SEEKSIK on line! Here are my translations.

Hello~~ haveners~ *^ ^*
How’s it going? Nice to see you again~
As you already know, I’m Stacy. (a habit staring at YOO/ @fascinatedwithU)

Though I’ve been a little busy with the translations for YAI’s LML, I really felt like putting his recent tweet mentions into English. His mentions were so meaningful that I can’t help trying to interpret them.

While just looking around on Twitter with my cellphone then, I was SO surprised when YAI’s tweets suddenly popped out on my time line!! Gosh.. >_<;; I felt like I had no time to let me take a rest even for a while ’cause my mind is extremely disturbed whenever I come across his sudden messages~ YAI’s tweet messages were SO impressive and made me think about many things~

Anyway~ here are my translations~ ^ ^

당신이 내 편은 아니었으면 좋겠다. 당신은 당신의 편이었으면 좋겠다.
당신이 당신을 위해 나를 까대고 당신이 당신을 위해 나를 인정했으면 좋겠다.
당신이 나에게 무의미한 에너지를 쏟아내지 않았으면 좋겠다. 그것은 에너지다.
내것이 아닌 당신의 에너지다. 내게 아무것도 주지 않아도 무관하다.
나로하여금 당신이 당신에게 어떤짓을 하고있는지가 무엇보다 중요하다.

I hope you are not on my side. I hope you are on your side.
I hope you raise hell with me for you and you recognize me for you.
I hope you do not pour meaningless energy into me.
It is energy. It is not mine but yours.
I do not care about it even though you do not give me anything.
Nothing else more important than what you are doing for you because of me.

나는 그냥 유아인이라는 굴곡의 거울이다. 나는 그냥 그런 이름의 통로이다.
당신에게 나는 그것으로 충분하다.

I am just a winding mirror named Yoo Ah In. I am just a passage named like that.
It is enough for you that you think about me just like that.

You guys know, YAI’s become the center of controversy due to his recent reality show, Launch My Life. The reality program’s now airing and showing YAI’s more honest and straightfoward features. From time to time, he looks rather rude or cold – hearted. Although I’ve been thinking that I could totally embrace all his behaviors and remarks, I was a bit shocked that he swore inexorably to the cameras. But he’s already mentioned on that point through another interview, as you might know it. He said, he really wanted to escape from a kind of stereotype people have about him (or about all actors) and hoped they would look at him just the way he is. That is, though YAI could look a bit rude or impolite on his reality show, his behaviors were purposely caused by his will.

And he must’ve noticed his fans made a fuss to defense his attitude on LML through various channels. So he asked them to stop it. (Nice! Francesca. From my point of view, your interpretaion was perfect although you don’t understand Korean.) He wanted to advise all his fans should not only avoid wasting their energy and time on meaningless disturbance but also focus on themselves more than on YAI. And he also said, he doesn’t really mean everything to his fans. In addition, he encouraged his fans to get an opportunity for their reflection and introspection by his example as if he were a mirror.

But, at this time, what I really want to say is this. – If we haveners are spending our energy and time on him, it will be never considered as a waste. We surely get a lot of pleasure from watching him ’cause he’s always gorgeous, professional, and passionate. Lastly, we’ll be behind him all the way.

I’m sure you haveners could catch the point of YAI’s tweets and my translations! As I always said, they are just my interpretaions and there might be some errors or misinterpretations~ If you have something you’d like to correct in my translations, please feel free to reply behind this post and point it out~

I just hope I will help you haveners out to understand YAI’s tweet messages better~

Have a nice time our considerate YAI!! ^ ^

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  1. thanks for the wonderful translation and the super dimple YAI smile pic. I think it must be a little creepy being objectified like a pin up glam star. I know I have felt very energized by this virus and thinking about it, I decided it is a good thing. He inspires a lot of creativity on my part and that is great for me ( like he says). There is a lot of wisdom in this. I prefer him up in the heavens where I can worship him, rather than in the mud below, but good to be reminded that I really live on earth.

