First Stills from Wandeukee

First stills released for Wandeukee. They don’t inform much, but we at least get a glimpse into Yoo Ah In’s and Kim Yoon Suk’s main characters. The first plays Do Wan Duk, a troubled highschool student while the latter plays the PE teacher named Lee Dong Joo. Kim Yoon Suk is a veteran actor whose notable past projects include The Chaser and Jeon Woo Chi. Production began on February 27 at a high school in Seoul.

I’ve got to say that even if Yoo Ah In were 30, he’d probably look the part of a highschooler. Why so babyfaced?

Credit: KST forum, 10 Asia

8 thoughts on “First Stills from Wandeukee

  1. omo, how can he still look so young when he’s actually in his mid twenties?
    well, life isn’t fair. huhu
    i want morreeee of Yoo Ah In please! hee :DD

    thanks for the post tinysunbl! ^^

  2. rebel boy always looks gorgeous…
    Mr. Hong Sik looks so young …
    I hope I was 17 years old
    Thanks tiny for this post

  3. Oh my.. Is this the new project? I thought this was a long time ago..
    He didn’t change a bit! O.O Still looking great oppah! 🙂
    Goodluck! Ajah Hwaiting!!!

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