Seeksik online! Here are my translations. ^ ^

Hello~ Haveners~ ^ ^
How are you? I’m Stacy~. (a habit staring at YOO / @fascinatedwithU)

Well..I was actually on YAI’s timeline last night. (Korea time) yay~ ^ ^ While just looking around on Twitter as usual, I was really surprised I could suddenly come across YAI’s twit messages! While translating his Korean messages into English, I thoroughly thought of the exact meaning of what YAI said.

Anyway~ here are my translations~ ^ ^

돌아가는 길에, 오늘은 몇번이나 가짜로 웃음지었나 생각한다.
덕분에, 얼마나 덜 불편한 하루였는지 또 생각한다. 잘 살아야지.
아직 텁텁한 얼굴로 싸구려 좌식의자에 앉아 부끄럽지 않았으면 좋겠다.

On the way back, I think how many times I’ve made fake smiles today.
Thanks to it, I also think how less uncomfortable the day was. I’ll live fine.
With a face still worn out with fatigue, sitting in a cheap chair, I wish I wouldn’t be embarrassed.

@sweetestMY 홧팅같은건 다이렉트로 나한테 보내. 무튼, 크랭크업 축하하오

Send me a message of support (just like “Fighting”) directly.
Anyway, congratulations on finishing filming your movie.

According to his messages, I think, it seemed he just took time for self-reflection on his way back. ^ ^ Sometimes we need to take a good look at ourselves if we are doing what we believes we must do. And YAI has a reputation as being someone with his own beliefs. I’m sure he’ll do in well in spite of some difficult or awkward situation. ^ ^

Second, though it’s been a quite long time since SKKS was ended, YAI and Park Min Young are still keeping in touch with each other. ^ ^ They two look so good together ’cause they’re still getting along with. ^ ^

They are just my own interpretaions and there might be some grammatical / situational errors~ Please overlook them~ ^ ^ I just wish I could help you out, Haveners~ ^ ^

Have a nice time with our YAI~ ^ ^

27 thoughts on “Seeksik online! Here are my translations. ^ ^

  1. Hey~
    Thank you for your translation~
    You know we, Havners, always appreciate what you do~^^~
    Talk to you soon, my sweet friend~

    • Hi~ ^ ^ Mathed nim~
      As you know, translating YAI’s own writings or twit mentions always makes me happy~ ^ ^ haha~ (though I had to keep myself awake in the middle of the night and sometimes stayed up all night doing the translations~;;)
      By the way~ I’ve just uploaded YAI’s recent pic below my post~
      Do you like it? ^ ^ It’s an up-to-the-minute photo uploaded by YAI on his mini homepage on Wednesday~ Although we’ve already seen the pic in his profile on Twitter~he’s REALLY cute and chic~ ^ ^

      • Hi~ Stacy nim~ ^^
        Thanks for sharing his mini homepage photo~
        It is so nice to see his picture after a long and busy day~
        Hope all is well at your end~^^~

  2. Yes I was so surprised last night when he suddenly popped out! I feel that he’s a lil bit tired but he gotta do what he gotta do for people, as a good person that he is. I hope it doesn’t burden him so much.

    • Hi~ Francesca~ ^ ^
      While YAI was working at the shooting places, he must’ve met a lot of people and he might have a bit tough time adapting himself to the new circumstances~ As long as I know, YAI is such a thoughtful and considerate person~ I’m sure he’ll do in well without putting up fake smiles~ ^ ^

  3. Hello Habit-nim and my fellow haveners~

    Long time no talk!! I’ve been missing you girls and YAI so badly.

    and thank you Habit-nim for your quick and kind translations~

    I personally took his saying “Directly” as to use DM(PM) to talk to him!!

    It was only my guess that since he gets too many mentions, he’d prefer talking to his friends and fellow actors via DM(PM) just not to miss out any of their mentions among so many others~

    I hope everyone including YAI is doing well!! And wish his new film will turn out to be a blast in the end~!!!!!

    • Hello~ Ink nim!
      How long has it been since we’ve seen each other last? ^ ^
      It’s so nice to see you again~ ^ ^*
      I’m sure you’ve been really busy preparing for coming back to your mother country, Korea these days. But I also hope to see you here on yooahinhaven as often as possible~ ^ ^ And thanks for your kind correction~ I think you’re right regarding YAI’s mentions~
      Hopefully, everything goes very well for you~ ^ ^* See you later~ ^ ^*

    • It’s my REAL pleasure! ^ ^ Tiny~
      YAI’s writings are usually meaningful and also ambiguous. Although I sometimes have a very hard time translating his ambiguous mentions, I really like reading his writings! Thanks for reading my translations~

  4. ahaha! 😀
    i read his tweet too!
    and was wondering why he tweeted something like that ..
    ow well, his words are always meaningful!, aren’t they? 😀
    ahahaha they still seem to have a good “사형-동생” relationship! 😀
    kyahh … *still shipping the two! ahahahah*

    • Hi~ quiesu~
      His writings and twit mentions are usually meaningful. ^ ^
      I really like reading / translating them~
      Thanks for reading my translations & leaving a reply~ ^ ^*

      • yes it is. 😀
        i like reading his tweets too!
        but sometimes my korean is not enough to understand his words T_T
        ahaha *needs to study more! T_T
        you sure do a great job translating his tweets! 🙂
        수고하세요!!! 🙂

  5. ty Habit-nim!!
    I love his tweets, as always. I always identify with something in everything he says.
    (but i really don’t know what to tweet him XD)

    • Hi~ ^ ^ Anne-So~
      It’s not diffucult to give a mention to YAI on Twitter~
      Send him a message of support just like this~
      “언제나 응원할게요. 힘내세요. 아인씨~ ” It means, “I will always support you ~ Keep your energies high!~ Ah-in ssi~ ^ ^”

  6. Thank you so much for the Tweet translations. I also love the above photo of YAI in the gray shirt. That’s a beautiful shirt being worn by a beautiful man. For some reason, I really love that shirt – probably because YAI is wearing it. It fits so well and the design is really cool.

  7. Haloo stacy (or habit nim).. Just recently found ur translation n I totally LOVE it.. Thank u soo much,coz I’m totally blind about korean it really hard to learn?planning to learn some when I got spare time.. Thanx a lot ^-^

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