YAI Haven looks for new K-translator(s)

Hello Haveners~ (to borrow from Mathed’s signature greetings. I’m trying to be nice like her here 🙂 cuz I have some announcements)


FIRST, as you may know, Yoo Ah In reality show is currently airing, and more vids of him are released. Our Jaeshinah and Ink-ssi are not available at the moment. The only persons in charge of subbing YAI videos for us are Stacy-nim and Mathed-nim. The works have overwhelmed them lately, so we turn to you for help! Any K-translator out there?

If you would like to be in the subbing team, please drop a comment below. Works won’t be burdensome at all. We’re happy with whatever help we can get (subbing even half of a vid, timing, editing etc…)

SECOND, if you want to translate stuff on Haven into other languages, please feel free. Our goal is to SPREAD THE VIRUS, so we don’t intend to monopolize our Yoo Ah In’s goodies, unless otherwise stated.

THIRD, does anyone here work in or know anyone works in a subbing team? If yes, we can co-ordinate to prepare subbing for Ah In’s new movie Wandeukee.

11 thoughts on “YAI Haven looks for new K-translator(s)

  1. I agree. We need subbers because our boy is getting lots of exposure lately.

    I can probably help with editing and/or uploading. I have a teeny-weeny knowledge about timing, but I’m very much willing to learn. 🙂

  2. I can offer help with editing, timing, perhaps quality control? But I’m not free most of the time so it might be number so and so on my to-do list.

  3. Yep, they need to rest sometimes…even though they LOVE YAI they’re human ^^
    So thank you so much for what you’ve already done and you’re currently doing ❤

    And I do work in a french subbing team (I said I want this movie !!! So we have it as a project with me as a translator english-french) but I don't speak korean ^^' And actually I don't know where I'll get the eng subs ^^'

  4. Hello Haveners! I’ve been missing you girls and my boy so much!!
    Sorry about my long silence~ I thought my fan-life in Korea would become easier than ever since i’m near him and we share the same time.. But, i was wrong.. I needed time for me to be adjusted into this system first. I’m in the middle of job-hunting these days cuz i refused the one that showed interest at first before I moved in. Yeah.. a lot of job interviews..and family relatives to see~ U know what i’m doing these days? I’m preparing to take Toeic exam in korea LOL to prove my ENGL proficiency. Sigh.. I’m really sorry that i haven’t uploaded any article nor helped Stacy’s dubbing yet. I asked Akingdom unnie for help, and she said she’d send me her first draft to help me.
    I’m hoping that once I get a job and move near the job where internet connection is secure, i’ll be able to do more things for YAI and Haven. sigh… I have another interview tomorrow.. g’nite~

    • So nice to hear from you InK-ssi ^^ I hope you’ll finally be able to settle yourself there in Korea and I wish you all the best in your interviews and exam! ❤

    • Hey~InK nim~

      It is so nice to see you here!! I hope your interview(s) went well~
      Please take it easy~ Relocation and job hunting can be quite stressful~
      Things will work out eventually as they always do~ 🙂

      Good luck with everything and hope to see you soon!! *^^*

  5. You are all wonderful and brilliant devotees to do all this work on subbing. Sorry but I am typical American, and have no other language skills. Could only dream up a fantasy dialogue.

  6. Um, I’ve been a ninja here in YAI Haven xD
    But I do have experience with timing for other subbing teams and can maybe help with uploading as well…
    But like conanblue, I don’t have a lot of free time :/
    I’d love to help out with whatever time I have~

  7. I think I can help with the editing and quality control. I’m part of a subbing team currently and I’ll try bringing Wandeukee up. I’m also studying how to time right now so maybe I can help with that too when Wandeukee comes out! We can do this Haveners! We’ll be able to watch his film with english subs soon! XD

  8. Tiny~ I’m sorry~ I have been absent so long time. Can you makeme editor again? Cause I lost my password and I don’t know What happened, I can’t reconect my old I.D-AncientKingdom. So I make another I.D. Ancientkingdom2. I’m really sorry but I guess wordpress doesn’t like me, haha~. I can’t post the procedures about crane project or anything of other articles. Plz~

  9. If you need any help with editing, timing or QCing, feel free to drop me a line because I’d be more than willing to help out with an Ah In project! I have experience with all of the above in various subbing teams (WITHS2, B.O.N, GOE;SS, etc.).

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