Yoo Ah In news bits 04/09/2011

Hi everyone, I don’t have time to make separate posts, so spamming here I come. Sik seems busy nowadays.

  • NEW PHOTOSHOOT! This is is for NYLON Korea May Issue. Here are some behind-the-scene photos: here, here, and here (Thanks, Furbabe)
  • NEW VIDEO! Yoo Ah In appeared on Entertainment Relay 04/08/2011. He talked about the friendship after SKKS with Song Joong Ki and boxing. Since Stacy-nim is busy translating Launch My Life, we are looking for a K-translator who can help with this project!

7 thoughts on “Yoo Ah In news bits 04/09/2011

  1. I loved the interview, laughing and happy is the way I love to see him most, even if I don’t understood a word. And the camera caught him at his best left profile and angle with that cute dimple picking out.

  2. Hi tiny, Stacy-nim said she’s doing this project! She’s taking a break from subbing LML for a while, and she’s subbing this interview as her refreshment. So I bet Eng sub will come soon! But still we do need more K-translators to help sub YAI abundant new videos ^_^

  3. watching the videos without subs was like watching another photo shoot. no wonder he has so many nice photos. he’s so candid & natural. i like the way his dimples show whenever he laughs.

    don’t worry subbers. i would be patiently waiting for the subbed videos no matter how long it would take =) thanks a lot for your hard work. fighting!

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