  2. I love this place- it really is a haven for all things YAI! After watching SKKS I finally found a way to follow the progress of YAI- some one who I can say has become one of my favourite actors- also watched Boys of Tomorrow and it confirmed what I thought- YAI isn’t just a ‘pretty face’ but a good actor.

    I watched the first episode of LML (*thanks once again for all your hard subbing work*) and must say I was amused at seeing YAI’s ‘rude’ side. To throw in my two cents worth- I think YAI might be having a bit of a hard time right now.

    He’s a young hot actor ( both in looks and talent) in an industry built on churning out ‘idols’ who after a couple of years get replaced by a new bunch of idols- dramas such as SKKS are a nice way of gaining a wider audience, massive popularity and more fans -nice vehicles for more success for pop stars .(don’t get me wrong – I love a good dorama/ kdrama – but this trend is kinda hard to miss) I think YAI is at the stage where he wants to eat and drink all of the ‘love’ us fans have to give but at the same time wants to stand apart from the normal ‘come and go’ pretty boys- I think he wants a career in acting not just a few blissful years of acting and being loved before well— he disappears to the place where forgotten stars go.

    ” How does one shine brightly and not burn out quickly? ”

    This is a question I think he might ask himself a lot judging by his very thought-filled (and most gratefully translated ) tweets. If there’s one thing I know about young actors they tend to be ‘moody’ – one moment they feel confident, another insecure, another happy, another sad – catch them at the wrong moment and you’re the devil incarnate- talk to them a few moments later and it’s like nothing happened and you’re friends again. I think that’s just the ‘moodiness’ of YAI coming out in LML. Most stars would try and hide it in order not to upset fans – I think he deliberately lets it come out – like was mentioned before- in order to show ppl that he isn’t going to fit the frame we might want to put him in- that there’s more to him. Can’t wait for next episodes of LML 🙂 – wish I knew korean then I would definitely help sub.

    To end my very long post ( *sorry (T_T )* ) Being honest takes a whole lot when you have cameras in your face…. it’s way easier to act. I think although YAI looks like the teddy bear every girl wants to take home and hug endlessly … he’s more of a real bear… that if it hugs you it would probably kill you— but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t like honey and long solitary walks in the woods- how romantic lol!

    • “If there’s one thing I know about young actors they tend to be ‘moody’ – one moment they feel confident, another insecure, another happy, another sad – catch them at the wrong moment and you’re the devil incarnate- talk to them a few moments later and it’s like nothing happened and you’re friends again. I think that’s just the ‘moodiness’ of YAI coming out in LML. Most stars would try and hide it in order not to upset fans – I think he deliberately lets it come out – like was mentioned before- in order to show ppl that he isn’t going to fit the frame we might want to put him in- that there’s more to him. ”

      I am sorry to blurt this out about ‘moodiness’ as you mentioned above. It seems like it is something we expect to come out from an artist and it is okay for them to be like that. After taking this in, I start to question why can’t they be normal person like us (normal people). Normal people also have their up and down as well as busy, tight schedule and stress environment, but do we just act as what we like and not considering people around us. Aren’t artist ‘people’? I am YAI fan, but I am bit shock when I watch 1st episode of LML. I am not upset when i saw this side of him, but feel a bit ‘off’ when it hit my mind that in spite of YAI is trying to show that he is different from other artists, all the while he is just the same like others.

