AinSunFlower Welcomes Haveners to Join the Cafe

Hi Haveners~

Few weeks ago, when I joined the Ainbaragi Cafe (Naver Ah In Cafe – AinSunFlower), I received a message from the manager of the Cafe~ According to her, they don’t know too much about international fans~ And they would like the help and support of YAI from international fans too~ This Cafe was established last December~ It is also, as far as I know, the only one that do not need the alien registration number to register~

Just to give everyone an overview of the Cafe, it has a special page for international fans~ It also holds supporting events for YAI~ Some of you might recall the effort they put in last month when Ah In’s new movie started filming~ All the food and the presents they prepared are amazing~

Even though the Cafe are opening their arms to international fans, in order to register with Ainbaragi, you will need to register with Naver.  And of course, most of us do not understand Korean.  Therefore, registering with a Korean website is quite challenging.

[*I just learned that the Cafe is lowering the age requirement from at least 30 years old to 20 years old only for international fans for now!  So, if some of you tried to register with the Cafe but did not success due to the age, you should try it again~^^~]

Thanks to Eva, the manager of the Cafe, below you can find instructions of registering with Naver and Ainbaragi:

1. Go to homepage:

2. Click on the registration for foreigners:


3. Check on all three small boxes and submit:



4. Click to get cell phone certification:


5. Click the country you are in, enter your cell phone number, and submit: [note: You can use any on-line translator to find your country name in Korean.]


6. Within a few second, you will receive a text message on your cell phone with the certification number.  Enter the number then submit:


7. After you successfully registered with Naver, you can now go to and click register:


8. Answer the questions on the page:


9. Choose your nickname you would like to use in Cafe, enter the codes that are displayed on the left, then submit:


10. It will take about one day for Cafe to confirm your registration.

Note: Please be careful with your choice of ID and password when registering with Naver.  It is case sensitive.

Hope this is helpful for those who would like to go to Ainbaragi and has not yet been able to because the language barrier~ Please let me know if you do run into any problems or questions~ I might not have the answer but I struggled and was able to register~ I can certainly tell you my experience~ Or, you may also e-mail directly to the manager of Ainbaragi in English at

Have fun~ ^^ ~

30 thoughts on “AinSunFlower Welcomes Haveners to Join the Cafe

      • Erm actually I stucked at the page where the option of my ID get rejected…and same thing happen to my choice of password too…
        can you please give me your e-mail?
        so that I can use “print screen” to pinpoint my problem…
        thanks ya…

        • If your ID get rejected, most likely it was not available~
          I had that happened several times~
          Furthermore, I knew my ID was not taken~
          But, since I tried it so many times, I just thought maybe I did sometime wrong and therefore, I ended up changing my ID again~
          Just keep trying~ Also, keep in mind, it is case sensitive~

          If you have “print screen” pictures, maybe you want to e-mail those to eva directly~
          Here is her e-mail:

          I will also send a message so that she knows questions are on their way to her~

          Good luck!!

  1. Wow!!! this will be a BIG challenge for me….. i’ll need a good day so i can be more patient and can take my time….. maybe this weekend:
    THANK YOU mathed2ӫ˽ӫ1….. for this brilliant information!!

    • Yes~That will be a good idea~
      It might take a few tries before you finish the whole registration process~
      But~it will work~^^~

  2. Is this registration for free?
    I’m afraid that if i recieve text msg from naver(from 6th direction),it will cost a lot.(because of the distance)
    So if it’s not for free,i want to know how much does it cost too ^^
    thanks for your direction too 😉

      • If they didn’t send you a number, you should try again~
        I can’t even remember how many time I tried until I finished the whole process~
        And as I was trying to get through, I got stuck in different step sometimes…
        So, just keep trying~^^~
        Good luck and fighting!!

        • Thank you for your help.
          I try 3rd time then 1 hr. ago they send me 3 sms!
          Now I can registered a never ID but I can’t join this club I click join button and there’s a pop up they say “죄송합니다. 생년이 1982년 이전인 여자회원만
          가입할 수 있습니다. ” …. I don’t understand why ???

          • Hi there~

            I think it has to do with the age restriction~
            Apparently, one needs to be at least 30 years old to join~It was my oversight~Sorry~
            But, since the cafe is very interesting in getting international fans involved, I communicate with the manager about this issue already~
            She has not yet gotten back to me about the decision~ As soon as I hear from her, I will let everyone know~

            • Hi there~

              I just got words from Eva that the Cafe is lowering the age requirement from 30 to 20~
              So you should have no problem register the Cafe now~^^

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