SEEKSIK on line! Here are K-haveners’ translations~

Hello~~ dear haveners~ ^ ^*

Long time no see~ How have you been? ^_^*
As you already know, I’m Stacy~ (a habit staring at YOO/ @fascinatedwithU)

As a matter of fact, I’ve been so busy working in my real world~ TAT; I’m afraid I couldn’t spend much time translating YAI’s articles and vids~ However, I couldn’t help trying to invest my time to translate and interpret YAI’s thoughts ’cause his unique tweet mentions finally popped out! ^ ^ In addition, I have to say I’d like to REALLY appreciate another K-fan, @sophia0s nim’s quick translations~ Her translations are pretty good~ She also gave her consent to be another K-translator for you haveners!! Yay~~ ^ ^ And then, I’m posting @sophia0s nim’s translations now in celebration of her acceptance to be a translator for you haveners~ ^ ^

Anyway~ here are YAI’s tweet mentions and translations~ ^ ^

자신이 있어서 목숨을 내놓은게 아니다. 목숨을 내놓고 보니 자신이 생기더라. 그래야 살아지는게 이십대의 절반이었다. 골백번을 죽을 각오로 질기게도 잘 살았더랬다. 죽어도 아쉬울것 없어서 죽을만큼 잘 살았으면 좋겠다. 자꾸만 구차해진다. 아까워서.

I was confident of myself so I sacrificed my life. It is not true. I sacrificed my life so I could get the confidence. During the first half of my 20s, I lived like that. I have survived death tenaciously. I really want to live well. Often being pathetic, it’s too precious to lose.

And I also found some relations between words in sentences with YAI’s other tweet mention. As you guys already know, YAI quoted some passages from a famous literary work. (The Fruits of the Earth – Andre Gide)

내가 살아서 못 다한 젊음의 열망이 내 죽음 이후에까지 남아서 나를 괴롭히게 되지 않을까 두렵다. 내 속에서 원하고 있는 모든 것을 이 땅위에 털어놓고 나서 더 이상 바랄 것이 없는, 빈 몸의 완전한 절망 속에서 죽기를 나는 희망한다. – 앙드레 지드

I’m afraid that my desire of youth which I couldn’t accomplish during my entire life would still stay even after my death and distress me. I hope that after I have expressed on this earth all that was in me wanting to be expressed-I hope that I may die satisfied and utterly hopeless. – Andre Gide (Thanks a lot~ Francesca~ ^ ^*)

According to his messages, I think, he seems to be really introspective while writing them down. We could also recognize his whole attitude to life. Although he’s still young, he’s confessing that he’s lived so fiercely throughout his entire life. Everyone knows few things can affect our whole quality of life as strongly as our attitude can. And YAI has a reputation as someone who has a strong ego and gives it his best shot to live fiercely. Furthermore, he shows his strong attachment to life through his messages. He felt so regretful over his vanishing youth that he should say he’s often being pathetic. But I don’t think he would have many regrets about his whole life as long as he lives with strong convictions about being honest to himself and works professionally. I surely think he can achieve anything he wants the moment he has a strong faith in himself as well. A few things we can do while watching the introspective guy are just that we send messages of support with all our hearts and hope that he is not losing his beliefs and convictions not only as an actor but also as an individual.

As I always said, they are just my interpretaions and there might be some errors or misinterpretations~ If you have something you’d like to correct in the translations, please feel free to reply behind this post and point it out~

We just hope we will help you haveners out to understand YAI’s messages better~ Don’t you think so, @sophia0s nim? ^ ^

Have a nice time with our introspective YAI! ^ ^

13 thoughts on “SEEKSIK on line! Here are K-haveners’ translations~

  1. Interesting and well written interpretation of what YAI clearly must have said in Korean because frankly the translation is unintelligible in English, makes no sense whatsoever. I undertand poetry is difficult to translate but the phrasing, objects, subjects and prepositions are a complete mishmash. I cannot decipher.

    • Sorry for the mishmash translations of YAI’s quoted message.
      In fact, the second translation was done by Google translator. ^_^;; Gosh~ Although I’ve already known that it doesn’t make any sense grammatically, I thought it was just OK ’cause the passages were from a literary work. Do you think I got it wrong? Sorry for your confusion~ ^_^; (And I’ve corrected everything you’ve pointed out. I’m sure you can finally decipher it now~ ^_^;;)

      • I think the exact passage that YAI quoted from The Fruits of the Earth is this:
        “I hope that after I have expressed on this earth all that was in me waiting to be expressed-I hope that I may die satisfied and utterly hopeless.” – Andre Gide

        Hopes that help^^

  2. Thanx a lot to stacy-nim n sophia-nim!!! Without ur hard work,I’ll never got to know wat he say..but could u help me know what’s he replying to Daforain? Hehehe,lots of fans get jealous becoz he replied to her XD XD

  3. It is very nicely written, Stacy nim~^^
    Although I don’t know him personally, I think your interpretation does fit well with what we have been seeing~
    Thank you so much for your hard work on it~

    Also, Daforain nim did come to visit Haven not too long ago~
    I will try to see if I can have her come to Haven again and maybe explain/translate what she wrote and what Ah In wrote~^ ^~

    And finally, I am very happy that Sophia nim joins us at Haven!!
    Sophia nim~ I hope you will enjoy Haven as much as we do!!
    Again, welcome!! ^^*

  4. Thank you very much Sophia for the translation and to you, Stacy, for the wonderful insight.

    It’s a shame that Sik is younger than me yet his perspective towards life seems more mature than mine. I really admire him for that. Sik is doing really great right now and I believe that when he’s older, he’ll look back and think that he’s done everything he could to live his life to the fullest, with no regrets.

    Thank you again ❤

  5. Thanks soooo much Stacy-nim for your interpretation! Very insightful indeed^^ And also to Sophia-nim who helped decipher Sik’s code, welcome to our Haven! \☺/

    Well, I’ve discussed the meaning of this tweet with some Haveners before. As we’ve already known, YAI is a person with strong personality. I sense that through his tweet he wants to tell us that he doesn’t have any regrets for his past, even if it was pathetic and miserable, because it shaped him up to be the person he is today. To be as confident as he is now, he must have gone through the ups and downs and sacrifices during the younger days. Therefore now he wants to cherish his life by living well.
    His favorite author is Andre Gide, a liberal novelist who loved life. I think Sik looks up to him a lot. Most of AG’s famous quotes are very YAI. This one just describes YAI best -> “It is better to be hated for what you are, then to be loved for what you are not.” – Andre Gide ^___^

  6. Hello Sophia,
    I’m so sorry that my welcome to you comes rather late. I’m super excited that you join us. Thanks for the fantastic translation. If you want to post at Haven, contact me at tinysunbl[at]

    @Stacy-nim: I’m grateful and happy to have you over at Haven all this time. Even though you may not spend as much time (which is a gazillion amount) as before, please always stop by here whenever you like. This is a home to all YAI fans!

  7. Thanks for your translation : )))

    I always love the way he tweets. His opinion can teach me a lot.
    Now. I’m just a little girl haha .. But in the future, I want to have a Good Opinion like him :))))

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