HAZZYS in London Photoshoot: Extended

The title in Korean for the first set of pictures is 헤지스 화보촬영 현장, 고뇌 어린 유아인의 표정 포착 which roughly translates to “Hazzys Photoshoot Scene, Capturing the Expression of Agony of Young Yoo Ah-in” or something like that. Am I right? Please correct me. These came out of Hazzys own blog (www.hazzystory.com) so you might want to visit them. It’s pretty cool. Some of them have been previously seen it the scan but I still like original digitals. So here they are!

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A little behind the scenes action.

How about some mingling around the city of London, yeah?

Ooh now I want to visit London someday! One more thing. This one would be cool for a postcard, don’t you think? Just saying.

7 thoughts on “HAZZYS in London Photoshoot: Extended

  1. Love it! Yoo Ah In just rocks everything he portrays whether simple photo shoots to complicated angst-filled type characters

  2. love the way he reads
    love the way he thinks
    love the way he wears
    love the way he smiles
    just love all~all~all~the way he is ♥

  3. Woh!!! A good transformation.He can be as young as a schoolboy without pornstach ^^, barbaric man Guel-oh, and now~ *pointing to the first pix* Oh my…That 5o’s era hair.~~;; Love this original digital!!

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