More Pics of Yoo Ah In at Seo In Young’s Launch My Life

Hello~ haveners~ *^ ^* I’m Stacy~ (a habit staring at YOO/ @fascinatedwithU)
As you already know~ YAI appeared at Seo In Young’s Launch My Life during all his rush work. Though he’s been very busy with tight schedules for filming his movie, Wandeugi, he could attend an official function~ Thanks to it, we can see his most recent nice appearance~ ^ ^ Here are other wonderful pics~ Please enjoy~ And I really appreciate the photographer who took nice pictures of YAI and shared them with us~

13 thoughts on “More Pics of Yoo Ah In at Seo In Young’s Launch My Life

    • Hey~
      You are so fast at sharing those nice photos!!
      After a long week and a long meeting today, it is so nice to see all these when I came back!
      Thank you, Stacy nim~^^~*hug*~
      Talk to you soon!! 🙂

  1. Yoo Ah In can you share to us why you always looks young ????
    o gosh why….why…
    he always looks great
    thanks for sharing

  2. Thank you stacy for your post.. It’s freshening my eyes.. !! No more “rohto” my eyes goes blink blink after staring Sik’s pix.

  3. Our YAI looks tired..but still hot…hope the movie’s going well. May they finished on time so he can have a good rest soon!

    Thanks Stacy fro sharing! 🙂

    • It’s my pleasure!!! ^ ^ Glad to see you here again~ Asha!!
      I REALLY REALLY wish his new movie will turn out to be a blast in the end!! *^ ^* I can’t wait!!! >.<;;

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