Yoo Ah In Launch my Life Preview (P2) – English Subtitles (mathed & Stacy)

Hello Haveners! Me back again! Just wanna share this wonderful clip share by KitsuneMD@ twitter! Enjoy the different sides of our MR.YOO, the cool, the dorky, the crazy and the inner child of YOO AH IN! What a deadly combination!


(Cr: )


[*Thanks to Stacy’s speedy translation work, I, mathed, was able to make the subtitles for this cute and funny clip that YAI made by himself!!*]


Here are some lovely GIF’s as well! yay! ( Thanks bluesherbet103 for sharing @twitter).

Launch My LIfe (Dorky,crazy yoo AH IN)

Can’t wait to see the see the show!!!

Credit and Thanks to DCinside & KitsumeMD@twitter & my fellowbandit @ yahoomail Prim94 (thank dear!)

11 thoughts on “Yoo Ah In Launch my Life Preview (P2) – English Subtitles (mathed & Stacy)

  1. *kyaaaaaahhhhhhhh*

    my ineer fangirl cant seem to stop screamingggggg.
    omo omo omo, cant wait for the show too! thanks asha and kitsune! ^^

  2. Hi !! “Asha” Hi !!….. nice to see you!!…. no wonder it’s so beautiful-warm&sunny here today ⨟☽ ….. Aaah! these’re just the starter….. can’t wait for the main-course….. ‘mmm’ starving !!! hope it’ll be the BIG one…. me=greedy!
    Thank you for a yummy post<3<3<3

    PS: …. can't see the GIF's ⊗⁔⊗??

  3. OMG he’s so hyper! How much candy and coke did he have? This show is going to be so much fun! I hope someone in the Haven (or anywhere, really) would be nice enough to sub it and share it with all of us. Can’t wait! asdfgh

  4. Soooo! lovely…. Mr.Yoo’s playful mood….. keep me;8☽
    THANKS ~Stacy for the translation
    ……………..~mathed for subbed
    and……….~Asha for the post
    LOVE you all X X X

  5. Oh! Thanks for sharing this chic video and eng-subbed^^
    Ah…I cant wait for this show ><
    Our Sik oppa is so cool Wowo!

  6. Thank you SO MUCH for this news!!!! Now I wonder when where and how can I follow his reality show ? If you hear of anything more, kindly share with us again? Thank you so much ^^

  7. My brother recommended I would possibly like this web site.
    He used to be entirely right. This post truly made my day.
    You can not imagine just how so much time I had spent for this info!


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