Yoo Ah In dressed tough for Transformer 3 premiere

6. 28, Yoo Ah In and Jung Woo Sung attended the premiere of Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon at CGV Sangamjum, Seoul. This is an event organized by LG, for which the two actors are representatives.

Jung Woo Jung opted for an “ajussi-classic” look with boring vest, pant and tee. While Ah In played it tough in “boyfriend” jeans, rock star-inspired Givenchy Fall/Winter 2011 T-shirt, and red Converse. Do you love his look?

14 thoughts on “Yoo Ah In dressed tough for Transformer 3 premiere

  1. YAi is the model’s model, never a misstep, never a bad look. He looks ab fab as usual. Alas sometimes i would feel more at ease if he were a little more last minute about his garb, his wardrobe is so studied it puts me off.

  2. LOL!!!!! Yoo ah In is wearing “boyfriend” jeans !!!! I think the correct term would be ‘men’s distressed jeans’ otherwise it’s the SKKS awards all over again . LOL!!! YAI Looks good as usual. 😉

  3. I don’t know why the reporter is comparing Mr. Yoo with Jung Woo-sung. Jung is like a demigod or something. They’re on different turfs so it’s unfair to compare them. And why do I now sound like a JWS fan? No idea. He’s totally hot though, and a great actor nonetheless. I feel bad that he’s thrown in between the secret 10 year marriage that rocked the whole nation scandal. Poor guy.
    On the other hand, the first time I saw the look I was like “what? When did he get ginormous arm tattoos?” And then further look I realized it’s part of the shirt. Hardcore design to the bone! Love the converse, btw. Been wanting the red high tops for a while. But his hair? Not his best. Makes him look like this wrestler dude. But oh well.
    And the term boyfriend jeans might be inappropriate. Boyfriend jeans are for girls that wear jeans that looks like it might be her boyfriend’s. I’m not sure what the term for a guy is though.

    • The term boyfriend jeans originated from the ladies’ fashion world. But I think now it refers more to cut of the jeans (cropped and oversized) and the style of the jeans. lol but using “boyfriend jeans” on boys does sound like a mockery more than a description

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