SKKS Japanese Magazine – Ah In’s Interview

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After reading the Chinese translations of Ah In’s interview in the SKKS Japanese Magazine,  as always, I can’t help but translating the interview to English so that more people can read about him and of course, fall in love with him all over again and again and again~ ^^ ~

Please keep in mind that the original interview was translated from Japanese to Chinese first~ I translated the Chinese version to English~ So, just like all the translations, hopefully, the original meanings were kept~

The Chinese translation and pictures were originally posted at
The Japanese to Chinese translation was done by Mu Yi
The Chinese to English translation was done by mathed2001


Young Talented Actor Set off the “Guel Ro” Syndrome

The rebellious Moon Jaeshin is called the “Guel Ro” of the Sungkyunkwan.  When this macho role in the original novel was decided to be played by Yoo Ah In who has a baby face, many people did not think Yoo Ah In was suitable to the role. However, instead of using the manly appearance, he used his wounded and depressed look of his eyes which perfectly overturned the original impression that people had.  He said “the way Jaeshin keeps growing is very similar to myself in the past.”  Maybe the role of Moon Jaeshin was made for Yoo Ah In.

I Want the Role of Moon Jaeshin More Than Anyone Else

—– After Sungkyunkwan Scandal went off the air, it has been two weeks now. After the classic-up finished, I heard you said you will “start to miss this drama after two weeks.”
Yes, in fact, I feel I will start to miss this drama after two moths… hahaha. Because right after the TV drama went off the air, I had to start working on all the work that had been piling up all these time. I went to Thailand for photo shooting also. In short, very busy. Therefore, I had no time to think about anything that has to do with the TV drama. Instead of missing [the drama], I have been thinking about how to come out of the role of Moon Jaeshin.

—– Why did you participate the shooting of this drama?
I participated the audition, not the open audition, but in the form of meeting directly with the director. At the time, I read the script and demonstrated my acting skills. I got this role. And it is the result of I, myself, really wanting it more than the production company and the director. Although the determination of the role took some time, I consistently working hard for it and finally got the opportunity [of getting this role].

—– Why were you attracted by the role of Moon Jaeshin?
The most interesting part is that even though Jaeshin is a rebellious person in Sungkyunkwan, he is not from the low social class family nor is he from a poor family. He does not have any disability nor does he lack of any freedom. In order to receive the elite education, he came to Sungkyunkwan to study politics. Why does he always give people an impression of distance? Why does he always have to climb up to the Ginkgo tree by himself? I am very curious about that. On the other hand, one can also say that I am at the same position as he is. Being an entertainer is a special occupation and is the one that many young people dream of. Among all the entertainers, I came along being as a rebellious person (involved with many non-mainstream independent films). Therefore, even though being a rebellious person, I am still an entertainer at the end. It doesn’t matter how different the behavior from other entertainers might be, I will not be able to get rid of this entertainer title. Ever since I broke out of my shell, [I can] work more easily and happily. I feel that Jaeshin’s growing process is very much like mine. In Sungkyunkwan, [he] doesn’t get along with others. [He] is despised and alienated by others. But one thing does not change is that he eventually stays in Sungkyunkwan. Therefore, I have resonance towards Jaeshin’s feelings. On one hand, I am digesting [this role]. On the other, I am portraying the role of Jaeshin.

Because the Dislike of the Ordinary, [I] Created A Whole New Image of the Role

—– What do you feel when there were many people who were dubious about your image which was not suitable to the original novel?
At the time, I felt a bit hurt. I already imagined the look of myself when portraying Jaeshin, how [I should] create the image, what kind of expression [I should] have in my eyes, what kind of manner [I should have], and how [I can] attract audience’s attentions. I already had everything planned. When I felt very confident that I could have resonance with the audience for sure, I heard critics saying that I was not suitable to the role. But, maybe at the time, there was nothing I could do. Not only this time, but also many other incidents were like that up to now. Even though I feel it was not perfect, it was done efficiently in some degree. Therefore, regarding going against the expectation of the audience, I am still happy about it.

