Yoo Ah In Considers New Drama, Wishes to Romance Lee Mi Sook

Long time no see, everyone. As you may notice, Haven just got a new template. I hope you like it. (Photoshop savvy fans out there, if you want to donate headers, the size is 1000X288)

Yoo Ah In wrapped up movie Wandukki in May, and is now looking for a drama for the later half of the year. This means: we’re gonna see Sik on TV f**king soon!!!!! According to his management company spokesperson, “(He) really wants to do a drama before the year ends. (Received) A lot of good scenarios to shift through. You will be seeing him in a modern drama before the year end.”

On Section TV aired June 19th, Ah In created a buzz when said he wanted to do a “shocking melodrama” with veteran actress 이미숙/Lee Mi Sook (recently played step-mom in Cinderella’s Sister). To add oil into a burning fire, Sik revealed the rating of that movie/drama can be 25, meaning ONLY THOSE OVER 25 YEARS OLD CAN HANDLE!!!!!

Lee Mi Sook is a 51 years old veteran actress, has a very accomplished career, and still has strong chemistry with younger actors. Proof is her super hot photoshoot with TOP on ELLE last year.

Here is the raw file of Section TV, Sik cuts only, courtesy of JC Unnie@soompi.

Translated by JC Unnie

6 thoughts on “Yoo Ah In Considers New Drama, Wishes to Romance Lee Mi Sook

  1. Truly hope Ah In is in a romantic drama soon,. I soooooo miss Ah In the actor. He is beautiful to look upon but those posed model shoots do not grab my heartstrings like the dramas. And, hope his movie is subbed when it comes out!

  2. Mr. Yoo in a drama later this year? OMG this is so awesome!!! Get ready for a double dose of Uhm Hongsik!

    And about the new layout: love it! It looks fresh and clean. I’ll try to make a header then 😀

  3. WOW…!I have wait for this moment long time ago….I think same to the others also right?haha

    p/s:I like th enew template…simple but nice and fresh…just like YAI^^
    thanks a lot…muaaccks p(^0^)q

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