Regarding the Subbing of Yoo Ah In’s Upcoming Movie, Wandeukee

Hi Haveners! I’m Dianne but I go by the name whoopeeyoo or tomakunisnumberone (I know it’s confusing) and this is my first post! Weehoo! Btw, I’ve been a behind-the-scenes person. I’m extremely grateful for the admins ā¤ that made me an editor! I’m sure the site’s still not that organized but I’m working on it! Soon, there will be tag index page and other stuff!

Well, to the topic and title of my post. šŸ˜› I’m currently an editor for Fighting! Fansubs. I’m still new as I basically signed up for them recently. But I brought up subbing Wandeukee as help is greatly needed. And here’s the conversation I had with the founder of the said fansub group. šŸ™‚

whoopeeyoo: I’m an admin of Yoo Ah In Haven, a wordpress blog and a community dedicated to Yoo Ah In and they’re searching for people or a subbing team to collaborate with in subbing Yoo Ah In’s upcoming movie, Wandeukee. I told them I’d bring this up here. So yeah, I’m bringing it up. šŸ™‚

DashRabbit: Do you have any translators on your site?

whoopeeyoo: Yes, we have translators on our site. šŸ™‚

DashRabbit: Cool we don’t mind subbing it then. Our translators are busy with other projects so we won’t be able to translate. But we can help you guys with timing and editing. Let me know.

And yeah, I basically just told her how much I love her and them!

So, yeah guys! We got some help for subbing! I know our beloved translators are really busy but at least we don’t have to time and edit on our own! I could personally do the editing since I’m an editor! Aha! So, all we need is some DVDRip of Wandeukee and we’re all set! I’ll just probably coordinate with them clearly when Wandeukee’s out. :DDD

Here’s the introduction slash first post I prepared when I became an editor and I just wanted to just paste it right here and let you guys laugh at me over how giddy I am! Haha!

“Hi Haveners!

I’m Dianne and I’m the newest member of Haven for You as an editor! I have a blog (tomakunisnumberone@wordpress) and a twitter account (@whoopeeyoo). Maybe you have come across my blog before. If you did, you must know that I love love love Yoo Ah In. I don’t know what has come into my mind that I haven’t applied/volunteered before and why I haven’t made any headers for Haven before. Maybe I was busy making Yoo Ah In headers for my own blog. HAHAHAHA!

I’m planning on making a Tag Index Page for easier navigation using Tags. I’ll keep on thinking of new stuff to keep our Haven organized! I know it is very tiring for our translators and subbers and posters so lemme do the editing. Haha!

Anyway, please help me with my new job here! I’ll do my best in editing and placing tags and everything!

Love y’all!”

And seriously, thank you guys! Iā€™m actually handling our twitter account for a few days so go there and tweet! šŸ˜€

20 thoughts on “Regarding the Subbing of Yoo Ah In’s Upcoming Movie, Wandeukee

  1. Awesome! I can’t wait to see the Index Page. I have always wanted to make one, but my organizational skills are elementary lol.

    Thanks so much for the subbing information. We do have a shortage of translators. It really depends on the availability of the translators at that time to see the project happens or not. I’d like to thank you and Fighting Sub! in advance for offering help though.

    • Maybe there’s a translator there who loves Yoo Ah In so we can also ask him/her for help. I can coordinate with them since I hope that by the time Wandeukee comes out, I’m not so much of a newbie there. šŸ˜› HAHA

  2. ^___^
    welcome dear Diane
    I am new too
    Lately ah Yoo will be very busy,
    I am looking forward your post
    Take care and always healthy

  3. We got an editor for wandeukee’s subs! Hoorraaay!! Thank you Diane for joining this wonderful site! I’m looking forward for your posts and works soon! Fighting!!

  4. so that means i will be able to enjoy wandeukee when it comes out?? yey!
    thanks diane! hope i’ll see the index page soon… for better navigation and easier access!
    whew! i’m not much of a blogger but this site seems interesting enough and its about YAI….. need i say more?? thanks people!

  5. Congrats on your first post Dianne! So happy that YAI Haven family is continue growing! Fighting everyone! Love & miss yah all!

    So excited to see the MOVIE! Hope it’s going to be a HIT!

    • Aaaaww, thanks! Isn’t it obvious how happy I was to be part of Haven that I had a prepared first post. HAHA! :)) I’m sure it will be a hit! Though Ah In haven’t appeared in a drama yet, he’s been all around reality shows and photoshoots and magazines! Crossing my fingers too that it will be a hit! šŸ˜€

  6. So nice šŸ™‚ I was wondering when subbing for YAI: launch my life will be done?? I watched the first episode with subs and none have been subbed since!! :((

    • Hi Suni, subbed episodes will be posted as soon as they are done. The translators are doing their best to sub beside their busy schedules, therefore all we can do here is to be patient.

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