—– How did you create Moon Jaeshin with Yoo Ah In’s characters?
Since I did not want to create an ordinary role, the one who guarded the leading female role from behind, isn’t it common? Barbarian men or muscle men are no longer popular. Men with bad intention and bad men have already being portrayed too many times. If [one] keeps following these types of roles, it loses its value. Therefore, I thought, wouldn’t it be better if [I can] give Jaeshin new characters?

—– Although Jaeshin is cool, there are also times when he panics such as knowing Yoon Hee is a girl, and when he shows the cuteness of a young man such as falling in love for the first time.
As you said, Jaeshin is just a simple kid. He doesn’t know how to control his emotions nor does he know what to say would be better. It is truly the first time he falls in love. He is not the type who would easily likes someone. Because this is his first time falling in love, to him, it is [a process of] growing. [When] Jaeshin deals with Sun Joon, he calls him “the annoying guy.” However, [when] facing Yoon Hee whose eyes are bright and shiny, he is interested and wants to be closer to her. But, after knowing the fact that she is a girl, he is confused. He doesn’t know if he likes her is because she is a girl. Or he likes her because now he is more fond of this cute brother who just happens to be female [T/N: he likes her as a sister]. Therefore, to keep the emotion in balance is very difficult.

—– Instead of treating her as a girl, [he is] fond of her as a sister.
I portrayed this way on purpose because I know it is impossible for Jaeshin to be with Yoon Hee. In order for the change of Jaeshin becomes more natural and not to waste his thoughts [for her], [I] portrayed this way. Instead of letting Jaeshin treating her as a girl, falling in love with her, and watching the picture of she and Sun Joon with regrets at the end, it would be better to portray the emotion toward her to be unclear. It is either being not knowing if [he] likes her as a girl, or being simply fond of her as a sister. Therefore, [I] want to portray him as a feeling of being a “Daddy Long Legs” and a guardian.

—– It is very interesting how Jaeshin is so cool and yet can’t stop hiccupping when he is in front of females.
I also feel it was very cute. In the original novel, [he] can’t stop coughing. But [don’t you] think hiccupping is more like a comic setting than coughing? Performing itself is trying to persuade myself. Assuming there is a setting in the script, how to perform, use what expression to perform, [I] can’t just keep practicing in front of the mirror. I have to explore the reasons of hiccups. Why does Jaeshin smile under that condition? Through questions and answers, [I] keep persuading myself. Actually, I, myself, am not brave in front of females (laugh). [I] picture an image of a male who feels shy in front of females and then put him on myself. Audiences really like the hiccup scene also. It was very interesting to perform [that] too.

—– One can see that there is a close friendship between Jaeshin and Yong Ha. The audiences also called you “Guel-Rim CP (Guel Ro and Yeo Rim).”
We also did some special scenes. Actually, there are also some descriptions of the subtle relationship between the two in the original novel. In addition, recently, the male-male love is very popular. In the drama, there is a scene where the two people’s lips are facing each other and it looks like they are about to kiss. That is also added specially by us. I think it is very interesting. Not only Yeo Rim and Guel Ro, there is also a “Guel-Lan CP” which are Guel Ro and Ka Lan. Fans have been doing different matches among the four of us. (laugh)

Want to Perform The Youth More Delicately

—– It is the first time acting with everyone. Tell us about your first impression and the true feeling after acting together.
It doesn’t matter who it is, the first impressions were all very good (laugh). In fact, I don’t get along with people at my age. [I] create barriers and don’t want to interact with others. However, this time, when working with everyone, I felt we were all professional and working hard on the project. Yoo Chun, who appeared in TV drama for the first time, already had his schedule all booked. I thought it got to be hard on him. But, he still seriously and passionately concentrated on the work. Thanks to him, the atmosphere at the shooting location was very nice. Jong Ki’s acting skills are especially good, so are Min Young’s. I thought he was very effeminate. But, he came out of his world and got closed to everyone. He worked very hard to develop relationships [with everyone]. Everyone’s personality is all very good.

—– If [you can] say one thing to each of the other three fellow actors, what will they be?
To Yoo Chun, [I] already said it right after [we] finished shooting, “you are very unusual.” [I] want to say to Jong Ki, “thanks.” To Min Young… (think for a second), need to re-think for a bit. Aren’t you too serious? Haha.