      • I got some insights regarding his attitude on Ep.1 and 2, maybe it can enlighten us if I post one here too^^:

        A comment from Dramabeans:
        “If you’ve watched LML since Seo In Young, you can notice that the producer’s purposefully put in captions that make the star look somewhat…unpleasant, as well as making it seem like there’s trouble on the set when there isn’t.
        They broadcast the LA portion first, which is MONTHS AFTER YAI first met the PDs and staff – which explains why he uses informal language with them, and just acts like himself. In the London episodes (Ep. 3 & 4), he seems to be a lot more reserved. Even when YAI is not being rude, the producers choose to put in captions that imply that he is being rude – something that many viewers and reporters – 10Asia, notably – have called MNet out on.
        All in all, LML is a pretty…bs show. The YAI on that show is YAI, but Mnet decides to package him in a way that he’ll get more hate – which is exactly what they did with Seo In Young. I’m not saying he’s an angel – which he is definitely not – but he’s not ill-mannered or “disgusting.” He’s just blunt and cynical, and doesn’t care about what others think of him, and frankly, i find it pretty refreshing.”

        • Thank you for that information. 🙂 So that’s it, the producers are purposely making him rude so as to attract the audience but the sad thing is, others are disliking him more 😦

        • thanks Francesca. I have not seen ep 3 and 4. maybe, i will have different opinion after watching these episodes. i am intrigued with Maxine, the translator. Was she picked by the MNet? Maybe MNet picked her just to have all this ‘rude buisness’ aired.

          • Yes, Maxine was purposely picked by MNet to stimulate YAI reaction, to fish his emotion. Maxine almost has the same personality as YAI does. She’s a spoiled stone-headed girl who cares nothing but herself, to begin with. She had a reality show before, called “Heiress” like Paris Hilton’s. Maxine is actually the equal opponent for YAI.

      • Although your comment has been answered in a very informative way, I would like to react about this “marginal” aspect of a lot of artists, and Ah In.
        Personnally, the way Ah In acts doesn’t bother me at all… I can’t say I’m not surprised but it doesn’t shock me or what, I see where he is coming from.
        It’s a bit difficult to accept others as they are, and most definitely those who don’t fit in the “norms” (as you say “normal ppl”), because difference afraids a bit doesn’t it?
        I don’t think Ah In is an evil, that he is particularily mean (look at how he cares about his fans), but Ah In is Ah In, he is showing you who he is, without tricks (lol even if that Mnet PD… Ok), and as you and I, it’s not always brightful.
        Artists have some caracteristics in common although they are all unique, that annoy ppl most of the time, but let’s try to be more tolerant, do you see what I mean? By being tolerant, this is how you can acknowledge them as “persons” although they don’t seem like being in the norms.
        If Ah In is not an evil, if he thinks so deeply about his fans, if he tries to communicate with them that way (I’ve never seen a star doing that honestly…) I think it is possible to accept him as he is ^^ with his flaws. I think it is important for us to value the fact that Ah In rejects this image of “idol/perfect obedient actor who’s never showing fully who he is”, even if it doens’t only come with advantages. It doens’t mean you can’t reproach him with anything ,but it does mean I hope you won’t reject him entirely because of this or this attitude, because of course he is much more than 1 aspect of his personnality 🙂
        I don’t think my reply is very clear but I wanted to react on this point xD

        • Wow it seems my initial statement about YAI and young artists being ‘moody’ has sparked a bit of chatter. 🙂 I must say I like the way you guys think- I was thinking along the same lines when I was prompted to make the first post. I worked a bit on sets and with film crews and in post production so I got to kind see this stuff happening live and hoped that -as most of you have pointed out- you would see that the moodiness at the end of it all is just the human side of the ‘artist’ coming out.

          I guess it’s sometimes hard for a fan to imagine what kind of pressure a star like YAI could be under even when he seems to smile so effortlessly- what could be so bad about having my own reality TV show and being a model & having free reign with a brand like Jack& Jill? ( I want to one a star too *sniff* 🙂 )

          Unfortunately unlike ‘normal’ people- we have the ‘luxury’ —dare I say —of not being held accountable in front of thousands if not millions of viewers for our ‘bad days’ – this tends to make artists like YAI more likely to be moody (don’t get me started at how convenient it is that the cameras are there showing us all the emotions and ‘bad sides’ that YAI could possibly have in a nice easy to watch installment)

