Ah In’s Launch My Life Preview 1 – English Subtitles

Hi Haveners~~

Thanks to our dear Stacy (aka a habit staring at YOO) who informed me about the video of Ah In’s Launch My Life preview 1 and did the translation, So I was able to do the English subtitles~ And here it is~

Enjoy it~ According to Stacy, the first episode will be aired on March 24~ It will be on MNET at 11:00 pm and on OnStyle at 12:00 pm~ How exciting!!

Preview Video Produced for MNET and OnStyle
Reposted at http://gall.dcinside.com/yai/146085

Translations: Stacy@HavenForYou

Subtitles: Mathed2001@HavenForYou

26 thoughts on “Ah In’s Launch My Life Preview 1 – English Subtitles

  1. Stacy §(^ྱ^)§…. could you translate this!,,,, if you have time!!….. PLEASE!!!!!
    Big-Big THANK to both of you…. mathed&stacyXXX

    • M-net, get out!!! WOW~ NICE~
      YAI’s incredibly chic & cynical ~ He’ s totally my type!!! Haha~ *^ ^*

  2. The problem with MNet reality show is the copyright is very strict, so videos get removed from the net pretty quickly. To share on Haven I think we need to host the show vid on Vimeo or some other place~ not youtube

    • Hi Tiny~
      That was my concern too~
      Do you have an account with Vimeo?
      If so, can you “transfer” over?
      I just have too many account to keep track, otherwise, I will open one~
      Once the transfer is done, I will delete it from youtube just in case~

      • I think at least put it on an up/downloading site (mediafire, megaupload) and then if, say, another Havener has a vimeo/dailymotion account, they can upload it too.

  3. super thank you mathed and stacy!

    btw what is Lauch My Life all about? is it some kind of a reality show on Sik Oppas life or what? (anyhow, cant wait! :D)

  4. Arkkkkk I cant stand waiting for full-1st episode ><
    Our Sik oppa looks very natural and cute!
    Thanks for eng-sub from both of you girls ^^

  5. Wow, so even “professional” designers act like complete fan girls around him. You could really tell he was not into that hug! I think it was a nervous, “what is going on” laugh he was having, because he tried to get away really quick! Lesson learned, ladies: Look, don’t throw yourself! 😉

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