, a versatile artist (She is a hair stylist by profession.) whose Chungmuro styles [T/N: Chungmuro is the capital of the movie industry in Korea.], less than only a few minutes into shaking her flabby upper arms heavily, my hair flew in the wind. Puhahaha~ As the night goes on, I wore withered flowers – which were bought in a marketplace at dawn- on my body and changed them so many times. After everything was done, we went to drink soju, ate Dakbbal [T/N: It’s chopped roast chicken’s foot and YAI’s favorite food.], and played “Go-Stop”. [T/N: a kind of gambling card game which originated in Japan. A lot of Koreans enjoy playing the game just for entertainment frequently.]

Generally, art is more about “action” toward itself than a sort of “shape.”
One day, enthusiastic people gathered together and poured their passion and vigorous energy into some pieces of photographs. I think they [T/N: The coaching staff’s passionate action and collaboration] are much closer to the conception of “something artistic” than imposing images of art added to Yoo Ah In striking a pose for the cameras in expensive clothes. I got some developed pictures including B-cut [T/N: (unchosen) photographs which could not be featured in a magazine]. My memories stacked together in the two dimensional photographs. Subtle rush to write something down with an artistic inspiration to best fit the theme of the photoshoot. Although my pointless writing – forced to write down with my exhausted body, without much time to think it over as if I were a writer who got pressed for the deadline – wouldn’t dare define art, I hope the result finalized by our artistic time would remain deep and beautiful next to the readers’ coffee cups and stay longer. And the final product [T/N: YAI’s photographs finalized by the staff’s efforts and passion as mentioned above.] would hang and take up much space on the wall at my home. Moreover, it’ll let me remember all of the moments from the high humidity (I felt) in Thailand in November to the spicy smell of Dakkbal so clearly and for a long time.

Puhahaha! “Once again, dear Sun Hi. What on earth is anything ARTISTIC?”

Yoo Ah In

12 thoughts on “YAI’s writing on Z-Zine Magazine – What on earth is anything ARTISTIC?

  1. Thanks Stacy!
    and ohmygahhhh! Ah in oppppah! … u should write more often!!! okay! now, start writing love letters to me! c’mon baby dont be shy! promise, it’s between u and me!

  2. So cute!!
    He talk about working in Thailand
    It’s maybe he thinks of Thai fans ^^
    (I just thought it myself)

  3. thankyou stacy…i love his writings so much…. he so different from your typical celebrity and i love him more for that

  4. Truly appreciate your hard work, Stacy. I love to read anything that gives us insight into what YAI thinks about his professional projects and any personal stuff he decides to share with us. Thank you.

  5. Wow~ Our YAI oppa can write very well 😉
    He wrote abt his memories in Thailand!!
    When he comes to Thailand again,i’ll prepare Dakkbal for him ><
    Thx for your translation!

    • Last time , YAI come to Thailand on Pepero Day
      I give him pepero snack (made in thailand)
      He recieve and eat it immediately , it’s look like he enjoy thai food (snack)

      Ahin can eat Thai food if it doesn’t spicy too much
      (but the Dakkbal thing is really goog idea , next time let me prepare with you!!)

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