First Press Conference in Japan on 5/28- Vol.1

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My dear friend, Li, informed earlier today that innolife posted the Chinese translations of Ah In’s first part of the press conference videos~ Since all our k-translators are busy, I translated the article from Chinese to English (instead from Korean to English)~ Now, since the translation is not done directly from Korean, after I finished it, I did ask Sophia nim to check and make sure that my translations are correct~ So, thanks, Sophia nim, for checking them!! 🙂


Yoo Ah In in SKKS, first time visited Japan, “want to go to the club in Shibuya.”

Actor Yoo Ah In came to Japan to attend the celebration of SKKS DVD released for sale.  This is also his first time visiting Japan.  He said he would like to go to the club in Shibuya.  Let’s go take a look at the site~

SKKS DVD Sales Commemoration, Main Actor Yoo Ah In’s Press Conference 1

Q: What do you think of the responses of SKKS in Japan?

YAI: To be honest, this is my first visiting Japan due to a TV drama.  Therefore, I am not sure what kind the responses are there.  Through this event today, I also would like to see your responses to this drama.  I will also do my best to meet with you more often.

YAI: I also have a lot of feelings toward this role. There seems to be no difference in South Korea.  The role that everyone likes in South Korea is also very well-liked in Japan. I am also very surprised and also feel that there isn’t any difference between people’s feelings.

Q: What is the charm of your role?

YAI: His name is Moon Jae Shin and his nickname is Geol-oh.  Just like he has two names, he also shows two different personalities – wild manly side but also young immature side.  For such a complex role, being an actor, I also really would like to portray it.  In addition, fans probably like this role because of that reason.

Q: Are you and Geol-oh very much alike?

YAI: Not exactly the same.  Two kinds of attractions are… attractions?  There should be two types of personalities – sometimes very manly and domineering, but sometimes very naïve and sensitive.  I have this dual character myself anyway.  So, when playing this role, it also helped myself quite a bit.

Q: What is SKKS for Yoo Ah In?

YAI: It is a work that made me come here.  [It is also] an activity that I spent a long time on in Korea.  This work not only helps me tremendously on my acting but also on the recognition of my name.  For myself, it is also a highlight of my work.

Q: What do you think of your first visit in Japan?

YAI: I just did a rehearsal now.  Very nervous.  My voice was shaking.  Extremely nervous.  I hope I can present myself for everyone the same way as I do in Korea

Q: Is there any place in Japan you would like to go?

YAI: Shinjuku? Shibuya?  I prefer clothes… prefer shopping.  If it were at night, club…

[Source: innolife~ Translations: mathed~]

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