Launch My Life episode 1 with Subs

Hi haveners~

I know everyone is anxious and wants to see the first episode of Launch My Life with YAI.  Thanks to fans at DCInside and our havener, kitsuneMD, for reposting the first episode, Stacy and I are able to work on the translations and the subtitles.

Unfortunately, it is very time consuming when it comes to translate and make the subtitles for such a long program.  So, please have patience.  The program runs for 40 minutes.  We will be working on by breaking it into four parts.  As soon as each part is done, I will post it here.

Again, thank you for your patience~ ^^ ~

Yoo Ah In – Launch My Life Ep.1-1 – English

Originally upoaded by Mathed2001 🙂

Here is the download link for the vid, in case it’s removed by MNet.

Yoo Ah In – Launch My Life Ep. 1-2 – English

Download link

Stacy nim explained that Koreans should differentiate between using honorifics and talking down. They always make a sharp distinction of them. It was certain that YAI felt unpleasant with Maxine’s rude attitude because she talked down to YAI even when she just met him for the first time. Although Maxine is not a Korean, she should’ve used distinct honorifics to YAI as long as she can speak Korean. In addition, she is his personal interpreter.  Later in the clip, she still talked down to YAI regardless of his look of unpleasant.

Yoo Ah In – Launch My Life Ep.1-3 – English

Download link

Yoo Ah In – Launch My Life Ep.1-4 – English

Download link

95 thoughts on “Launch My Life episode 1 with Subs

  1. Job is pride. Felt sort of sorry for the stylist not getting to match Ah In’s clothes. I know how the darling must feel, but he took her treasure.

    • Thank you for posting his comments. Ah In, interesting as ever. I agree with him. We should be able to see him as he his, warts and all. Dirty nature can be sobering. If we love him, must be whole package. Although I confess, I like to think of male actors as being warm and kind. So he is out of the mold. Love is pain.

  2. I have read the article explaining YAI’s side about people criticizing him. I felt pity, that he is receiving bad feedbacks about the show. But this attitude of him makes us haveners know his true character. And only us! Not them but us! :)) can understand and appreciate his true attitude.
    I love YAI’s respond to one of their questions. I’m liking him more and more because of this answer! 😀

    “There’s a stereotype that male actors must always be cool and caring. I wanted to break that image because I hate being forced into something so restricting. I want to give people that think they know everything about a person through just one side something to think about by turning the table on them.”

    GO HAVENERS! Go Yoo Ah In! ❤

  3. Can’t wait to see YAI’s reaction to Maxine’s toys. This has to be a set up for a blow up. How could someone that smart give him children’s toys? If it were me, I would give him a silk scarf to softly caress his lovely throat, a good pen for him to hold in his wonderful hand and fingers, and a fine bone china tea cup for him to kiss with his lips. Oh Maxine, what an oppty you are wasting!!!

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  5. Ugh I didn’t like Maxine from the start. It’s not possible that she didn’t know who YAI was. Even if she doesn’t watch any Korean things, she would have at least got an idea of how important he is when she agreed to be his interpreter. She was trying to act all high and shoves it in YAI’s face because she comes from a rich family. AND the little kid gifts! Honestly, she makes me think even less of the filthy rich people. YAI wouldn’t have been wrong in any way if had asked for another interpreter. I don’t know HOW the narrator seems to be taking her side; it would have been okay if she had been nice at least. I’m hating I know… but I can truly say that she seems to be one of the rudest people I’ve ever seen. I shudder to think how she acts like off the camera, if that’s her camera persona. lol smh For some reason, her attitude almost reminds me of how in many drama’s the girl doesn’t unfazed by the guys wealth and status, which soon makes the guy fall for her since she’s so different… YAI is sensible though, so he can’t fall for that brat.

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  7. Im baisically half way through this, and the editing and the tone leaves much to be desired, they took the most typical angle to YAI’s attitude, because he is such a different personality in the industry all they could see was the negativity. The YAI i understand from his interviews is someone who hates to portray an image that he is not, and the direction and the tone of the Tv only gives one interpretation.

    • Agree. Then again, all this “reality show” is not pure reality. They “edited” him and made him just an a-hole for their liking and used his frankness to spark the debate. It also happened to the previous actress before YAI.

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