          I use the term moodiness rather than rudeness because I find it more applicable after watching LML ep1- what interested me was YAI was showing a wide range of emotions in just that one episode- the editor had a field day-I think YAI came off as a typical moody artist from this rather than completely rude because the picture I saw was like Mnet wanted us to see YAI ‘throwing his toys out the cot’ – this moodiness is a pretty typical perception of artists as someone mentioned but this is often read by fans as the ‘artist’ is like this because ppl let them and they just can and because their’ so popular’ they can get away with murder but I’ve seen this before and I think this ‘attitude’ is more because of the things they just can’t do

          how exactly do you say – “I am having an ugly day- or a fat day- so please don’t look at me right now- ack- get that camera away!” when you have to be interviewed or have to do a photoshoot or stumble upon your beloved fans calling your name or everyone is looking at you like are the new sliced bread and descended from the sky to shine your glory on the world ( sometimes us fans must admit we can be a bit much but I’m not going to stop lol !)

          I’ll be honest- an artist shows up to a shoot late (makes my blood boil) and everyone especially me would immediately be pissed off and be asking ‘ Who the hell does he/she think they are?!” in our heads- you would have to be pretty important for us to be nice to you – we aren’t paid to be nice – so most of the time we are indifferent.We won’t say anything to you but the good part of being professional is that you don’t necessarily have to be friendly therefore you can get away with being cold.<—- and I am not joking about this right here.

          On the other hand as an artist you feel all this and whatever else we as a crew decide to subtly or not so subtly slide past and around you- you have to put up with it- or you get called 'temperamental' or 'unprofessional' or even worse you get branded as someone 'difficult to work with' -what happens then?- There goes that endorsement dealor script, which was meant for you, into the inbox of ‘place random hot pop star’s management agent’s name here’ – a few more of those missed opportunities and all your hard work gets forgotten and once again you are looking for a big mainstream break like SKKS to come along.YAI is lucky he can act- his talent would probably be worth the risk to give him a big role even if he was labeled ‘difficult’ but for a average pretty boy this would a nice quiet curtain call.

          The industry can be kind and can be very very cruel if you piss it off….normal people just get away with a ‘I’m just having a bad day’and saying your apologies- maybe some one chews you out but unless you really piss someone off- it won’t normally cost you your career- maybe your job though.

          On top of all that you have film crews and production teams (like myself) who’s next paycheck relies on providing the excitement and drama normal people wanna see on TV- guess who gets the short end of the stick- the artist. The film crew shoots and leaves but YAI has to do all the interviews and placate the fans. It’s a pressure cooker situation once you step into that giant spotlight.

          I did notice the fact that Mnet was making a meal out of things- a bad one at that-just from episode 1 but at the same time- I didn’t want to paint YAI with a brush of sugar-coated happy syrup and deny that he too wasn’t throwing a few well-aimed ‘blows’ himself. Mnet had to put up with it because they went on the offensive first- they scream too much and well… it could be a curtain call for them instead. The knife cuts both ways.

          I personally loved the part in Ep 1 when Maxine is waiting for him in the hotel lobby and he is getting his hair done- and when he comes down I was like- I know exactly what’s going to happen- BAM- he walks right past her but we all know he so saw her- it’s the cold shoulder treatment 101.What’s most interesting is the idea that YAI is aware of the camera waiting for him ( in the perfect position to capture him cold-shouldering Maxine) and still decides to ‘play along’… sometimes we as an audience forget that there is a dude seated right there with a giant camera following them for every single shot we see! There is nothing hidden about a cameraman in those kinds of situations! He’s the third wheel at the club watching the two of the ‘not dance’ lol!) I laughed a lot at that. This is when I came up with the idea of YAI being like a real bear.

          He’s not playing the victim of this whole Mnet misrepresentation saga- and from what is being said- it does seem like Mnet used their poetic and artistic license to the fullest.

