Yoo Ah In and SKKS Cast on Japanese Magazine

Although the drama hasn’t yet gone on air, Sungkyunkwan Scandal and its cast are enjoying a lot of attention in Japan. The drama NGs and the cast recently appeared on a Japanese Magazine, which made me realize how much I miss this show and Gulo’s mane of glory. Great to see Ah In a little “undone” with the messy hair and the pornstache.

Sungkyunkwan Scandal NGs

This last page, with the President eating something and Song Joong Ki with a fan, is ulber-cute.

Park Min Young

Song Joong Ki

Micky Yoochun

Credit: Nguồn Baidu, GR@krfilm.net

17 thoughts on “Yoo Ah In and SKKS Cast on Japanese Magazine

  1. OMG! Soooooooo miss them, speacilly MY MOON JAE SHIN! Thanks Tiny for posting this! eye candies! How I miss this site and the Haveners!

  2. My goodness! Scruffy smexy YAI makes me DIEEEESS!
    I hope Japan gets smitten by him like we do and Gulo-ache/YAI virus go global!
    Tiny baby thanks so much! This is so nice^_^

  3. Ooo_Oh!! Nice to them…to see them is nice…. and really miss them all…. but MOONY!! the most^,^!!
    It means there’ll be 4 of them in Japanese version!?!
    Thank you so much…. tinysunbl >g<;

  4. Woooooowwww… Nice tiny!!!I really miss them so much!!! I really miss those joseon F4!! Thank you for posting such a wonderful article!!
    @Ashasummer : welcome back girl!! How’s Spore?

  5. thanks for posting tiny, me love that pornstache and missing em much ^___~
    I want my SKKS days back, when i live and breath Georoh sahyeong LOL

  6. kyaghhhhhhh!!!! YAI sure is HANDSOME!!!
    he looks so HOT in those photos, as usual!! o.O
    DAEMUL is such a beauty!!! she’s so pretty!!!
    i envy her .. being surrounded by these gorgeous men!!!
    T_T :DDD
    thanks for sharing! ^^

  7. Thank you for this posting! WOW, what a great surprise. Everyone looks so beautiful in these magazine photos, especially YAI. I didn’t realize that Japan didn’t see SKKS yet. I’ve looked at the series two more times since it’s original broadcast. I see Korean dramas (and lots of other Asian dramas) on the Web. I live in NJ – USA. Now I’m hoping they make a DVD version for Region #1 which would be the one I could see on a USA DVD player.

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