hi~ haveners~ Long time no see~

I’m really sorry cause I didn’t post for long time.

But, I awalys stop by here~ my dear friends. ^^;;

I ‘m almost dead fo saying a lot of things……^^

Frist, I met YAI right next to me.

Oh~ I can here your scream………. ^^

Acutally, I’m writing some Fan Fictions on the Tell-Zone these days.

And one of my fellow picked up an event named ” Conversation with A-In” and she invited me for joining with her.

I was really lucky, I know~

And I got the third seat from him. ^^

Ye~ It’s lucky too. ^^ Call me Lucky~ hehe.

And I watched him for 1and half hour.

He…………….. had really strong self-esteem about hi acting.

And he is the most honest actor in Korea, I think.

In Korea, sometimes, it’s very risk when one entertainer has honest attitude.

But he was that kind of person.

A woman asked him “How do you think the difference between honesty and rudeness?”

You guys already know Launch of my Life.

In there, he showed his strong personality.

Some Korean fans dissappointed him cuase they thought he was rude. ^^;;

And the question aimed that part.

But he answered ” Honesty and rudeness is very different. I thought that was honest attiude and I acted like that. But when I came back home and thought deeply, and then I realized that was rudeness. I’m sorry about that attitude.”

And there were a lot of questions. But the event was for talking about Movie and passion. When he got some different questions. like “How do you think about NuNa fans?”

He answered only “Thank you.”

It meant he didn’t like that question.”

He showed his feelings honest.

OMG. He was so cool.

And Ta-da~

There was a special event picking THREE people.

They can shake hands with him, get his autograph and take photo with him.

And I was that person. HAHAHAHA

You have to call me “Lucky~”


When I realized I was picked, OMG. I couldn’t think at all!!!!!!

He had nice low voice and when I was shaking hands with him, he was really nervous so his hands were shaking slightly.

And his hands were sooooo cooooooold.


I want to share photos but I am not a computer person……..

I can’t erase the other peoples faces on the photo.

So I attach only his autograph.

And I sent him some of your presents. However, not personally. Sorry about that.

See you again, my dear fellowers.

As you know~ I really miss you guys~

36 thoughts on “hi~ haveners~ Long time no see~

  1. Gyaboooo! That’s a thunder news!!! Oh my gaaaah I love it that you met him in person and even picked as 1 contestant who can’t shake his hands!! Well you’re not just lucky! But because our prays for you to meet him were so strong!!! Hahahahahha.. Did you wash your hands then? ◦°°◦♡‎​​:*˚°◦o♏uªªª©ĦhĦ˚°◦o({})◦°°◦♡ ancientkingdom! ♧ǤǑĐ:)ƁĹ€ŠŠ:)ЎÖŮ♧!! Gob bless Sik! God bless us! ‎​:Dhªªhªª=))hªª=)) hªªhªª:D.. So happy read your news!

  2. Oops let me edit my previous comment.. I mean you are one of the luckiest contestant who can shake his hand, getting up close and personal with our master… I’m So happy to tears now!

  3. Kyaaaaa….
    Eonnie, finally you met him in person, so happy for you! and you got to shake hands with him, whoaaaa that’s SUPA COOL!!!
    Thanks for sharing this with us, soooo happy….
    Also thanks for sending our gifts to #Sik, you’re one of #haveners guardian angels

  4. Yup, you’re the luckiest person, but the same time your experience is well-deserved! I’m curious about your fanfic^^ What is it about, unnie?

    The Q&A session sounds very fun. Difference between rudeness and honesty? That’s a very good question. I wish I could be there. I have so many questions for sik!

    If you want, I can help you photoshop the picture to blur the faces of the fans.

    • Oh~ really? ^^ It will be great if you erase faces on the photo~ ^^ Thanks~ Tiny~ ^^ My fan fic……. is about SKKS ^^ If I had ability for translating perfectly, I could post it here, too……. But My Eng is not that good ^^.
      Thanks for taknig time to erasing faces~ ^^ Wow~ I have to learn computer skills…..ㅠㅜ

  5. Oooooh,u r suppaaa lucky unnie ^^. Let’s wish to meet him too someday.. Some dreams do come true *startdaydreamingnow*

    you’re really really really luckyyyyy
    i almost cry reading this… ><
    cry of happiness…..
    *and also i'm screaming like crazy in my room right now* kekeke

    thank you for the GORGEOUS FAN ACCOUNT ♥
    i love it soooooo much! x333333

  7. Unnie! Long time no hear! And you definitely came back with a bang. haha You’re really lucky! I wish I could meet him. But even if I did I wouldn’t know what to say. Because of shock and because of the fact that I can’t speak Korean. hehe… Do you know if there would be a release of the questions asked? It’ll nice if you shared along with us 😀

  8. OMG !!!!!! I wanna screammmm !!!!!!!!!!
    You know ! You are the one of luckiest woman in the world !
    So jealous. I wanna sit next to him, starring at his face about an hour
    and touch his hand just once, like you got it all. ^______^
    For me It’s the only hope … But I’m happy to read what his fans say about him.
    Ahhhhh I want his autograph so bad. !!! hehehee
    Can I ask you some question ? How soft his hand is ? hahhaa ><

  9. OMG! Unnnnnnnnieeee! So lucky! Envy! Envy! OMG< I was smilling like this while reading your expirience ^_______________________^ ! and you get to shalehand with him, wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so happy for you! Wish we could all meet him too someday! So sweet, he's honest and direct but shy at the same time, a man after my heart! Heheheh!