          Unfortunately that’s showbiz- but where do all these emotions go between the photo shoots, fan shots, interviews, film crews, fat days, ugly days and plastic smiles?

          It takes a whole lot to let this side out and still say ‘Yeah- that was me going all crazy just a moment ago.I was having a bad day. That’s just how it is so don’t stress yourself too much”. Like I said before- it’s easier to act. YAI could have made a meal out of how Mnet was going about things- and set his whole army of fans on them instead….. he’s playing it cool. Doesn’t mean it don’t hurt or it’s fair but this could have spiraled into media hell— ‘YAI vs Mnet’ —in less than a blink of an eye.

          Another long post….. YAI why do you interest me so? (^_^)

          • wow I’m amazed xD
            Thank you for sharing your experience with us ^^ As I thought, actually artists’ lives are not easy at all… Harder than I imagined, it can become quickly unbearable…
            I think Ah In is really strong. Perhap’s by being behind him, we help him a bit. Because it’s so easy to lose what makes your personnality in this kind of environment, but Ah In wants to strongly stand out and being himself, even if at the end of the day, it’s a permanent fight, harder than the one lived everyday by ppl who are not famous I guess…

  3. Thanks for your translated. ^^
    since I saw his tweet it still on my head all the time.
    I really want to know what’s going on with him.
    Now you let me know that and I totally agree with you.
    I know him under “Yoo Ain” name but what makes me love him is the real “Hongsik” on him.

  4. Hey Stacy nim~

    Nice work~ I haven’t had a chance to catch up with you at twitter these days~ Hope things are good at your end~

    “If we haveners are spending our energy and time on him, it will be never considered as a waste.” <– I am totally with you on that~ haha~

    Talk to you soon!! 🙂

  5. this make me more love him….
    I love him more ….
    people may say he’s rude, whatever!!!!!!
    i watch the reallty show for me no problem … he’s not a hypocrite, at least he is honest and open. he’s got a lot of expression, and he didn’t fear to show it.
    I love U Yoo Ah In … Keep It Up
    Thanks Stacy… for this post

  6. Stacy, good job! Thank you for your translation and interpretation. As you said, he’s a real one! No faking like goody goody idols. And his tweets makes me curious and love him even more. 🙂

  7. thanks a lot Stacy =)

    You know our YAI, he is really not stereotypical. He often mentions it in interviews on how he tackled Geol Oh’s character. That’s what i really love about him. Unlike the older actors/actresses who always try their best to look nice, neat & respectable in front of the camera up to the point of being too good to be true, our YAI bares himself for everyone to see.

    He is an artist, thus he can be emotional & impulsive. But the thing is this is who he is. Whether or not people agree or like what they see, this is YAI. Take it or leave it. He is a human being with flaws & merits and i think this is what he wants us to understand. Instead of defending him, people should learn to appreciate that YAI wants the world to see Eom Hong Sik as “the man” and not just Yoo Ah In, the actor.

  8. Thanks for your efforts in translating and interpreting YAI’s tweets. ^^ I really can’t believe I have become a fangirl because of Yoo Ah In. Actually, he’s the first actor that made me go crazy to the point that I can’t sleep at night without seeing his pictures!

    I fall in love with him the moment I saw his attractive, childlike yet rebellious face in the first episode of SKKS, I can’t help myself staring at him. And he made me fall in love with him more because of his cunning skills in writing. But nowadays, he’s been receiving a lot of negative feedbacks because of his rudeness in LMF. Everyone’s right he’s just being honest to himself. Though he asks for a very impossible thing (not to waste our time and energy for him).. hm? well, we can’t really do that right? LOL. Everytime he tweets, we go crazy. So maybe the best thing we should do is that, support him not to the point that it’s already suffocating for him.

