SEEKSIK online! Here are Sophia’s translations. ^_^*

Hi~ dear haveners~ How’s it going? ^_^*

As you already know, I’m Stacy~ (a habit staring at YOO/ @fascinatedwithU)
It’s been a quite long time since I posted something on haven last~ Now I’m REALLY glad I can post YAI’s latest tweet mentions with another K-translator, Sophia nim’s translations~ Her translations are pretty concise and good~ Hopefully, you can totally grasp the meaning of YAI’s messages~ Thanks for Sophia’s quick work for our precious yaihaven and have a nice time~ ^_^*

닥치고 지 밥그릇이나 끌어안고 전전긍긍하는게 미덕인 세상. 의식은 허세로 참여는 오지랖으로 변질되어 신나게 나부낀다. 스마트폰으로 실시간 검색어 순위를 두드리며 친구가 말한다. ‘그러게 왜 나서 혼자 떠들면 그만이지.’ 슬프다.

Keeping the mouth shut and trembling from fear while looking out for his own turf- are the virtues, they say. Consciousness turned to bluff, and participation turned to nosy. My friend says while looking for the real-time-search word ranking. “So why buffing on? It’s only talked by himself, then it’s ok.” I’m sad.

용기가 없는게 아니라 용기가 무엇이었는지 조차 잊은건 아닌지..

Not that (one) has no courage, but (one)just forgets what the courage was.

내 가능 수위는 요기까징. 불안해 하지 마염♥ 그릇이나 되는건지 종지만도 못한건지 요따위로 요롷게 다름없이 살아요 나도 아 윈도우에 갇힌 한없이 슬픈 존재로!

My possible level is only up till this. Don’t worry about me, Love. Can I be a bowl? Or even a small dish? I live like this. I’m a sad person who shut in the window!

– tweeted by Yoo Ah In 2011/06/16 & translated by @sophia0s

4 thoughts on “SEEKSIK online! Here are Sophia’s translations. ^_^*

  1. finally.. now i know what his wrote in twitter, i’m really amazed by the way his thinking.. but the last tweet sounds really sad.. actually i don’t really care if you was a bowl or a small dish as long as you becoming your self and represent your self as the way you are.. ( sorry if my english is not good 🙂 ), thanks for the translations..

  2. ah, deeply thoughts….! I don’t care if you are a bowl, or a small dish. I saw you as a human being trying to live well and being yourself. cheers, my dear 🙂

  3. I’m afraid he’s too hard on himself, too much thinking about what goes around his society, and too high social awareness. Having said that, I’m so proud that he notices the issues that happens in his country 🙂
    Thanks Sophia & Stacy nim^^

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