—– Just like the appearance of the name “Guel Ro Syndrome” and its popularity, the role of Jaeshin also has numerous passionate fans. What do you feel about that?
Very happy. Almost got carried away. But, on the other hand, I don’t feel I am superior to others. The reason that I think this way is because I know due to the reaction, I will have to bear constraints and the pressure from now on. But, at the moment when they clap for me and hear them yell “I like you! I love you!” at me, I simply feel very happy. I don’t feel uncomfortable and avoid this happiness just because I don’t know when this happy moment will end. Instead, [I am] thinking that “I don’t know when a good opportunity like this will come by me again, so why not enjoy this happiness now.” [I am] sincerely experiencing this happiness and feeling touched [by it]. Because of that, now I feel it’s time to calm down.

—– From [what we] understand, Ah In’s debut was when you were in high school. Can you tell us what the opportunity was?
When I was in high school, my concentration was western art. During that time, there were many talent scouts on the streets. I was scouted outside of my high school, came to Seoul, and then started my life as an actor.

—– Did you originally want to be an actor?
No. I just had an interest of “trying to be an actor for once.” Because my specialty was painting, I am eager to show off to people. I think anyone who is young will have this kind of dream. Only my desire was especially strong.

—– Finally, as an actor, what did you gain through this project?
I don’t want to restrict my image in one project. I think you should take me, as a person, and my experience, along with the collection of my work as an image of a whole. I want to become an actor who can freely express myself among it. Through portraying the role of Jaeshin, a part of my wish came true. After all these years of accumulating the acting experience, the image that “Yoo Ah In” built is the image of “youth.” Even with tiny details, [I] can interpret profoundly and delicately. This is the biggest present I received from this drama.

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  1. Mathed dear, thank you so much babe, your mission, making people fall in love with him all over again and again and again~ ^^ ~, is accomplished!!! – the fallen victim – LOL

  2. YAI: “In the drama, there is a scene where the two people’s lips are facing each other and it looks like they are about to kiss. That is also added specially by us.” –> kyaa..notty teasing boys!

  3. Thanks for the translation! It is definitely interesting to know more about his process and experience. Watching the show, I thought Jaeshin was slightly confused, but overall treating Yoon Hee as a little brother/sister and not as a love interest. I’m so happy to know that’s exactly what he was going for! It was subtle enough that it’s impressive it came across. Really a fantastic actor. 🙂

  4. yeahh thank you for translatting this for us..ooohhh and i cant help but falling in love with him even more and more haha..we’ll keep supporting YAI in the future

  5. woaahhh i really miss this blog, its been while since the last i came here, i’ve been busy with my college lately..miss all the haveners, ah mathed thank you for translating this :bigYAIhug:
    this boy never fails to get my attention over him, his interview always superb as usual

  6. Aaah!!! when i saw this article in Chinese…. *i can feel that you “mathed2001” are working on it*…… Thank so much!! you’re our ★ANGEL★….. to let us share our love to him with you too…. Yeah!! the more you know him the more you love him>,<!!

  7. Wow!
    thanks for translating it…really like him so much…^^
    thank you for bring us closer to him more…^^kamsahamnida

  8. Thanks a lot, Mathed nim!! ^ ^ I really enjoyed your nice translations above.

    I want to become an actor who can freely express myself among it. Through portraying the role of Jaeshin, a part of my wish came true. After all these years of accumulating the acting experience, the image that “Yoo Ah In” built is the image of “youth.” Even with tiny details, [I] can interpret profoundly and delicately. This is the biggest present I received from this drama.

    Though I’ve already realized the fact, but once again, he is a very considerate person~
    I’m so thankful to you for giving us another happy chance of getting to know thoughtful YAI~ Take care~ dear~ *^ ^*

  9. hi mathed 🙂
    thanks a lot for subbing :-*
    he answered the question smartly, “profoundly and delicately” as he got from the SKKS project ;;)
    I spent this morning to translate your work into vietnamese ^^ …. I can’t stop translating this … so nice !!!
    just want to give a big bear hug for you ::::xxxx …. muahhhh 🙂

  10. could I use my translation from your English version to repost on another forum?
    I’ll notice the full credit as you did above ^^
    hehe thanks in advance 😡

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