    Just like the others are saying, he has a unique character making his fans bewildered yet love him even more~

  9. Thanks so much for the translation, Stacy-nim^^You interpret his twit so well-articulately. This line rings true to me: “He encouraged his fans to get an opportunity for their reflection and introspection by his example as if he were a mirror.” As we know YAI appears as a “rude” tough guy outside. But looking at how thoughtful he is to his crews by giving them the coats, and how he secretly came to nursing home to join fans charity event which took them by surprise, this just goes to show that he actually has marshmallow heart (as AshaSummer pointed out)^^

    • Oops I mean this -> “Nice! Francesca. From my point of view, your interpretaion was perfect although you don’t understand Korean.” ~~ I should thanks to Mr. Google translator for planting me that idea, Stacy-nim^^

  10. First..thanks for your translation ^^
    I’ve just heard about this news and this makes me worry.
    I just want our YAI oppa to know that we’re glad to protect him
    i’ll be one of the fans who protect him from the netizens who don’t understand him
    some might dont understand the way he wants to show us but we understand!
    This makes him unique from any other actors.
    He dares to show what he really is and I love the way he is ! ><
    Keep Fighting Hongsik oppa!!!! ^^~

  11. I’m watching the LML right now and i can say that Ah in has the right to be that way, how he talks with this “Maxine” girl because she’s the one who started it.. I got so irritated with her.. (PROMISE!!!)
    The very first time that i saw this vid,i didn’t watch it because i thot she’s YAI’s gf.. (I got jealous.. Haha..) And now,reading all this stuff,i downloaded all the videos and I feel like i want to pull her hair..! Tsk..!
    Anyway.. At first i was shocked also,about how he speaks with the the people he’s with.. And finally,after reading all these guys,I think,i still love YAI as what he is.. He’s not afraid to show himself.. What he really is,and it makes him different from any other artist..

    Goodluck YAI.. I’ll still be rooting for you.. 🙂
    Fighting!!! ❤

  12. thanks for the trans and also for subbing LML. 😀 i watched the first epi of LML. i sort of expected YAI to act like that since he isn’t the type to act good-goody for fanservice.
    I like how he’s being frank, honest , straightforward and different from others.

    But sometimes, just because you’re being yourself doesn’t mean that what you do is right, or it’s okay to be rude or impolite coz that’s the way you are, you’re just being true to yourself, like you don’t care about what people say. I think he can be himself and straightforward without offending anyone.

    I really like YAI but i just wish that he can improve on how he deals with people, especially that he’s in the entertainment industry. 🙂 i’m not saying that he should be a kiss-a**. But, be able to respect (im not saying he’s disrespectful) also the people he works with, or at least understand also where they’re coming from, because they all work in it together anyway. and then again, he entered showbiz, and all these things come with the territory.

    i like YAI still. lol.

    • Reading your post I can say I part agree with you but I guess in knowing what goes on behind the scenes and how shoots often work -I feel I must respond to the things I distinctly disagree with.

      A lot of what goes on doesn’t get shown- especially ‘behind the camera’ politics and power plays. The viewer only gets to see what has been shot – every shot only tells you about that sliver of the moment like a photo- and even then consider it a photoshop’ed image even then.

      Especially with reality TV- it’s the production crews and actually the entire genre of the show’s specific intent to make the viewer believe that everything that is being seen was live- unedited and – at the end of the day the complete and honest truth of what the situation was. At the end of the day- reality TV shows get edited just like any soap opera- infact I think a reality TV show’s closest relative is more probably a soap than a documentary. My previous posts talk about what goes down behind the scenes a bit more- if you are interested.

      I guess I am compelled to reply because I feel a certain impression has been created- and I emphasise the word ‘created’ – of YAI based on something he himself may have had only limited control over. Editing is powerful. He said what he said- true – but do we really get why or understand what was really going on? Editing can create a context for almost any situation.

      How much of it is true- how much of it are words taken out of context- or words in half context? The problem is while LML is saying we are getting the ‘raw’ truth of YAI -we actually as fans need to watch him outside of LML to create the ‘full’ picture.