    P.S . I could help you out blur the pix, if you still need help… can't wait to see you and our YAI ! fighting Unnie and glad to see you back @ Havensland!

  10. hey you’re so lucky^^congrats ya..haha
    hmm that’s means you sent ALL the presents already?OMG…thank you!!!^^

  11. I am very impressed YAI admitted there is a difference between rudenewss and honesty. Sometimes true things are best unsaid. I like the fact that he can reflect on his own attitude and admit fault. How many of us can do that! Lucky you ancientkingdom for getting up close and shaking his cold hand. We say, cold on the outside, warm on the inside.

  12. Which presents?
    Did I miss something?

    When I read that he realized it was rudeness, i don’t know I felt so disturbed that I couldn’t even focus on what I had to do after reading this.
    I’m not disapointed in him =(.
    Now I have to call you Lucky Unni? ^^

  13. WAAAAAAA! Sooo LUCKY. I envy you. 🙂 Congrats! and thank you for posting this. I’m really screaming right now. Hahahah. ^^ Hope I can meet him too, not in dreams .. but in person.. HAHA

    “Honesty and rudeness is very different. I thought that was honest attiude and I acted like that. But when I came back home and thought deeply, and then I realized that was rudeness. I’m sorry about that attitude.” ——- Like that one!

    Ah in is really cool, as ever. ^^

  14. I was so curious who the lucky 3 were and I can’t believe one of them was you. I’ve read your translations before. I was there too so now I’m curious where you were standing when they took those two pics of you four- in the second pic YAI was going to hold up rabbit fingers but changed his mind. Were you the tall one or the short haired one standing on his right during the pic? All the presents were in the left corner of the theater by the door he came in and exited from, but when YAI left with his manager, the buff guy, and that girl, I didn’t see them take them. Guess they loaded them afterwards. I kind of wondered if anyone took those two bottles of juice YAI drank cuz one of them, he didn’t finish. Did you get chosen to ask a question? If you were sitting by him during his movie montage, then that means you were sitting on the right side of the theater if you are facing the front. Did you notice how ppl went up to talk to him during the clip? You must have been waiting all day if you got first row tickets. Some came as early as 11. Since you understood everything, it must have been fun for you but I have to admit I was lost. I gave up trying to understand and just stared at him, admiring his features. That reporter was sort of dull, but he was so nice to her I thought. If you took any other pics of him besides the two group shots that guy took of you guys, you should share them. My Sony cyber shot pics were so pitiful, you can barely tell it was him. The woman next to me had one of those professional zoom cameras and you could count the strands of his hair so I stowed mine away cuz it was embarrassing how crappy my pics were. 🙂 YAI was having a really great hair day too so his fans need to see that.

  15. \\^o^//
    Oh you really lucky
    I do not care people say he is rude. I believe he is honest, he is free to be himself, and it is invaluable. he is not a celebrity who acted like a plastic doll that had a limited expression …
    He is our Yoo Ah In , an great actor who is also human
    I do not believe our Yoo Ah In could nervous ^__^
    thanks unni for sharing… i hope you can upload your lucky moment and can share with us, although it eventually like to put salt in the wound … (because of jealousy hehehehehe)

  16. wow so cool…what was that second part “How do you think about NuNa fans?”

    He answered only “Thank you.”

    It meant he didn’t like that question.”

    I dont understand that, what or who is NuNa and why would he not like the question?

    • She means “Noona” or older woman/sister in Korea. As many people know, YAI got many noona fans (including me ^___^) and apparently someone wanted to know about his feeling for being the object of older woman’s affection xDD
      But as you know, this event is a film discussion, and the atmosphere might somewhat be formal -with filmmakers and critics around. So as a professional that he is, YAI wanted to respect the event and people who came there to talk about movie. He wanted to differentiate it with fans meeting (thus was only willing to talk about his job). That’s why IMO he refused to answer fan-related questions like that.

  17. Don’t really understand how you got to this event. Is it in your capacity as web host for this fan club yooahinhave.wordpress.com? Or for some other reason? Are you in a profession that gives you access to these events? Do you rep a product he models for? Does your website work with the YAI’s PR people? is that why you got the invite. So many questions.

  18. aigoo….you really make me sooooooo jealous. met him directly and even shake hand with YAI >____< you really soooooooo lucky ne *when i can be like you?* =A= wanna meet him personally too. he really sweet and adorable dongsaeng *yes, i'm nuna fans*

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