More Yoo Ah In Photos from Japanese Magazine

Hello~ Haveners~ I’m Stacy~ (a habit staring at YOO/ @fascinatedwithU)
How’s everything? ^ ^ Nice to see you again~ *^ ^*
I’m sure you guys remember my Korean friend, Sylvia who is always enthusiastic about collecting and sharing YAI’s up-to-the-minute articles~ She’s finally posted YAI’s nice pictures which were published on a Japanese magazine. I really appreciate her sustained efforts and generosity for sharing all of them!! Although I don’t absolutely understand Japanese, even a single word~ I’m SO delighted with just seeing his nice pictures on the Japanese magazine~ He must be getting really popular in Japan, too. Right? ^ ^ By the way~ is there anybody who can translate this Japanese article into English by any chance? Please~ haha~ ^ ^; I know our diligent mathed nim has already translated and posted YAI’s personal interview on the magazine but I’m just curious about the overall story published on this~ Anyway~ enjoy YAI & Guh-roh’s nice pics~
Have a nice time with our fabulous YAI!!~ ^ ^*

5 thoughts on “More Yoo Ah In Photos from Japanese Magazine

  1. I would never get tired of looking @ Moon Jae Shin pictures! He will always have a special place in my heart! Fighting YAI! Thanks Stacy & Sylvia for sharing ^___^

  2. woaahh!!! you uploaded it already, ived seen that magazine here in japan…too
    even i dont understand the japanesse languages but ived enjoy viewing the picture of moon jae shin..
    thnak for sharing… chinggu..

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