Ah In’s News Bits on 4/11/11

Hi Haveners~

So many news, photos, and video clips of Ah In these days~ I can barely keep up with all of those~ Before it gets piled up more, let me start posting them~

First piece of the news~

Although the weather is getting warmer in Korea, but the temperature is quite low at night~ Ah In was very sweet and thoughtful that he gave more than 100 coats to the staff members of the movie “Wandeukyi” crew~ He enjoyed the filming atmosphere and the movie is filmed halfway already~ The article also briefly talked about the movie~ It will be released later this year~

News and Photo Source: Daum News

Second piece~


An official fan site in Japan is finally open~ It is called YOO AIN JAPAN OFFICIAL FANCLUB.

Here are two Ah In’s video clips~ The first one is his greeting to the fans and the second one is his message regarding the earthquake in Japan~

Yoo Ah In – Japan Official Fanclub – Greeting

Yoo Ah In – Japan Official Fanclub – Message


Third piece~

Ah In’s Jack & Jill micro site is now open~ Below are a couple of pictures that were taken during the filming of his statement regarding the micro site which is an application that enables his fans to communicate with him directly~ Besides the photos, there are two video clips~ First one is his message of the micro site and the second is his full J&J CF~


Photo Source: DCInside here

Photo Source: DCInside here

Yoo Ah In – J&J Micro Site Opening

Yoo Ah In – J&J Full CF

OK now~ Hope you all enjoy seeing Ah In being so active~ There are still others items that I did not include here~ I feel those will need to be posted separately and I am on my way to prepare one of the posts now~ 🙂

5 thoughts on “Ah In’s News Bits on 4/11/11

  1. He’s so sweet, caring and thoughtful upon his film crews. I love that. Seems he feels comfy with his work environment for “Wandeukgi”. It’s good for the outcome!

  2. Very happy to see so many wonderful videos. Enjoying them very much. I can’t ever say thank you enough for working to provide them for us here. I know it is a labor of love. I must say that I did not know that his Japanese fans were working to have an official fan club site. I guess it is the first one – or is there one in Korea? Thank you for providing us with some of their content here. I’m glad for our most adorable and lovely YAI that his fandom is continuing to grow. Although, I must admit that I get a bit jealous of Japanese fans since they get to actually see people like Rain and YAI more often.

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