YAI’s Jack & Jill 2011 Spring Collection

Hello~ *^ ^* Stacy again~
I’m SO glad I could come across YAI’s lots of fabulous photographs tonight. (It’s around 3:30 AM in Korea~ Sleepless in Korea~ haha;; ) YAI’s hottest catalogue for Jack & Jill was distributed in Korea a few days ago~ ^ ^ I heard it’s distrubuted for free at Jack & Jill (or it might be given as a promotional gift only when customers buy some clothing items there.) Anyway~ a few Korean fans already got it! I’m SO jealous of them! ^ ^ These nice pics below were scanned & uploaded by one of my Korean friends, Sylvia. She’s always enthusiastic about updating articles and pics for our YAI! ^ ^ I’m REALLY thankful to her for her fast post and endless efforts for YAI and his fans! ^ ^ Please enjoy them again~ ^ ^

Also thanks to prim94 and janjher for the pics

22 thoughts on “YAI’s Jack & Jill 2011 Spring Collection

  1. Hi Stacy nim~
    This is great!! Non-stop-YAI’s-photo browsing!! haha~
    Thank you for posting all these great photos and please thanks Sylvia too!!
    All the tiredness accumulated this long week all of the sudden seem to disappear~
    Catch you later!!

  2. Sylvia’s work is always AMAZY…. Thank you! ồ‿ồ
    and…. Thanksssss Stacy!!! for your hard&speedy…. hearty-work!!

  3. O gosh Yoo Ah In
    end-stage nose bleeding …
    need a transfusion soon …
    immediately send an ambulance to take me to the ICU

  4. KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYY! i WANT this MAG!Super HOT! pic.3, those intense melt in your mouth killer look! Super! Thanks stacy for posting 🙂 HAVENERS are the best! Miss you guys! 🙂

    • Oh~ Hi~~~ Asha!!! *^ ^*
      It’s been a long time, hasn’t it? How have you been?
      Have you gotten all your rush work done in your real world for the moment? ^ ^ It’s really nice to see you on YAIhaven again~!!
      Hope to see you here as often as possible!! ^ ^*

  5. he’s so lovely, handsome and cute! Defiantly looks much younger than his actual age when he shave.
    When i use this photo for graphic purposes, I’ll credit the original pic source to this site:}

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