      To say things like it comes with the territory of showbiz is a bit too ‘easy’ to say. Some serious heart wrenching cr@p can get ditched out to you on a shoot (excuse the language but I really mean it) and I don’t think just because you do something that people love and become a star because of this, you should have to put up with it- especially if as in the case of eps 1 of LML even the production team itself doesn’t mince it’s words or intentions and says that it choose someone to stir up YAI and push his buttons. They wanted drama and they wanted YAI to get upset- they wanted to piss him off and on top of that they wanted to film it and show it to the world. Think of that for a moment.

      Once again not to say that YAI didn’t deliver his own ‘instant justice’ but I am compelled having experienced what I have to not necessarily defend our dear YAI’s actions but dare I say – expand the picture a little bit. There are more variables at play than what it first seems- very important ones.

      As a film crew it is our job to bring to life the script which the viewer or director would like to see-Reality TV or not- regardless of who is the subject or actor is in this case.From the gaffer to the cameraman – sound- director- producer- The actor is at the bottom of the hierachy behind the camera- the producer and director at the top.

      I think if we were talking about an article from an ex-employee of YAI talking about how he did this and that- I would be more inclined to say things like ‘he should have be nicer’…. but like I say before… Editing is very very powerful. A joke can turn into an insult- an insult into a joke.

      So to all fans please do keep liking him – for your own reasons- like YAI said -and if you choose not to like him anymore be sure you know exactly why- and most importantly let it be for your own reasons- not because of who said what- or even because YAI said so himself- or even because you think because he acts a certain way the ‘right thing to do’ is to like him or not like him.

      I liked YAI after watching SKKS and noticed how well he made the character come to life- I feel in love with YAI after watching and reading his interviews about why he choose to make his character the way he was- the things he was thinking and the reasons for the approach he took. I deeply respect YAI as a talented artist before even looking at him as a person. I love the way he made me feel about his characters and allowed me to feel like I understood them on some deep untouchable level.When I think of all my favourite films and actors- they all make me feel this way.

      The fact he looks so good while doing all this is just icing on an already delicious cake. (^_^)

      This is my own reason for liking YAI.I am really looking forward to his next film because of this.

      Fighting! YAI! Fighting!

  13. hi there! thanks for replying to my comment. i truly understand your point. 🙂 i also work in the industry as a writer and basically works and interviews celebs almost everyday so i also know how it is for them when they’re having a hard time or when theyre acting crap bcoz of the crazy industry. 🙂 and yes editing can really turn things around. so i guess ill just shut up. lol. coz we really cant just judge how yai is in lml with all editings and framing. all of us dont know what happens behind the scene. we can hav a small pic of how we think yai is basing from what we see in lml, but then it could be neither right or wrong. i dont mean to offend anyone nor yai. 🙂

    • Lol! I love how you say ‘I’ll shut up’ lol! but I beg you please don’t A lot of YAI’s fans aren’t able to see these things or have the benefit (is it really a benefit considering the stress? lol) of our perspective on the industry so for them – they can only judge on what information they have or have access to.

      Fans, artists, and anyone in general, can’t be expected to make decisions on things and then get judged by facts or factors they simply do not know of. So it’s good to share and talk about these things.

      It also helps when someone else can put in words your own thoughts. I bet many fans feel like you do and it’s good that different perspectives come out and it’s not all black or white. 🙂

      once again let us all know the reasons why we love or not like ( hate is too strong a word) YAI for ourselves and what those limits are- and not live under a blanket of absolute thinking afraid that one day someone will rip it off and we will feel betrayed by promises broken -that were never made or things said – that actually never got said.

  14. I’m sure that a heavy thinker like him is already know what would happened after he did such,whatever the consequences is,sure it can be handled by an ever-ready YAI…Just let him be,and love him for who he really is…

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