Ah In’s Recent Activities – Photos and Videos

Hi Haveners~

I hope everyone is doing well~ I am really sorry that I have been trying to get over a jet lag so I haven’t been able to update Haven with Ah In’s newest photos and videos~ Ah In has been quite busy these days~ So here they are~ 🙂

First, let’s start with a cool photo which was taken before Ah In’s interview in Japan~

Posted by 다모아잉 at DCInside~


Another cool one posted by MIVO_~

Now, here is Ah In’s news photos by BNTNews on MBC Section TV Interview News Release~


And here is the full video clip of Ah In’s MBC Section TV Interview reposted by makeyouhappy1000@youtube~

Another video clip from M-time reposted by sonsucky@youtube~

Now comes the new Reebok photos scanned by SIC at DCInside~


A new video that came out today from NYLON TV KOREA~
Finally, two new photos from Japan Official Fanclub~


PhotobucketI thought I am done with the updates…  Here is a new video by Mnet~

Originally Posted by johndoe097@youtube~

9 thoughts on “Ah In’s Recent Activities – Photos and Videos

  1. “Hey, amazing boy!”
    Sik overload!! ♥♥♥
    The Section TV interview is so funny! Love his silly dance to the max! LOL….And yay for his new ad Reebok \☺/
    Thanks so much Mathed nim^^

  2. Hey Amazing Boy title is sooooo fitting!!!! Awww so cute & yummy, he seem as hyper active as ever! The dancing again, so funny & cute!!! But he’s so busy lately, can’t help but noticed the super skinny legs on the last picture and the pimple on his forehead..hope he get to have some rest soon..and after a good rest, a good drama!!!! Can’t wait to see him acting again in a another kdrama, 16-20 episode…can’t wait!!!

    Big thanks Mathed!!Hugs!!!

  3. Burppppppppp!!!! my heart is super full with Ah in!!!!! ♫♫♫♫ everytime i pin down what i think i want it slips away ♫♫♫ the goals slips awayyyy ♫♫♫ he heyyy he heyyy! ♫♫♫ *killer smile*

    and the moves…. so flirty… you got me at your dance ah in ssii!!!!

    Thanks to all the girls behind this post… Let’s keep chasing butterfly with our colorful reebok shoes… Life is Good with Optimus!!!!

    aahhhh labbbb yooooo ahhh inn siiii!!!!

    be back yo!!!

    thanks again to everybody!!!! super like the post!

  4. Been so long since I visited; I’m overwhelmed by all these updates!

    Oh, I see he’s growing it again. Nevertheless, YAI’s looking as cool and handsome as ever!:D

  5. Awesome, androgynous, agonizingly cute Ah In,

    RE:Japan Fan Club photo of Ah In lounging in chair by the window, showing off legs in unlaced boots. .

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