Ah In’s Trip To Japan

Hi Haveners~

How is everyone doing?  Ah In has been quite busy after filming his movie these days~ He recently went to Japan for the promotion of SKKS on a Japanese Live TV show called “MADE IN BS JAPAN” which aired on 5/27~ He also attended his first Japanese fan meeting (and press conference) on 5/28~ Thanks to Ah In’s manager who shared quite a few photos on twitter, we get to see Ah In behind the scene while filming for the LIVE TV show, during the fan meeting/press conference, and also places where Ah In might have been dinning while his stay in Japan~

In addition, our very own Haven k-translator, Sophia nim, actually attended Ah In’s Japanese fan meeting!!  And she is more than happy to share her precious experience at the fan meeting with all haveners!! Thank you, Sophia nim!! 🙂

Now, let’s first start with the Live TV show that Ah In went on~ Here is a behind the scene photo that Ah In’s manager shared on Twitter~



And here are another two photos posted on the BS Japan Website~ If you can read Japanese, you are welcome to click the above link and read the article~

PhotobucketThanks to a friend, Lucky, here are the links to two parts of the program~ To avoid any copyright issues, she asked to post the links only~

For Part I of “MADE IN BS JAPAN”, please click here~

For Part II of “MADE IN BS JAPAN”, please click here~

Note: By the way, Sophia nim and I are working on the translations and the subbing of these clips~ Once they are done, I will upload and post them again~^^

As you are watching these clips, you will see that there is a perfume that Ah In uses that he keeps in his bag~ You can also kind of see it in the picture above that is right next to his brown bag on the table~ Many of you must be wondering what kind of perfume that is~ So, my friend, Cuttie nim, told me that it is a French perfume called “Fresh”~ I went ahead and did a bit of digging myself~ Here is the picture of the perfume that Ah In uses~ The scent of the perfume is called the “citron de vigne”~ According to the description, it has a combination of citrus and an earthy base~ Therefore, it is suitable for both men and women~

PhotobucketFYI, if you are planning to get one for yourself, the travel size 30ml, which is the one showing here, costs $32~ And the large size, which has 100ml, costs $75~ It has a branch in Seoul and a branch in London~ There are many branches in the US~ And of course, you can always get it in an on-line store also~ 🙂

After the TV program, Ah In’s manager shared a few photos~ From the look of the photos, they were taken while dinning out in Ginza, Japan~

The first place is called Ginzo Kusayashiki~
Photobucket Photobucket

The other two photos are taken outside of a place called Yurakucho’s 八百八町~

Photobucket Photobucket


Now, let’s move on the the exciting fan meeting story~ According to Sophia nim, Ah In sang a song, introduced some music as a DJ, answered some true or false questions, and then shook hands with the fans~

Here is the song that Ah In introduced at the fan meeting~ It is by 김윤아 called “담” from the album “Shadow of Your Smile”~ It was the song that he listened to after breaking up with his first love~ Please click here to listen to it -> 

Here is another song that Ah In introduced~ It is by くるり called ハイウェイ(Highway) from the album “Philharmonic or Die”~ It was from the Japanese movie “Josee, The Tiger And The Fish”~ And I remember that was one of Ah In’s favorite movie~^^* Please click here to listen to it -> ハイウェイ

Ah In sang two songs at the fan meeting~ Here is the first one called “비상” by 이승열~ The song is the ending title song from “The Wonderful Day” OST~ Please click here to listen to it -> 비상

And another song that Ah In sang was called the “Butterfly” in the album “Pinkerton” by Weezer~ Please click here to listen to it -> Butterfly

Sophia nim also shook Ah In’s hand~ She said that Ah In was so cool and cute~ His voice was charming too! Oh~How I wish we can hear him sing…

And thanks to Ah In’s manager again, he took a photo at the fan meeting and shared it on his twitter~ Although you can’t see Ah In clearly, but you can see where the fan meeting taking place~


Here are some more close up photos of Ah In~ I think it is from the press conference for promoting SKKS DVD prior to or after the fan meeting from a Japanese news article at navicon since there are fan meeting’s poster and SKKS DVD poster behind Ah In~ If you are interested in reading it, please click the link above~


Photobucket PhotobucketPhotobucket

Ah In’s manager also shared a couple of photos~ It must be where they went to eat after the fan meeting~ The place is called “Gonpachi” and it is one of the shooting site for the movie “Kill Bill: Vol.1″~ For more information about “Gonpachi,” please click here~ I have to say that the food looks really good~




I also found a couple pictures from the movie “Kill Bill: Vol.1” where you can see the scenes that took place here~

The photos were taken by Andrew Cooper – ⓒ 2003 Miramax Films. All Rights Reserved~



Sophia nim also mentioned that she mailed a postcard yesterday to Ah In and wrote about all of us, haveners~^ ^~In addition, when she wrote a mention to Ah In’s manager earlier, he replied!! Nice work and thank you, Sophia nim~

OK~Finally, this post is coming to the end… until next time, take good care yourselves, Haveners!! ^^*

P.S. Just want to give everyone an update on Ah In’s Launch My Life videos~ We did not forget about it at all~ Our k-translators and I have been working hard on the translations and the subbing~ Very soon, I will upload and post LML ep.2-1, 2-2, and 2-3~ So, please be patience with us~ Thank you~ 🙂

9 thoughts on “Ah In’s Trip To Japan

  1. Thanks so much Mathednim^^ I’m so happy to see that so many people came to the fanmeeting, the venue is so spacious but full-packed. I heard there were around 900 people came! The Japan fans were very organized, the MC even had a cute “YAI microphone” for this occasion! They also made a huge pretty bouquet for YAI^^

    Also thanks so much Sophia for sending the postcard to tell him about Haveners^^ You’re our angel^^

  2. Omo! Zess said YAI used interpreter on the shake-hands event so he could understand every word fans said to him^^ AND he still held their hands while the interpreter explaining the words!

    Now I demand a shake-hands event too ~ with interpreter! I’ll prepare my longest speech for interpretation!!

  3. so many good thing going on with this piece,yoo looks scrumptious and the candid pics are nice,I now know how my husband smells lol and i’m so happy you guys are subbing the rest of the episodes

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