Yoo Ah In dressed tough for Transformer 3 premiere

6. 28, Yoo Ah In and Jung Woo Sung attended the premiere of Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon at CGV Sangamjum, Seoul. This is an event organized by LG, for which the two actors are representatives.

Jung Woo Jung opted for an “ajussi-classic” look with boring vest, pant and tee. While Ah In played it tough in “boyfriend” jeans, rock star-inspired Givenchy Fall/Winter 2011 T-shirt, and red Converse. Do you love his look?

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Seeksik online! ^ ^ Here comes the translation~

Hi~ haveners~

How’s everything? Really nice to see you again~ *^ ^*

You guys probably know me, I’m Stacy~ ^_^* (a habit staring at YOO/ @fascinatedwithU) You know what? I spent my time translating YAI’s latest tweet mention again in this middle of the night~ Sleepless in Korea~ LOL~ ^ ^ As usual, his message was too ambiguous but I just did my best to put it into English! >_< Hopefully, there will be no difficulty for you guys to understand my translation and catch the point of YAI's mention~ Thanks for reading my translation work in advance~ ^_^*

내 의지와 상관없이 여기에 와서 내 의지와 상관없이 떠나야 하는, 그 복판의 이것은 내 손에서 벌어진 일이었으면 좋겠다. 처음과 끝은 말더라도 여기서는 내 의지였으면 좋겠다. 쉬어지는 숨에 살아지는 인생에 떠밀려가는 세월만은 말았으면 좋겠다.

I came here regardless of my will and should leave here regardless of my will again, I hope this thing in the middle of the situation can be progressed by myself. Though I can do that neither at the beginning nor at the end, I hope I can do it by my own free will right here. I don't want to be a being who lives as time passes simply because I'm breathing and alive.

As a matter of fact, YAI's latest tweet mention suddenly popped out even as our dear mathed nim was finally getting together with K-haveners in Seoul last Saturday! ^ ^ Are you wondering what they were doing then? They were tasting YAI's favorite food, spicy chicken feet~ (You know~ we Koreans call them 'Dakkbal'~ LOL~) in the exact spot where YAI met Maxine Koo in Launch My Life 1-1! ^ ^ You call it just coincidence, but I'd like to think YAI really welcomed our mathed nim by tweeting his own message~ ^ ^ And I'm sure she must've been really excited about checking YAI's mention while staying in the place in which he'd dropped by~ ^ ^ Please raise your hand if you agree with what I said, mathed nim~ haha~ ^ ^*

Have a nice time with our 'sweet' YAI! ^ ^

Yoo Ah In Considers New Drama, Wishes to Romance Lee Mi Sook

Long time no see, everyone. As you may notice, Haven just got a new template. I hope you like it. (Photoshop savvy fans out there, if you want to donate headers, the size is 1000X288)

Yoo Ah In wrapped up movie Wandukki in May, and is now looking for a drama for the later half of the year. This means: we’re gonna see Sik on TV f**king soon!!!!! According to his management company spokesperson, “(He) really wants to do a drama before the year ends. (Received) A lot of good scenarios to shift through. You will be seeing him in a modern drama before the year end.”

On Section TV aired June 19th, Ah In created a buzz when said he wanted to do a “shocking melodrama” with veteran actress 이미숙/Lee Mi Sook (recently played step-mom in Cinderella’s Sister). To add oil into a burning fire, Sik revealed the rating of that movie/drama can be 25, meaning ONLY THOSE OVER 25 YEARS OLD CAN HANDLE!!!!!

Lee Mi Sook is a 51 years old veteran actress, has a very accomplished career, and still has strong chemistry with younger actors. Proof is her super hot photoshoot with TOP on ELLE last year.

Here is the raw file of Section TV, Sik cuts only, courtesy of JC Unnie@soompi.

Translated by JC Unnie

Ah In’s Recent Activities – Photos and Videos

Hi Haveners~

I hope everyone is doing well~ I am really sorry that I have been trying to get over a jet lag so I haven’t been able to update Haven with Ah In’s newest photos and videos~ Ah In has been quite busy these days~ So here they are~ 🙂

First, let’s start with a cool photo which was taken before Ah In’s interview in Japan~

Posted by 다모아잉 at DCInside~


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SEEKSIK online! Here are Sophia’s translations. ^_^*

Hi~ dear haveners~ How’s it going? ^_^*

As you already know, I’m Stacy~ (a habit staring at YOO/ @fascinatedwithU)
It’s been a quite long time since I posted something on haven last~ Now I’m REALLY glad I can post YAI’s latest tweet mentions with another K-translator, Sophia nim’s translations~ Her translations are pretty concise and good~ Hopefully, you can totally grasp the meaning of YAI’s messages~ Thanks for Sophia’s quick work for our precious yaihaven and have a nice time~ ^_^*

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Launch My Life episode 2 with Subs

Hi Haveners~

Thanks to fans at DCInside and our havener, kitsuneMD nim, for reposting the second episode, AncientKingdom nim, Stacy nim, and I were able to work on the translations and the subtitles~ Again, the whole episode was divided into 4 parts~ We are still working on the last part of this episode~ Once it is done, I will update this post with it~

Thank you for your patience~ 🙂

Yoo Ah In – Launch My Life Ep.2-1 – English

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First Press Conference in Japan on 5/28- Vol.1

Hi Haveners~

My dear friend, Li, informed earlier today that innolife posted the Chinese translations of Ah In’s first part of the press conference videos~ Since all our k-translators are busy, I translated the article from Chinese to English (instead from Korean to English)~ Now, since the translation is not done directly from Korean, after I finished it, I did ask Sophia nim to check and make sure that my translations are correct~ So, thanks, Sophia nim, for checking them!! 🙂


Yoo Ah In in SKKS, first time visited Japan, “want to go to the club in Shibuya.”

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First Press Conference in Japan on 5/28

Hi Haveners~

After seeing all those press conference photos of Ah In, finally, two video clips now are released by innolife~ While I am uploading the clips, our friend, zess1012, already finished the uploading~ Therefore, I will use her links here~

Thanks, zess1012!! 🙂

After the videos, there are few more Ah In’s photos from the press conference~ Enjoy!!

Originally Posted by innolife~

There are two videos~ Here is the first one:

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