Seeksik online early in the morning~ Here’re my translations~

Hello~ Haveners~ ^ ^
How are you? I’m Stacy~ (a habit staring at YOO / @fascinatedwithU)

Gosh~ As you know~ I’m an absolute Korean native speaker but sometimes I don’t really understand what the unique guy is saying~ There’s much room for interpretation of YAI’s messages all the time and it’s SO difficult to interpret them~

Anyway~ here are my translations~ ^ ^

예쁜 그릇에 담으면 예쁘고 흔한 사기 그릇에 담으면 그냥 흔한 사기다.
쌀은 쌀이고 볶아도 먹고 비벼고 먹고 끓여도 먹겠지만 쌀은 쌀이다.
간극은 그것뿐이고 그것씩이나 되기도 한다. 하하 이놈의 본질타령

(If you) put something in a beautiful bowl, it looks beautiful
but (if you) put it in a common ceramic bowl, it’s just a common ceramic bowl.
Rice is just rice, although rice can be eaten roasted, mixed or boiled, rice is just rice.
The gap can be nothing or (it’s sometimes) considered very meaningful.
haha~ I’m telling about this flipping essence.

I guess he’s saying that there’s a great gap between “objective substances” and “subjective viewpoints”. Everyone’s opinion is bound to be subjective. No matter what we call the guy (for instance, we sometimes call him just as we wish such as Yoo Ah In, Guh-roh, Wandeugi, Heuksan.. etc…) he’s just a person, Um Hong Sik. We always try to interpret his thoughts, opinions and behaviors but it’s just depending on each subjective viewpoints all the time, that is, YAI’s thoughts could be symbolized different things to different people.

In conclusion, although people often make a terrible noise about something or someone (especially, regarding YAI), the essence of that affairs (or YAI) will not change.

God~~ it’s really difficult for me to give you guys a long explanation about it~
Despite my poor English skills, I’m sure you haveners could catch the point of YAI’s tweet message and my translations! Futhermore, at this writing, I can’t help interpreting YAI’s own thoughts with my extremely subjective viewpoint yet! haha~ ^ ^; But I don’t think we have a choice in this matter as far as we really want to know what YAI’s thinking about now~

As I always said, they are just my own interpretaions and there might be some errors or misinterpretations~ ^ ^; If you want to correct my translations, please feel free to reply and point something out~

I just hope I will help you haveners out to understand YAI’s tweet message better~
haha.. ^ ^;

Have a nice time our thoughtful YAI!! ^ ^

21 thoughts on “Seeksik online early in the morning~ Here’re my translations~

  1. great translations :))
    his thoughts is as deep as the ocean… this is exactly why i ‘follow’ him, because following someone-shallow is so predictable 😀

  2. another thoughful opinion from our master mind.. always love his words, every word that comes from his mind always meaningful, i think i will never betray this man with the other, btw thanks to you for translating and keep translating since we international fans of him had many lacks with his mother language hehe love you all haveners

  3. Great Translation!!! Thanks so much for sharing to those who can’t understand but would love to find out what’s on YAI’s mind 🙂

  4. such deep meaning on those shallow words. YAI might be a philisopher in the past life. ahw. got to admire his way of thinking :))

  5. Dear Stacy,THANK YOU SOOOO much for your translation. I’m nearly pullin my hairs out coz I can’t understand his tweet b4. Can’t hardly wait for his next tweet 😀

  6. Thank you Stacy for the awesome effort in translation. This English saying came to mind after reading your work, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” It was written by Shakespeare in the play Romeo and Juliet, spoken by Juliet. YAI’s world subjects him to many points of views. You can tell that he is well aware of it. The challenge is to stay true to himself, which his depth of thoughts and maturity ensures that. Reading about him is pretty educational and heartwarming to know how he strive to be himself despite the aversion of people around him trying to fit him into their imagined mould.

    • Hello~ Venetia~ How are you? ^ ^*
      Your reply is the most impressive! ^ ^
      Thanks for reading my translations and leaving a thoughtful reply!
      In addition, I just wonder where you come from.
      Where are you from? ^ ^;
      I wish you were a Korean native speaker who is also fluent in speaking English! ^ ^ If you are a Korean or can speak Korean a little bit, could you please help me with the translations for YAI’s articles and tweet messages? It’s just my hope though~ haha~ ^_^;

      • Hello Stacy,
        Sorry for the late reply, I didn’t check my post and so didn’t realize that you have posted a message for me. My ‘thoughtful’ reply came about after reading your translation, so it was a testament of your good translation. I’m from Singapore and unfortunately I am don’t speak, read or write Korean. I appreciate very much the work all the members are doing in this blog for YAI and had wanted just to applaud you and encourage all of you. Your efforts has made me a fan of your blog. Once again, thank you.

  7. Very interesting. Really grateful for your YAI Tweet translations and your interpretation. Thanks for the time you take to do this for us. Please remember that all of us appreciate your efforts.

  8. Halooo.. Last night seeksik is tweeting, A LOT.. Please please would u spare some time to translate it? Thank u very2 much dear ^^

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